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Thursday, July 30, 2009

trashy thursday: frog soup


So Shoeless Mommy went camping like two weeks ago and I blogged about how much I missed her while she was gone. She is after all one of my bff's.

I rang her like several hours after she'd left for Hope. I just wanted to see if she'd gotten settled in and how the cabins were and if she were sharing with other visitors to bible camp.

"It's raining frogs!" She told me.

Okay a bit random and strange but not entirely uncommon coming from her.

"Pardon me?" I said.

"Hundreds and hundreds of them. F...R...O...G...S...! I'm surrounded by them."

I now had a mental image of Miss Shoeless kissing all these toads while walking along the beach. I mean she is searching for those sneakers and I had to laugh.

"Do you want some?" She asked.


"Yes frogs?"

"Uh -- mmm -- okay, cool!"

And that was how I ended up with four small, greenish looking (SPERM) in a milk jug the day she came home. It was also the big joke around here. Don't send Shoeless to bible camp. She prayed, ate good food and brought home sperm in a bucket.

Now I knew very little about tadpoles except for how cute I remembered them being the last I'd seen them down in the canyon off Marine Drive as my brother and I tried to collect a few to bring home, but mom wouldn't hear of it. She doesn't do slimy (mom).

Such as did you know they don't really eat anything? In fact as they begin the (morphing) period which is where they begin to lose their tales and grow legs, they feed off the nutrients in their tales and then later they eat...GUESS?

My sooooooooooo not favorite thing! BUGS! Go figure eh?

So there we had in a bowl four tads swimming round the rocks. And in a manner of two days nearly all of them had legs. Also in a manner of days (3 of them) died. Leaving only one. The above shot is of ERIC our last and still surviving froglet.


Can you see him? Some of the rocks in his habitat are bigger than he is lol.

Now PB (pickleboy) absolutely loves Eric. In fact he's so absolutely thrilled with him and wants to wear the gloves to hold him all the time. He talks to him, tells people they are good friends and how as soon as Eric gets bigger he's going to take him to school with him. And he always --ALWAYS tells people ...

"My frog is not dead yet?"

Three year olds are so adorable at times.

Every day either myself or DH put Eric and his habitat outside for several hours of sunshine because he truly loves it. We make sure he has enough pin head crickets and algae pills to munch on and DISTILLED water in his wetland area.

I answer all the questions PB asks him concerning Eric such as how much should he eat? Why does he hop? Does he like to swim? Can he sleep with me?

On this particular day I was outside in the morning putting Eric on the ground when PB came up behind me and asked me a question he'd never asked before.

"Mama can we eat Eric?"

I grinned instantly. Mmmm I thought, my boy is intelligent. He'd asked me everything under the sun concerning this baby froglet except the most obvious question. Do people eat frogs?

"Yes," I replied. His eyes instantly grew wide and he stared at me unsure. I then went on to explain that some people eat frogs legs or make soup when the frog gets big and plump. But that was not our plan. Eric was a family member.

Seemingly satisfied I had answered his question to his liking, off he trounced.

About an hour later I hear this commotion at the door and someone yelling 'MAIL MAMA!' so down the hall I went to collect what had come. And there was the mail lady looking at me very angrily.

"Your little one here told me you have a frog. Is that true?"

I nodded.

"You know some species of frogs are endangered," she bit sharply.

I had no idea why the hostile tone. "Yes I'm aware of that." I replied. "Ours is not one of those species."

"It's awful what you are going to do!" She tossed the mail at me and left.


I picked up the mail and looked down at PB who stood next to me. "What did you say to her about Eric?" I asked him.

Guess what he told her?

My darling three year old told our mail lady that when his froggie gets big and plump (yes plump) I was going to make frog soup!!!!!!

