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Thursday, May 29, 2008

thank god for children's hospital

Well we ventured into Children's Hospital again, and I have to say I was very well behaved (SIDE SEAT driving) at least. I was more relaxed and comfortable on the roads going in, despite the cold snow blowing at mock speed across our windshield at 10am while we headed into Vancouver.

We got to Children's at around 11am and went straight to daycare surgery. Trace had fun playing in the play area set up for all the kids getting ready to have their stuff done. And I was amazed at how well behaved all the kids were actually--especially since all of them hadn't eaten a thing since midnight before hand (Trace included).


Doctor Masterson came out to see us. He told us what was going to happen during the routine circumcision he was going to perform on our sweet angel. Trace wasn't to have a bath until Monday night. No food for another four hours after surgery. Cream was going to be put on his hands to numb them so the IV could be put in pain free with the anesthetic to help him go to sleep during the operation. He would be in recovery for an hour and then he could probably go home.

Trace is 2 years old so you are probably wondering "why on earth are these people circumcising their child now???"

Well he's had three infections. Along with his Cerebral Palsy, delays in speech and motor skills, and other things on the long list he deals with. Our family doctor decided another infection in his genital area was not something our little boy needed to deal with.

Still, the idea nagged at me all night last night and well into the day. Would he remember having the surgery done? Would he hate us for it? He was going to be in pain, which I didn't want for him. And yet I knew deep down we were making the right choice for Trace. We love him and don't want him to suffer needlessly if he doesn't have to.

Trace got ready in his cap and gown. I got ready too. They were allowing me into the surgery room to be with Trace until he fell asleep. Cap, gown, boots on my feet and hair cap on my head, I was ready to go.

His surgery was only going to be fifteen minutes or so. But it was now 1pm and Trace didn't go into surgery until just after 2pm.


Holding my hand, he bounced down the halls, unaware of what was about to happen. So good he allowed me to put him on the bed. The nurses blew bubbles as the anesthesiologist took at look at the hands covered in cream, only finally to decide not to do the IV there and opted for the laughing gas to put him asleep since Trace's little hands were too chubby to find a vein.

The mask went on. I kissed Trace on the cheeks, eyes, telling him how much we loved him and mommy would be waiting for him. The gas began kicking in and a tear swept his cheek and he said "mama" before falling asleep and letting go of my finger he was gripping.

I walked down the hall away from the surgery room, listening to the doctor escorting me back to the parents waiting with deaf ears, as all I could think about was the past two years and everything we've gone through with our little angel.

So many doctors. So many opinions. Always waiting for answers. Always fighting to have someone believe us in the beginning knowing something was wrong. The worries and fears we went through each and every day as we watched Trace struggle. All the work we put in with each exercise we did with him, each moment we spent teaching him sign language, or how to move his legs to help get him to the point he's at today. A happy, mostly healthy 2 year old angel running free with the brightest smile that captures everyone he meets.

The surgery went well. There were no troubles, except Trace had some excess skin and the doctor had to peel it back leaving a bit of burnt type skin around the edges of his penis. It's swollen, and Trace is very sore. Thank God for Tylenol with codeine to which the hospital paid for because we couldn't.

Doctor Masterson came out, explained everything that happened. The nurses gave our little guy three Popsicles, checked on him while he slept a bit, and we walked out of there around 4pm.

Doctor Masterson was wonderful. He was polite, courteous, straight forward (which I love) answered all my questions, left nothing uncovered and told me he needs to see hm to follow up and make sure Trace is healing properly in three months.

All in all it was a very long day. A very tiring day. A very emotional day (for all of us). Jacob stayed home with my mom and cried on the phone he was so worried for his brother, and as soon as Trace saw his big brother he ran into his arms which caused me to well up.

We love each other we do--our family. And I don't know what would happen if we didn't have the great nurses and doctors at Children's Hospital in Vancouver taking care of our son. They are wonderful there with the kids, treat us with respect and it's nice to have doctors understand your worries and concerns as a parent without making you feel as though you are worrying for nothing.


Thank you Doctor Masterson for all your hardwork, for taking care of our boy and for being so wonderful with us. Trace will heal I know. In a few days the pain will go away, and in time he won't even remember he had this surgery done. But I won't let him forget the people who cared for him throughout the first few years of his life. I will tell him the stories. Show him these blogs, share the pictures with him so he will know how truly loved and cared for he was.

I think it's important he knows. Don't you?

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