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Sunday, January 31, 2010

six of the worst films i have ever seen: small talk six

It's time for Small Talk Six, something I love. If you want to join in then click on my Small Talk Six button in my side bar to see the topics for 2010. and this weeks topic is "6 of the worst films you have ever watched." You can answer this with a list of 6 words, 6 phrases, 6 sentences, 6 paragraphs, 6 photos, 6 videos, etc . . .

For me this is not hard.  My nickname is the "movie queen" and for good reason.  I'm an avid movie watcher and collector, and I even have a few bad ones in my over 300 or so films I have inside my home.

Here are my six for this week:

1.) Going Overboard (1989) Adam Sandler's very first film I think.  Not really sure because it was one of the stupidest movies I have ever forced myself to watch with a group of people higher than kites who apparently found it funny.  I love Sandler and his movies.  Boy has he come a long way from this one though.

2.) Overboard (1987) Starring Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn about a rich bitch who falls, you guessed it "overboard" her daddy's rich yacht and end up taking care of some poor guys kids.  Really dumb, bad acting and stupid ending.

3.) Electra (1996) with Shannon Tweed, Gene Simmons busty beauty of a wife, whom I actually love to watch on Family Jewels.  The movie however, Electra was absolutely so bad it was kinda funny.  B movie all the way!

4.) The Haunting of Molly Hartley (2008) and one of the dumbest movies ever!  The story revolves around a girl who believes when she turns 18 she will belong to the devil and does what she can to avoid that from happening.  The first five minutes of the film were the best and it just got worst from then on out.

5.) Son of the Mask (2005) I never actually saw but Hubby swears up and down this is a really really stupid movie and they should have left the Jim Carry original alone, because even that wasn't a great movie in itself.  So yeah, don't see this one.

6.) Open Water (2003) by far takes the cake for bad movies made, slow and boring, too.  We watched this with friends who liked it and I sat there the entire time thinking, the whole movie is about two people who get left behind in the ocean by a diving boat, get attacked by sharks and the girl kills herself right before the rescue boat comes back.  A waste of two hours.
Now go post your own list on your blog (don’t forget to grab a button) and then leave the direct link to your post on Mr. Linky. Then go check out everyone else’s Small Talk Six lists and leave them a comment so they know you stopped by.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

god works in mysterious ways: friday frustrations

Well it's Friday, which means it's time for Friday Frustrations and a recap for the week plus today.

This week went by fairly quickly and we had some ups and downs. I was a fair bit more emotional this week about life, our family and Pickleboy who I am going to rename to Mr. Moody lol.

So Yesterday FD (forgetful dad) got up early and went down to the Abbey News because he wanted to enter the contest to win four tickets to the Abbotsford Bull Riding that is going to be in town this weekend.

Well wouldn't you know it; he won!

But he didn't win at the same time. I know you are going Huh? That makes no sense. Well apparently they call us this morning and FD missed the call so they moved on to the next person. He was soooooooo disappointed.

Anyhow, Anne down at the paper called us back and offered us tickets to the Heat game. I was like: no thanks since our life revolves around hockey already and we do the 50/50 draw at the heat games to pay for Gamerboy's season.

But then I realized WAIT!

GB is playing on Feb 8th at the Heat game during intermission. His team was one of the ones that got chosen and if we want to see him play we had to purchase tickets for all of us at $16.00 a pop! Money we just didn't have.

So I called Anne back and she got us the tickets for the heat game so we can watch our son play and meet the team. GB is so excited we will all be there to cheer him on in net.

Thanks Anne for coming through. I guess God works in mysterious ways because if FD hadn't lost the contest for the bull riding we wouldn't have won the tickets to the heat game lol.

If you participate in Friday Frustrations then head on over to Conversations With Moms and post your link.
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apple reaches for the stars and grabs one with the ipad, and I want one now!

Apple has done it again. They have created something more magical than the iphone and I want one like now!

The new ipad will be launched in March 2010 and let me tell you I cannot wait to get my hands on one and put the internet right into my hands, as CEO of Apple Steve Jobs constantly tells us during the over twenty minute presentation in San Fransisco to showcase the new and innovative technology Apple is rolling out.

So what can the ipad do?

Well despite skeptics stating for the price it's "not worth it!" I beg to differ based on what I saw during the presentation. It's lightening fast, first of all!