The nerve of her to get angry with me. And you know what was even worse. The first thought that rolled off my stupid brain when she left was --- FAT CHANCE IF SHE'S GETTING ANY!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

wordless (wordful) wednesday: mentally cooling off

Right now Abbey and across Canada is in the middle of a huge heat wave. Record breaking temperatures in the 40's (something) we aren't used to have been the daily dose of icky sweat and unbearable conditions, especially here in the Valley.

Today it was 38 degrees (felt like 43) with the humidex. And to make matters even worse; we are on a strict water restriction by the city.

Only 3 times in the past 100 years have records like this been recorded across Canada. Vancouver saw one of the hottest days ever recorded in their history, followed by Port Alberni, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope and up to the Okanagan.

We have no air conditioner. In fact you cannot buy a fan or air conditioner anywhere in the city or lower mainland right now, unless I want to go to like Victoria or something.

And to top it off I have pneumonia! WTF? Thanks body for giving up and going on strike you bitch! Who the feck wants to throw up, cough and puke and then of course pee like a dog because I have a torn bladder (thanks to PB) pickleboy (mama luvs you monkey!) you rotten little lovable turkey you!

I can't take it. It's too damn hot. So I have to come up with ways to stay cool (mentally) and below are a few pics that help me along the way.

This one below is of my mom, brother and Pickleboy cooling off how they know best (swim) in our dingy pool!


Head over to WW headquarters and add your post. Have a great one and here's to staying cool to everyone!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

someone please send ozmosis jones to kick some germ butt

It never fails...

I get stressed...

Then I get sick...

PB (pickleboy) came inside on Friday and he was coughing. I checked him and sure enough my baby had a fever of 100.5.

Okay not too too high but I was concerned. So it was no going outside, drink lots of juice and eat freezies and Popsicles to stay dehydrated, and PRAYING to the Good Lord I did not catch this thing.

I should have prayed harder lol.

My throat feels sticky and hoarse like someone took a razor blade to it. I`m frigging cold all the time when it`s ohhhhh 30`degrees out. I`m sitting on the sofa wrapped in blankets and freezing my tail end off.

PB on the other hand feels a bit better. He`s still coughing but no fever. It went away, thank goodness because I truly hate it when my children are sick.

So I here I sit on the sofa, dressed in sweat pants and ohhhh am I sweating! I seriously need some OJ to help me kick this colds butt. I cannot afford to be sick.

Hope everyone else is having a great weekend! Believe it or not I am actually looking forward to Monday. I know how weird is that? LOL

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

small talk 6: if I could do anything hosts this weekly meme where each week there are smtlksix topics you can blog on.

This weeks topic is: 6 talents you wished you possessed.

If you participate in this weekly carnival please head on over to MOMDOT.COM to post your Saturday talents.

This week I had to really think about myself because I do possess some talents but there are other talents I wish I had. Some real and some fantastical.

1.) The ability to eat what I want and keep the weight off. Yes this is a superficial one to many but to me, someone who has battled weight loss my entire life and who absolutely lovesssssssssss FOOD! Sometimes I do wish I could just eat anything and not be so worried about my weight, heart attack or stroke. It would be nice if even for just a week or so.

2.) I wish I knew how to drive. Okay yeah don't laugh. I'm nearly 36 years old and I've never had my drivers license. I grew up in Vancouver surrounded by one of the best public transportation systems around with bus routes and Skytrain. I also love walking and so it never dawned on me to get it. But now I made a promise to my son to get my license before my birthday. He wants me to prove to him that no matter how old you are you can still improve yourself if you study and try hard enough. God bless him.

3.) I wish I had a passion for cooking. I really do. I hate to cook. I can make things, like roast, lasagna, spaghetti, noodles, Chinese food -- you know mostly the basics. But I have no passion for the skill. Not like DH does. He lovessssssssssss cooking which is good since we don't go hungry everything out of the box.

4.) I wish I had the skill to control my mental disability better. I do okay and my family and friends accept me for the crazy bugger I am at times. I take medication daily for my chemical depression and BPD. But I still wish during those times I feel so out of control I had some type of skill to just harness the power to make myself happy without medication being needed.

5.) I wish I possessed the skill to make it so my children don't ever have to feel pain (emotionally or physically). It is one of the hardest parts of parenting, watching your children grow up and make their own decisions, especially when you know those decisions could lead to heartache and pain for them. I wish somehow I could stop that from happening. It would definitely make being a mom easier... that's for sure!

6.) My final talent I wish I had is the ability to draw (be an artist). My aunt and brother both possess this skill and it's truly amazing the life they breathe into the characters they bring to the mural's or pages they work on. I think it would be cool to have this talent, the freedom to release all the energy someone and turn it into floating art for others to see.

So that is my list for this week. Don't forget to leave me a comment. I will return comments for all those that leave one since I love reading other people's lists.

Have a great Sunday!

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Friday, July 24, 2009

friday frustrations: nothing ever works out

Oh yeah it's Friday, well techniqually it's Sat but I'm doing Friday's post a day late and posting so you think I did it on Friday (sneaky eh?)

Ya whatever!

If you are a FF participant then head over to conversations with moms and post will ya. They love it when you do that, and don't forget to give me some comment luv. I could use a little right now.

Nothing ever works out the way it's supposed to.

It really doesn't and I truly fecking hate the big boot to the face life throws at me sometimes.

We were planning this big vacation to go away, up to PG to visit my inlaws and go to my husbands highschool 20 year reunion. We couldn't go because of lack of funds.

We are supposed to pick up my stepson and have him for two weeks, which we still are and are looking forward to it, but I had all things planned to do with the kids.

Those plans are gone now.

Why? Because of a lack of funds.

It just seems we can't keep up with the bills we are paying, car payments, house insurance, food, clothing for the kids, household supplies BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH... my fecking head hurts just thinking about it!

It's friday night and I don't have a pot to piss in as my dad would say. Okay actually I do but I'm using it to cook spaghetti and hot dogs (our grandious) meals we can afford. Nice eh?

It's just depressing and I hate being a downer and don't want this to be a poor me bitch fest, but it's sucks watching people around who have money blow it or throw it in my face, while the peeps I love (like my parents) are struggling because dad lost his job.

I don't know I realize life is more than money. It really is. I have my kids whom I love, friends I adore, family I can't live without and those are the important things in life.

It just sucks when you hear your kids "Mommy can I have a slurpee?" Cost 1.09 to get and my oldest says to my youngest...

"Not today buddy, don't ask mommy okay. I'll make you a cool blue juice when we get home."

And I see that look in my ten year olds eyes. The disappointment we are so broke we can't even buy frozen pop for them to drink. Not that they need it. It just hurts you know?

I can't wait for Saturday!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

wordless wednesday: funny babies

Everywhere I look it's babies babies everywhere. I am in love with the little specs of sunshine. Maybe because both of mine aren't quite babies anymore. GB (gamerboy) is ten and PB (pickleboy) is three.

I love the smell of babies.

I love their tiny fingers and toes.

I love their smiles.

I love it when they giggle.

And here are some babies whom I love what they wear.






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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: summer fun, my stepson and feeling blue

Sad Times...Image by Cesar R. via Flickr

Summer can be such a drag here, mainly due to the fact that DH doesn't fair well in the summer and lately I've been worried about him.

His headaches are getting bad. He's sleeping more in the afternoon, sometimes until 8pm at night because his head hurts and his toes keep cramping.

And I just wish they'd call already for his MRI so we can check the grey matter in his brain and make sure there are no complications with his brain injury.

On a happy note though: Both DH and I are looking forward to picking up our son next week, my (stepson) Cole is going to be staying with us for two weeks!

The boys are so utterly excited about seeing him and bringing him back here. So are my parents who haven't met their new grandson, despite DH and I being married for five years. Cole was a bit shy to do overnight visits, but now it seems he's excited and we know he's going to have a good time here.