It's a computer at your finger tips where you can browse the web, send email, share pictures, go on social networking sites, play games and more! All using the iphones touch sensitive technology which I am an avid fan of. I love my iphone!  I do everything from my iphone including blog here which I love.

During the presentation Steve introduces several app developers, since for the ipad Apple has made it possible for open source third party applications to begin development immediately! So not only will you get to enjoy the over 140,000 apps already at the app store but new apps are in the works and being developed as we speak, from big companies like EA.

They introduced their ipad app for "Need for speed" and using and playing the game on the presentation blew me away! The graphics were incredible, the acceleroma the best I've seen, much more improved than the iphone which works amazingly in my book.

iworks a suite of applications is also being installed for users and although I have never used it; I cannot wait to try pages for creating wonderful documents with templates and keynotes for creating presentations that are so real and functional it blow your socks away!

Just like with my iphone a large scale keyboard pops up when you want to type. But apple didn't stop there. They created a docking station for the ipad so while it's charging it is attached to an external keypad you can use to do all your daily web activities.

So how much is it?

Well I have to say it is much much cheaper than I thought it would be, when you compare pc price to the mac price for laptops and computers. The ipad starts at only $499US. And there are six models rolling out which include 16G, 32G and 64G models of flash storage with wifi and 3G built in and price ends at $839 for the top model of the ipad.

That isn't bad when you consider a good laptop, not a cheap one runs about the same price and the ipad makes everything so much easier putting everything literally at your finger tips!

Apple has also introduced a new product app called ibooks store.  This thrilled me.  A virtual bookstore with many of the top publishers on board including the New York Times best seller.  Buying and reading books will be so much easier to do on the ipad and less waste than paper bought books for the environment, putting the books you love to read right at your finger tips!  As a writer I think that is cool, especially for travel or at home.

I'm going to try to get my hands on one so I can do a more lucrative review of the product but if the ipad is everything I think it is. I will have no problem saving up and forking over the cash to carry the internet with me in a less than 2lb compact computer that is thinner than a cracker lmao!

If you want to see the creativity unveiled during Apple's special event.  Click HERE to watch, you won't be disappointed!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 in vancouver starts soon! : wordless wednesday

If you participate in wordless wednesday then please head on over to HQ (headquarters) and post your pic there so others can visit you.

How do you feel about the 2010 games being hosted in Vancouver?

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's been an emotional week and it's only tuesday: with randomness of course


It's Tuesday! Yippiee!

It's not Monday, which is damn good because I hate Monday's.  It's not hump day, also good because my period came and there will be no humping around here, at least for a week. Yuck!   It's not Thursday, always a dull day in my book of weeks. And the other day I love is Friday, but that can wait.

Tuesday's are for randomness, and there is no better way to start then to say I think it's wrong the Abbotsford Community Food Bank is collecting donations for Haiti.

Okay before you label me a bitch and slap me upside the head.  I just think that yes we (the world) do need to ban together to raise support for the island nation of Haiti because of all those suffering the aftermath of the large scale earthquake that shook them earlier this month.

However, our Canadian government is doing that.  I don't think it's right to take away from smaller community support systems and take food away from our own people (also suffering) due to hard times and the economy with so many people out of work, homelessness and our elderly suffering for meals because they are too sick to get out and our government apparently doesn't have enough money to help aid them due to the fucking fact we are paying for the Olympics.  But we can afford to send billions to Haiti?

Something just ain't fucking right about that, sorry I must say!

And speaking of the Olympics. Forgetful Dad got a call couple of months ago saying he'd been chosen to carry the torch out here in Abbey and he'd get the info in the mail (email that is) of course which is just so reliable. NOT!

Well he didn't get anything, and I don't think he's going to be doing it. He is so disappointed.  So the kids and I have decided to create our own torch and we are going to gather our friends and family and stand out on the sidewalk outside our home and make him run it around the block a couple of times so he can stop whining about it.

Okay maybe not the same thing as carrying the real torch.  But it will have to do and the bugger better appreciate it, too, because I am willing to freeze my ass off cheering him on while he carries the damn thing.  Now that is love.

Love... Feb is coming which also means Valentines Day. Being married, this is a holiday of evil. We cannot afford to go out, let alone celebrate the event in any kind of naughty fashion (the way I'd like) because having a toddler prevents this. Thanks bud, for getting in the way of mommies nookie time with daddy, you are forgiven.