We plan on taking the boys camping, to Dinotown, Waterslides and maybe even into Vancouver to the Aquarium, before heading back to K-town to drop him off and spend a weekend there so Gamerboy can see his dad who lives up there.

Ahhh I love blended families, so much love and fun and travel heh heh...

Cole is turning seven this year and PB (pickleboy) can't wait to see him. PB is old enough now to know as we've telling him he has another brother (Cole) and although he's still too little to truly understand the fundamentals of having a blended family.

He's sooooooooooo excited!

We are sure there will be major romps and fights over who gets to love or spend time with Cole the most lol. I look forward to every minute!

I've been feeling like crap lately. Not quite sure why really. I'm a girl so ahem yeah -- I have my precious bitchy moments that make complete and absolute no sense whatever.

Like today for instance. Everything was bothering me. I mean at one point I sat on the couch just glaring at DH cooking in the kitchen and I thought:

Jeez I wish he'd just stop breathing!
WTF kind of wife wishes her husband would stop breathing? Well-- apparently me! And I cannot even tell you why other than I got angry he rinsed off the hot dogs because he'd added too much oil and only wanted to make sure they weren't too greasy while cooking us our meal.

The Asstasburd! The nerve of some people heh?

I know COO-COO right?

I went upstairs to take a bath and DH immediately followed me up. My head was pounding and I was so irritated. He just stared at me while I wrinkled in the bubbles waiting for a response as to why I'd turned into the wicked witch of Abbey all of a sudden and I know he was politely thinking ...

Could you take the big stick out of your ass honey and tell me WTF I did wrong because it's uncomfortable leaning back on this knife you've kindly stabbed into my back for no reason!
I couldn't explain it to him, other than to say it comes down to stress. I just finished my period, money is tight right now, we haven't had sex in nearly a month. Okay it feels like a month and we get no time to ourselves.

I know call the WAMBBBBBBBBBBBULANCE, right?

But seriously I'm in overload and worried about him and the kids, add in lack of money and time spent together and it turns me into an anger ball with a gianormous headache that makes me feel like screaming loud at the top of my lungs.

I did manage to calm down though, once I got some Advil into me, compliments of SM (shoelessmommy) TY hun.

Hopefully the rest of the week won't be so bad.

Don't forget to head over to Keely at the UNMOM for randomness. She rocks and will tickle your toes and make you squirt milk out your ears. I swear!

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Monday, July 20, 2009

victoria stafford remains discovered

Well it was 3 1/2 month ago when I first reported on young Victoria (Tori) Stafford the little girl who went missing from Woodstock, Ontario.

Tori first went missing after school when she was seen leaving with a stranger and there was a small gleam of hope she would be found.

That was until two residents of Woodstock were charged with her murder, including a 19 year old woman.

Yet Tori's body still remained lost.

Sadly a few days ago they found her buried in the woods.

It makes me sick inside! It really does. I hate it, seeing children as the victims to crimes like this carried out by people who don't deserve jail but worse!

Tori's mom put a note on her door saying she would contact the media later and for everyone to just allow the family to get a hold over finding the remains of their daughters body and grieve her final coming home.

I hope the media listens.

I did not know Tori, nor her family but I want them to know there are many Canadians who are grieving for Tori right along with them. It truly is sad this happened, though I am relieved her remains were found and now her family can finally bring her home for a proper burial.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Westbank fire causes evacuation of thousands

View of the fire from WestbankImage via Wikipedia
Triggers... triggers... and some high emotions swirled through both GB (gamerboy) and myself yesterday when the news broke that a fire had started in Westbank around 3 in the afternoon and was raging out of control.

Back in 2003 Kelowna had one of the worst fires in British Columbia history. 239 homes were destroyed, thousands evacuated as we watched for over a month the hills burn alive with bright embers that were so brilliantly beautiful to watch, but so scary to think about especially since we'd lived there during the course of this treacherous and emotional event.

GB and I decided to move to Kelowna the month the fire broke. It was strange, too. One of my bff's T whom we lived next door to in Abbey told me not to go. She'd had a dream I was in a fire or near a fire off the apartment I lived in.
But off we went.