So this year, just because I'm freakishly cranky lately.   I'm going to invite all my single girlfriends over to watch chick flicks and drink wine and eat fattening foods while I send FD out with the boys to go entertain themselves.

It's the least I can do for my sisters.  FD hates girlie movies and I love them,  so he can whine about it later and I promise I will make it up to him when the kids leave for college. Gives him something to look forward to, which is important in any healthy marriage.

I did a post earlier this week on being one of the seven menopausal dwarfs because I swear to God I am entering that dirty old stage of hot flashes and mood shifting that all us women look forward as we get older.

Well (as mentioned above) I got my period today which always sucks. I hate it and yet I'm so fucked in the head because I always get disappointed when it comes. It's like I wait and wonder (could I be?) (maybe I might be?) but then BAM!   It comes and my dreams fall apart.

Why is it fucked?

FD has been snipped for the past three years so the chances of my becoming pregnant are about as good as me winning the lottery. But it's a crap shoot I keep hoping I will get without going bust. I know mental, eh?

That is the kind of week it's been for me though. Only Monday has come and gone and I'm an emotional basket case. You can read about it here, and here if you have nothing better to do.

For any of you who feel you can take on the randomness of Tuesdays, head on over to the UNmom and post your linky and leave her a comment and read other peoples posts. It's fun and she will make you laugh.

Other than that. Have a great Tuesday all and remember to button up before you go outside because it's freakishly cold, despite the sun shining.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

sometimes i want to cry but my eye lashes get stuck together


It's 5am and I am still on the computer trying to fill a void.

My legs are aching, and I know I should be sleeping but I can't. It's during these quite hours when the boys are all sleeping I sit and think. Yeah, you should never do that, causes too much distraction and full out ugly crying if you aren't careful.

I hate that he doesn't hug me.

I hate that he won't let me hold him.

I hate that he freaks out if things don't make sense or are out of order.

I hate that he won't kiss me or even look at me much of the time.

I hate feeling this way and worse feel guilty for it, even though I know it's quite normal (whatever normal is)

I wish I had answers.

I wish he wasn't born this way.

I wish I knew what to do to make myself and him feel better.

I wish... shit I don't know that for one moment he didn't hurt, understood what I felt and that I could talk to him instead of feeling as though I have absolutely no connection to him what-so-ever!

Pickleboy is going to be turning four in March and all I feel, instead of excitement at another year reached is how tired I am of this. How tired and sad I am inside at the loss of love I feel between him and I because my son has asperger's and won't show his love through physical contact except for brief stolen moments.

And what is worse is that I saw a little boy today with full blown autism who cannot even communicate with his parents, doesn't show any form of contact at all and I felt so bad for what I was feeling toward my own child that I should be shot.

Sometimes it is just hard. Anyone who knows me knows I am a hugger. I am emotional. I love to communicate and talk and tickle and laugh. So not being able to do this with my own son breaks my heart at times and I don't feel strong enough to be there for him.

I need sleep.

I need God.

I need strength.

Tomorrow is a new day.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

i wish i lived on ha ha creek road

I think it's official. I'm slowing going crazy!

Yep, I'm almost sure of it as I sit here typing--I realize the reasons why elude me which is so often the case when dealing with bipolar disorder.

Now usually I'm in a great mood.

Forcefully produced - maybe. 

But I aim to be happy each and every day so that my children can feel some type of norm instead of seeing mommy come apart at the seams all the time.

It takes work.

It takes commitment and sometimes I think it takes too much energy.

I was sitting here a few minutes ago, watching Extreme Home Makeover Edition with my guy Ty.  It's a show I absolutely love, next to 24 on Sundays which I think is now showing on Mondays, I'm not sure.

Anyhow they were telling the story of the Powell family and yes I will admit I usually cry when I see the pain and hardship of others.  I get emotional easily and wear my heart not just on my sleeve but all over my face and body when it comes to others.  And I can't watch extreme without crying.

But tonight...

A few minutes ago...

It was different.

I couldn't stop crying.

Full out ugly crying came out of me as though something inside of me broke and I hate feeling this way. I don't know where it came from or how it started.  One minute I am watching the show and the next my face is buried inside my shirt, soaking it with my tears which I could not stop from falling.

I don't get it!

I ate good today. Fish, salad, carrots and celery, toast for breakfast, juice (small amounts and some cereal. No fattening foods since I've been trying hard to lose weight so I can feel healthier as I'm getting older.

I watched Gamerboy my son win his second hockey game between the pipes 5-1 against Chilliwack earlier. A team I must say did not play nice or fair (but that's a post) for another time.  I had a good time.

I came home and hung out with the boys, laughing, having more fun. Then we ate dinner, when suddenly - my eyes became a flood of tears.


I don't know what has prompted this great sadness inside of me. This feeling of emptiness feels as though it's been sitting and festering for a while.  So maybe it just had to come out.  I know I'm tired. I feel as though I do everything around here and nobody helps, but that is usually how I feel and I'm fine with it. I carry on the next day to enjoy each passing moment.

I feel sometimes as though FD (Forgetful Dad and myself don't get to spend nearly enough time together with one another (WITHOUT ANY KIDS) to reconnect, but that is life and we take every stolen moment we can together.

I know it's been hard dealing with my ex, who found me on Facebook this week and asked if we could be friends and if he could be friends with our oldest (his son) biologically only, Gamer whom he hasn't spoken to since last August and that kinda jarred me a little.

But Today is different somehow.

Today was -- harder for some reason.

I'm going back to watch Makeover because I have taken my Celexa and hopefully it will work its magic to cut down the hollow pit swirling around inside of me, bringing me back to my happy self as tomorrow comes.

I guess I just needed to share how I was feeling with someone other than the men in my life. I'm surrounded by boys, which most of the time I love. My boys. My little men. God luv them.

But tonight I needed someone else to listen.

Thank God you were here!


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keep up with your teens with this site

Strolling through the net I recently came across this great site focused on keeping parents up to date on the latest movies, music, trends and other things that are important to teens today called Connect with Your Teens.

Having a pre-teen or tween as they are called. I found the site informative and engaging. Have a look see and maybe you will find something that interests you.

Lord knows as parents we could all use a little help keeping up with our kids.

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fireproof is a feel good movie for anyone struggling in their relationship

Have you ever had a hard time in your relationship? Ever had days where you felt neglected or mistreated by the one you love? I think we have all been there and I know for FD (Forgetful Dad) and myself we've had our fair share of struggles and what has gotten us through the hard (even downright nasty) times has been our faith. Not just faith in the Lord but in each other and in the fact that all things can work out if you have faith to get through.

That is what Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron strives to teach audiences who watch this feel good movie on giving love without expecting anything in return.

Here is a clip

Fireproof is an amazing love story that will have you laughing and crying and if you listen even believing (religious or not) that love can be strong enough even if one person struggles more than the other.

I recommend watching it, share it with others as it's message goes beyond make up and break up. It's a fantastic film!
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

i am not beyond begging, please vote 4 me

Okay so you see the button with the mom juggling life to the right? Well that is a top mommy blog button and it's there because I need you (my readers) to vote for me to help push up my rankings to keep me as one of the top moms who blog and I'm not beyond begging lol.

Here are the reasons why I think you should vote:

  • You are my friend and friendships can be bought, sold, replaced, given away and cherished if done for the right reasons lmao.
  • I love blogging and will blog about you if you have a site and vote for me. Just leave me a comment saying you voted with your site url and I will do a post on you and your blog.
  • My kids will be happier because lord knows I'm cranky when I don't get comment luv or readers who appreciate what I write about. Who am I kidding? I write because I have an addiction to blogging.
  • I will come over and clean your house from top to bottom if you live within a five step radius to where I live. (That means you shoelessmommy)
  • I have never won any type of contest or ranked more than twenty for anything so this would be a goal achievement for me and well we all know goals and dreams are important
  • I will forever call you... "the alibaba of my whorship who deserves gold and wishes in abundance..." that comes with a t-shirt by the way.
  • Because I'm awesome!  There I said it.
  • And finally... because if you don't vote bad karma will follow you for life and nobody needs that hanging over their head so do yourself a favor and VOTE !

To vote please click the button on the side on my blog at the top that says Top Mommy Blog.  Thanks for reading and lending a hand.  I appreciate it!
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I stepped inside this old home seeing a man flee through a door up ahead and so I followed with the others behind me. He fled to a room that looked like an abandoned person wouldn't dare live in it and hid. We were all searching for him and a woman with blonde hair was with us. Suddenly she turned to me and whispered... "I'm sorry we are responsible for killing your grandmother."


My brain was trying to grasp what was going on. My grandmother?