I was beginning a new chapter in life as a single mom. I wanted a change of scenery and had never moved far away from my parents and wanted to try it. Plus GB's biological father lived up in Vernon and thought it would benefit my son to be around him (another story for another time).

I remember how enamored with firemen and bright shiny trucks he was back then. We would walk around town with him wearing his fire jacket while he told everyone (who already knew) the town was on fire and how cool it was lol.

Well it wasn't so cool yesterday when we heard the news about Westbank.

The heavy heat and humidity caused the area to be so dry and with winds gusting at almost up to 60km an hour, the fire began and jumped out of control just off of Glenrosa, later hopping the highway to entering neighboring areas causing the evacuation of the first 10,000 people.

My mom immediately called her sister who is just off Glenrosa and she was okay at the time. An hour later we called and no answer, she'd been evacuated as the fire was burning just above her home.

Highway 97 was closed leading into Kelowna and the only route into the city was through back roads and woods. Mmmm not tempting as everyone lay glued to the news on alert as the fire continued.

I called Shoelessmommy she was camping with friends and I wanted to inform her what was going on since I knew she had no television and no data device too hear about this. One of her good friends lived off Glenrosa and I thought she'd be concerned. Her friend had been evacuated as well at around four pm.

My biggest concern though wasn't so much the fire as it was GB. His biological father still lives up in Kelowna and guess where? Yep, Westbank.

We couldn't reach Tom on his cell phone, most likely because he didn't have minutes. I sent him a text message letting him know to call his son as well as two emails.

GB sat in DH's (dear hubby's) arms and cried and cried. He was so worried about Tom and then later that worry turned to anger, for both of us.
What kind of person doesn't call his ten year old son knowing his son most likely saw the news and was worried?

Then I told myself that he was probably taking care of himself and just didn't think about GB. They haven't seen one another in over two years and are just beginning to establish a relationship with one another again, and I told GB (wiping his tears) his dad was probably okay since nobody had been injured from fire, but only evacuated.

Still that didn't make my ten year old son who is emotional and wears his heart on his sleeve like his mum very happy. We ended up snuggling downstairs all night together because he needed that comfort.

My stepson Cole also lives in the region, but in Kelowna where it is safe. Still DH called him since he knew that his grandparents were in Westbank and wanted to make sure his son was emotionally alright. We are supposed to be picking Cole up next week for family vaca for two weeks, but now we have to wait and see if the roads will even be open heading into Kelowna.

Firefighters hope to make a dent in the fire today (Sunday) with the warmer weather calming some, along with the winds slowing down.

100 hectares in Rose Valley have been lost, 10 km north of Genrosa where the fire first broke. Difficult terrain is causing firefighters to have their work cut out for them.

You could see water bombers dropping loads on the news and hear the helicopters and planes in the background with each report that came flooding into the television station from local residents sending in videos, texts and images via cell phones and web cams. It was quite surreal watching.

Cost is not an issue in fighting these fire, the minister told Global news. Everything they have will be put into stopping them. That was seen when another 120 men joined the forces on the front lines Sunday morning.

The firefighters courage has never been an issue though. That was clearly seen back in 2003 as the men worked around the clock, some of them watching own homes burn around them.

Nearly 10,000 people have been evacuated now with more on alert in the area. The fire has taken nine homes with no injuries to report as of yet, and more homes are expected to be destroyed, though the men on the front lines have high hopes that today's weather might cut them some slack.

When it first broke it was reported only 15 hectares. By the afternoon it had jumped to 50 hectares. By late evening the fires had totaled up to 500 hectares (300 in the Glenrosa) area alone.
It's just awful!

Residents in Gellatly Bay, Seclusion Bay, Witworth Road and Goat’s Peak were all ordered along with Rose Valley and Glenrosa residents which brought the total to 10,000 people out of their homes with no way into the city and all most likely heading to the emergency shelters set up on the outskirts of town at community centers and halls.