My grandmother or rather Nana had been dead for a long time and she died of natural causes or as natural could be classified. She had a brain disorder that shut down her entire body and caused other ailments to take her life finally in the end.

So what did this woman mean?

Next we were wandering around the broken down room. The walls were wooden and old, peeling and chipping and it was dark outside. The police were chasing after the person who fled down the street when the woman offered us coffee.

I stared out the main front window and saw two tigers and a couple of wolves in the backyard. "WTF?" I looked at her with disbelief

"It's how we make money," she replied. "We have to feed them."

My heart rate raised suddenly. Where were the boys? Gamer? Pickle? DH had them and assured me they were alright.

Back downstairs, this old house was huge. There were broken dolls laying on the floor in the corners, one eye missing, cracked skulls. Old shoes tennis shoes without matches, newspaper, old pots with food that had been sitting and growing mold. "Who lives like this?" I remember thinking.

Then suddenly we were standing at the side of the house. The tigers were on the far side. They couldn't get to us. The side we were on was open. I glanced up and saw something coming down the hill from the woods toward the house and toward us and panic flooded me.

It was an alligator on a snowboard sliding down the grass. Behind it a coyote chasing it. We ran back into the house and closed the glass door. Then we watched the alligator jumped off the snowboard and snuck through the tall grass, stalking the coyote. It was violent and it was awful. But in the end the alligator won. Blood was everywhere.

"There is more at back door," the woman informed us and so we followed her.

At the back door eight very distinct werewolf creatures lay upon the stone patio attached to the house. They were asleep, some cuddling their young. They were ugly and fierce looking.

DH grabbed my hand. "Don't worry we will find out who is responsible for killing your Nana and they will pay."

I turned to my left, my eyes scanning the room. The tigers. The broken dolls. The wretched smell and the horrible conditions of this awful place. I turned to my mother standing beside me and started to cry. "I didn't know..."

"Didn't know what, honey." She said to me with sadness.

"I didn't know you lived liked this mommy." I told her and I remember feeling the pain I knew she was in each time she came over to my house and saw it a mess or saw it untidy because I was too fucking lazy to clean it up. I felt bad.

I felt really bad.

Then I heard. "They shoot ... they score!!!!!"

The Canucks were on tv and my eyes were open and I was lying in bed. It was only a dream.

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i am all seven of the menopausal dwarfs rolled into one

I swear to God! I am pre-menopausal.

As a woman advances closer and closer to menopause, she often experiences a transition period where her hormones go into a state of flux.

Flux?  Flux?  Okay I am going to tell you my hormones are NOT in any fecking flux.  They are down right, without malice, no holds barred jack hammering the shit out of me and my emotions, my body and my psychological (mostly healthy) mental state, messing with my balance to the point that the next time I go to sleep I'm going to shove an ice cube up my arse and wrap a heating pad around my boobies just so to confuse my body into thinking that maybe... maybe it's normal!

  • I'm Bitchy
  • I'm Crabby
  • I'm Hot
  • I'm Cold
  • I'm Emotional
  • I'm Exhausted beyond reprieve
  • I'm Bloated
  • I'm Hungry
  • Then not so Hungry
  • I want to be around people
  • And other times just want everyone to leave

I don't know what is going on.  I'm only 36 years old for Crying-out-loud (and yes I am) Crying-out-loud because I cannot stand this.  I'm not sure when it started.  How I got it and I've been looking for the receipt so I can either exchange it for something else or get my money back.

My mom started menopause at this age and is still going through it.  Joy!  It's always nice when you have something to look forward to.

So let's take a look at pre-menopause a second and venture into the realm no woman every wants to go, to discover the glorious changes of effect each of us has to look forward to (some earlier) than others.


"While hot flashes aren't necessarily harmful, they can be an uncomfortable nuisance, prompting most women to seek out ways of alleviating this sudden rush of heat. And of all the methods available today, one of the most effective is an oral birth control like "the pill."

I put my fecking head in the ice box for fifteen minutes because I thought I was heating up from inside out.

And isn't the birth control pill used for preventing "BIRTH"  ?

They should have a pill and call it a "Death pill" because that is what you wish for at times when you feel so overwhelmed and trapped in a body that feels like a baked potato and strawberry sundae all at the same time.

Self-Care Methods

"Though hormones may be the most effective treatment for hot flashes, many women find relief by implementing a number of self-care methods. Most of which have nothing to do with pills or medications. Start off by dressing in light and breathable fabrics."