The following areas were placed on evacuation alert as well:
○ Hwy 97 west of Elliot Road
○ South Rubicon Road, south and west of Smith Creek Road
○ Paynter Road
○ Glencoe Road
○ Windt Road
○ Pop Road, Scharf Road
○ Solar Road
○ Delray Road, Shelter Road
○ Broadview/Elliot Road (this is the eastern boundary of alert area)
○ Telcor Place, Twin Pl, Sandberg Rd, Doucette Drive, Summerville Crt
○ Summerville Place, Salish Road, Harold Road, Sugosa Place
○ Rubicon Road, Reece Road west of Elliot Road, Neufield Crescent
○ Rufli Road
○ Butt Road west of Elliot Road, Main Street west of Elliot Road
○ Taneda Road and Lower Glenrosa Road between Delray and Powers Creek

Residents who want information on evacuation procedures or updates are being asked to call 250-469-8490 and if they can't make it to the evacuation center are being asked to call this number 778-797-2269 and register by phone so that loved ones who call in will be told of their safety.

Thank you to roleypoley for providing this video to us via youtube. My prayers go out to all my loved ones (auntie Wannie, Tom, Cole's grandparents and all our friends who live there.) I won't lie I'm glad I moved lol.

We love you be safe!

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Friday, July 17, 2009

friday frustrations: a week without SM, boys drive me crazy, planning our trip.

TGIF !!!!! And boy this week I'm glad it surely is. It's been a very long week both emotionally and financially for the clan here.

For starters, my bff SHOELESSMOMMY went away to bible camp for the week, leaving me and sparkee to drink coffee and smoke alone (without her) which just wasn't the same.

Not that SPARKEE and I don't have fun together because trust me we do, and I sooooooooo look forward to my girl time with the gals. I've been truly enjoying my new friendships lately.

My other friend T also went away and she's been gone like forever! I hope she is having a good time though as it was a much needed vaca for her. Everyone I know and love though seems to be dangling on holidays and it's making me look forward to us leaving this dump place we call home.

I don't mean to say Abbey isn't a nice place. It just seems every time I turn on the news or read the paper someone is doing something awful to someone else.

Like recently (over the past week) an elderly lady was mugged in broad daylight. Two young men, apparently higher than God stole her money and shoved her face into the bus stop post, hit her a couple of times and then when she proceeded to go into a seizure -- they left!!!!

They could have at least phoned the paramedics annoymously. I mean shit if you are going to rob someone that old at least have the heart to make sure you don't take their life. This poor woman is now recovering but afraid to leave her house. It makes me sick inside!

------------------> On another note the boys have been driving me up the wall or rather Gamerboy has. I mean PB (pickleboy) has just been himself, you know whiny and always needing something in his demanding three year old fashion.

GB though is a different story. He's been feeling the friendship loss bug as much as I have with several of his friends leaving for vaca and he has nobody really to play with right now. So each morning he wants to play PS2 and he asks like ten times a day if he can game.

Now I have a rule when it comes to video games. Maybe I'm too strict I don't know. But when school was in session the rule was no video games during the week and on weekends he was only allowed to play for one hour each day, to which he really didn't like.

Now that summer is here I thought for sure with the warm weather hitting us full frontal he'd be outside basking in the sun and having fun. But nooooooooo he wants to be inside battling spidy's evil bad guys or racing Jimmy J on the Nascar circut.

So, I had to sit down and have a talk with him.

He explained he was bored so today we went out and washed the car. I sprayed him with the hose and we had a water fight. It was a ton of fun. I also told him the rules, even though it is summer and his bed time has been extended an hour from nine to ten. Video game time isn't going to change.

We are leaving for PG in less than two weeks and going to his grandparents house on four acres of land with no gaming systems in site.

"Yeah so let me get it all out of my system now, mom. Then I'll be good when I see Gammie."

Yeah okay that's his mentality. Gotta give it to the kid for trying to sway me though but I didn't bite. I told him to read a book or work on his writing. He also has to finish his blog post for this week, which didn't make him too happy because I'm making him write them out before I help him type on the computer his posts. Somebody has to help the poor kid improve his chicken scratch.

---------------------------------> On an up note DH and I have decided to host HELL'S KITCHEN party nights at our house which should be fun. The new season begins on Tuesday and I cannot wait!

We are going to cook a new meal for our party guests each week and then watch the show. It should be a blast.

Anyhoo I've gotta run. Got a ton of laundry to do and Jo for CD (Child Development) is coming in the morning to see PB to assess whether he needs extra help in pre-school or not in September and lord knows I'm not going to be cohearant in the morning to discuss his issues.

Have a great weekend everyone!

If you participate in FRIDAY FRUSTRATIONS then please head over to conversations with moms and post your link there. Don't forget to send me some comment luv!!!! And I'll luvvvvv you back I swear.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

wordful wednesday: no sex

Okay so yeah, it's which means it's picture time! Nothing fancy this week sorry guys and gals. Just a complete circle with the world sex inside and a cross through it (meaning NO SEX) which is exactly what I got yesterday.

Explain right?

Well okay I was in the mood. I mean yes I'm a mommy but I'm also a woman and human and mood to bump uglies struck me at around 4am this morning.

So there DH I and I were, exhausted from the day and trying to fester up some early morning romance.

And things were going great! There was kissing, heavy petty and excitement filled the air. And then it happened...


Yep you got it. Pickle boy screeched at the top of his lungs. So into the bedroom I went to console my dreaming (nightmares I think) child and put him back to sleep.

"Mommy is trying to get some action buddy so closed your damn eyes and find your dream land okay?" Yeah okay I didn't say that lol. I wanted him (Trashy Thursday) moment I know but I didn't.

Instead I snuggled him and put him back to sleep and then rushed back to DH whose eyes were shut but body waiting. I immediately went back to work (you know ahem) to help rev his engines again and mine.


"You have to be shitting me?" I stared at DH who couldn't stop laughing.

Yeah okay this went on four times. All four times I put PB back to sleep and got myself all hot and bothered again only to hear my name being called and not by DH.

Finally the last time PB entered the bedroom. "I sleep with you," he said whiny and climbed into our bed with two fully clothed parents who stared up at the ceiling in a huff of disappointment as to what could have been.

Oh well there's always next month!

Here is what Forgetful Dad had to say on the matter.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

friday frustrations: no help for seniors bc

Like everyone else suffering with the economic crunch, so are my parents. My dad lost his job after working his ass off for several years (like forever) and when it happened it was one of the worst things to ever happen to them.
sunsetImage by kingstongal via Flickr

My pop is 57 or 58 years old, I stopped counting because he will always be 25 to me, young and my daddy. Yes I am a daddy's girl and I grew up watching my father work like a horse day in and day out, sometimes straight where we wouldn't see him, just to make ends meet and keep my mother and us three kids going.

Medically now at his age he should be in great shape but isn't. He suffered a heart attack a year or so ago, and has rheumatoid arthritis running through his body. My mother also suffered a heart attack (very young) over ten years ago and has already had triple bypass surgery among the other ailing diseases (diabetes, cataracts, lung disease, broken arteries, polymyalga) you name it she most likely suffers from it.

Yet these are supposed to be their golden years.

Us kids are all grown up. We have kids of our own and are all trying to survive financially. This is the time they are supposed to be going on vacation and loving life, not groveling for help. Yet that is exactly what they are being forced to do.

Dad applied for EI (employment insurance) since he got laid off due to cut backs. I mean he paid into it for years, so it only makes sense he apply for help for the daily necessities in life like rent, hydro, food, medications in order to survive.

Now dad got severance of course. So EI made him use it. God forbid they allow someone a chance to get a little ahead after they've had the rug pulled out from under them. Nawww our government doesn't like to that, keep em poor is our motto up in here in the sticks.