Or just run around naked screaming I can fly!  I can fly!  It helps as you flap your arms to create an air flow between yourself and the molten levels your body is producing.  Works for me!

Diet and relaxation

"Once you've taken care of both your apparel and your environment, start trying to identify other factors that may be playing a role in the hot flashes. For some women, it's the food they eat, like hot or spicy cuisine. For others, it's the beverages they drink, like alcohol or caffeine. It could even have something to do with your emotions, such as stress or worry, or any bad habits you may participate in, such as smoking. Avoid these triggers and the resulting sensation of heat by paying attention to the inciting factors that may prompt a hot flash."

Ummm okay.  So I guess me smoking an entire pack of cigarettes last night and drinking those two glasses of wine, eating those hickory sticks and having three English Toffee coffee's might have contributed to the cause of the hot flashes and emotional waste I felt this morning. 

My bad. 

But as a mom, especially one who is bipolar.  I would have to say this part is open for discussion and debate.

All I know is that this has to stop soon or I am going to lose my mind.  I was cleaning up yesterday and yelled at Pickleboy for leaving his underwear in the hamper for dirty clothes.  Took me a moment to realize the stupidity of it because of course that is where is dirty laundry goes.

*All excerpts were used from contributing author Dana George for EHow

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Friday, January 22, 2010

i think i need some down time: friday frustrations

TGIF! And I mean that this week. I really do. I love Friday's especially when I've had a long week, and let me tell you this week has been long. So many things happened it would just take me too long to explain. So I'm going to list them and not in any particular order of frustration or happiness.

No sleep at all this week for myself
Pickleboy didn't sleep well either. His legs were very sore
Gamerboy won his first hockey game in net. That was exciting
All hell broke loose on Grey's Anatomy and Izzy came back (blech!)
I had no offers for blogging this week... what a drag!
Finished a redesign on my site and I think it looks great but I'm bias lol
Too many fights this week between Forgetful and Gamer which drove me bleeping! nuts.
Discovered a new site worth checking out (The sleep talking man) totally hilarious!
We have three spoons left in our house. I'm posting on this today
Forgetful has volleyball this weekend and Gamer has two hockey games which means lots of running around for mom
All in all it was an eventful week that made me totally exhausted.  I think tonight I'm going to crack a bottle of wine, kick back and wallow in my depressive mood. 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

another deadly crib recall: just put your baby in a drawer it's safer!

It seems that every time I turn around there is another recall for another crib from another manufacturer world wide and it's got me thinking and probably many other mums out there...

Just where can baby sleep that is safe?

This crib recall is labeled as extremely serious because a child was killed and another injured.   However even if a child is potentially at risk I consider that to be extremely serious!

No parent should have to worry when they put their baby down at night that the bed they are using might be considered a death trap, and these manufacturers although are recalling these items (ahem trying to take responsibility) BULLSHIT!  They need to take more safety steps in the products they are producing to eliminate this threat from happening before a recall occurs as far as I'm concerned.

The CPSC received reports of 31 drop side incidents. In addition, CPSC and Dorel Asia received reports of 36 incidents of slat breakage, including seven reports of bruises and scratches to children and two reports of entrapment that resulted in no injury. (Well that's not bad I suppose ...)

This report comes from Modern Mom and parents are urged to immediately stop using the crib. The products listed below were sold at K-mart, Sears and Wal-Mart nationwide from January 2005 to December 2009.

PERSONAL ADVICE: Even if your crib is not listed below but you have bought your crib from one of the retailers above for the same product I would advise you check into your products safety and demand it's safe before continuing to use it, because you never know and your child's life is not worth the risk!

Description: The following Dorel Asia cribs are involved in the recall:

WM1633 (Drop side): 3-1 Sleigh Crib - Cherry
WM1633-0 (Drop side): 3-1 Sleigh Crib - Cherry (no castors)
WM1676BC (Fixed): 4-1 Bethany James Crib - Walnut
WM1676BCR-DC (Fixed): 2-1 Crib -Walnut
WM2163 (Fixed): 4-1 Crib - Manhattan Walnut
WM2163DC (Fixed): 4-1 Crib - Manhattan Walnut
WM1633-0-DC (Fixed): 3-1 Sleigh Crib (no castors)
GP004B3EGR (Drop side): 3-1 Convertible - Espresso
GP004B3WGR (Drop side): 3-1 Convertible - White
GP006BCEGR (Drop side): Single - Espresso
GP006BCWGR (Drop side: Single - White
DA1615B3 (Drop side): 3-1 Convertible Crib - Natural
DAKM5132 (Drop side): 3-1 Convertible Crib - White
DASE5005 (Drop side): Cottage Hill Single Crib - White
DASE5009 (Drop side): Vintage Estate 3-1 Sleigh Crib - Cherry
DA0504KMC-1N (Drop side): 3-1 Heritage Crib - Natural
DA0504KMC-1W (Drop side): 3-1 Heritage Crib - White
DA1614B3 (Drop side): 3-1 Lexington Crib - Cherry
DAKM5152 (Drop side): Single Jenny Lind Crib - Walnut
DASE5015 (Drop side): 3-1 Convertible - Toffee

Consumers should log on to to order the free replacement kit to prevent child entrapment in these cribs. The repair kits will be provided to owners within the next several weeks as if that is suppose to give you some peace of mind without watching your child every moment they sleep.

Consumer Contact: Call Dorel Asia toll-free at (866) 762-2304 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the firm's Web site at

Consumers are urged not use a crib if there are missing pieces, broken slats or the product appears defective.

I don't know.  This is total crap if you ask me!  It's frustrating and infuriating that parents have to wait for a child to possibly become injured or even worse be killed before manufacturer's do something to make sure things like this don't happen before a recall is forced.

When I was a kid and my parents had nowhere to put me and a playpen wasn't around.  They put me in a dresser drawer.  Not closed (mind you) at least I think it wasn't closed lmao. And when we had Trace (pickleboy) we had no crib as he came earlier than intended and so we improvised and used a Fisher Price Wagon before moving onto a playpen as he never quite got used to sleeping in a crib.  Maybe not the right choices but it seems it was a hell of a lot safer than these death traps they are putting out on the market today.
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destruction in haiti

The destruction in Haiti rages onward as the island nation was struck by a second earthquake this morning that hit 6.1 on the richter scale.

Shaking buildings and a crowd of people flee into the streets in a panic when the quake struck. Survivors still coping with the aftermath of last weeks quake that shook the island nation registering at 7.0 and killing over 200,000 people. Many people are still buried and fighting for their lives.

Prime Minister Jean-Max said the government is sending a plane and an overland team to check on the situation in Petit-Goave, the centre of this morning's aftershock as many people are still in need of help. The new quake struck 35 miles north-west of Port-au-Prince at a depth of 13.7 miles.

Images flash before many (not in Haiti) on the news daily. Children and People not affected in the quake, killed in the streets for looting as police try their best to keep the violence at a minimum and maintain control.

Fabienne Geismar, a 15 year old girl was not one of 4,500 prisoners to escape after the Haiti earthquake broke Port-au-Prince prison apart but was shot with a single bullet to the head. Her lifeless body lying atop of the stolen pictures she took.

1.5 million are homeless as many flee the island in search of shelter and food and water are still among the most important necessities needed for survival for remaining residents.

Governments and military forces have pledged both money and time, but excessive road closures and distructive zones have been making getting supplies to people near impossible.

PERSONAL NOTE: The destruction is almost unbearable to watch. I sit with my kids and husband watching it on the news, grateful we have our health and home. It's sad to see these people suffering who already lived in an impoverished way struggle. My heart aches for them. If you are Canadian and wish to give hope and hand. Please go to my blog post where links are posted. And let's all of us pray for the Haitian's strength and the ability to get through this time without further incident from happening.
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

wordless wednesday

It is wordless Wednesday and I thought I would share some of the scrapbook pages I have done.

Some ppl ask me how to get started and one place I found helpful was

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sleep talking man will make your day brighter!

Okay so Shoelessmommy is over at my house watching Biggest Loser when she tells me about this blog she came across called "The Sleep-talking Man blog" and it's about this guy who talks in his sleep each night and his wife records everything he says.

I have to say I peed a little (just a little) listening and reading about the chap. The things he says are so randomly hilarious you are inhuman if you don't crack up a little.

Now apparently this man and his wife have only been married for a year and a bit, and he never did this before. Now suddenly they and everything he says has quickly become an overnight sensation. You can even buy sleep-talking man t-shirts to show your support of this couple and their hilarity.

Watch this video below and it will crack you up!

If you would like to visit the Sleep-talking man's blog and read all the funny things he says to which his wife posts online. Then visit him HERE

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