Three months salary means three months of severance. My parents lost their vehicle because they couldn't of course afford to pay the monthly amount now that pop wasn't working. And mom hasn't worked in years due to her disabilities. So they gave it back (whole other story which is just ugly if you ask me) dealing with Carfinco the company that financed them (the basasturds!) treated them like crap.

Dad won't get any money until August and food is running short, and they still have meds to buy. So EI informs them (now) not when he applied to go to Income Assistance (another government) agency to get financial aid until his EI comes in.

Mom is totally upset about all this. She's depressed and I can understand why; however I've been through it (having been an assistance) leech myself. That's what they call us, people who apparently milk the government for money when they should be working.

It doesn't matter if you left a spouse who beat you and need to get back on your feet, or lost a job. It doesn't matter if you are a senior and can't afford to live on a pension that pays less than half the cost of our actual living here in BC. It doesn't matter if you need medications and can't afford to buy them (so the only choice) is to die because without these meds you're basically screwed.

Going to welfare is about as fun as having a root canal done while waiting a bus stop crowded with obscene gesturing teenagers...

It royally sucks!

But that is the reality. It sucks and you have to suck it up if you want help, become a beggar and force yourself down the social scale in life to a notch above a person living on the street who most likely eats better because the quantity of dumpsters is more plentiful than the amount of money they give you to buy real food.

Milk cost = $4.00 or more
Bread cost = $2.00 or more
Can of Soup = #2.00 or more
Peanut Butter cost = $4.00 or more

4 items = $12.00 multiply that a couple of times and there is $100 worth of milk, soup and peanut butter sandwiches to live on for the month.

It's fucking stupid!

Humbling experiences in life come when you least expect them and are least prepared. They change the foundation of what you know not only about yourself but the world you live in.

Yeah that's true but at almost 60 years old who the feck wants to envelop that philosophy? I certainly do not want to see my parents having to go to the food bank or beg for help to pay their rent or end up on the street, especially not after they clothed, fed and sheltered me a good portion of my life.

It hurts so badly and I wish more than anything something would change for them. But it seems for them when it rains it pours and right now they are caught in a storm teetering on the edge of sanity and trying to keep their heads above the water that threatens to drown them.

Me, I get to sit back and watch helplessly. The most I can do is this -- blog it and only to make myself feel a tad better in getting out the emotions that cloud my heart with regret for them because I cannot help them monetary wise.

Every day there are more and more stories being shown about our seniors survival or lack of. Many seniors are now living on the street because the government wishes to help the young and seemingly forgets about our older generation (the ones who got us) here.

I guess I just don't want my parents to be another story.

Head over to conversations with moms and post your Friday Frustrations.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

my sisters keeper

My Sister's KeeperImage via Wikipedia

So Shoeless Mommy who else of course is sitting with me on my camp out mattress, drinking coffee while she makes some friend time with one of her ex shoes (head guy) to go see a movie.
So we search the database of google, best place to go in search of what is playing and we come across this movie called MY SISTER'S KEEPER a book by Jodi Picoult.
I saw a brief trailer for this movie, starring Cameron Diaz and Jason Patrick (Lost Boys) yummy vamp. Mmmmm I love that movie.
The story revolves around betrayal and love about a little girl named Anna who discovers she was genetically engineered to save her sister.

Okay I have not had a movie trailer make me cry since the Notebook and wouldn't you know that is who this movie is from. So of course watching this Trailer I immediately start leaking, with SM crying right along side of me, her chin on my shoulder.
"Okay I am going to see that"
she says and she immediately texts Big Head shoes to arrange the time for her birthday movie.

I am of course going to watch her rascals tonight while she ventures off to the reel to watch what looks like is going to be an amazing movie.
I will give you all a full recap after she gets back as I'm sure she will blog it as well. But for the rest of you, here is a trailer clip from YOUTube. Hope you enjoy!

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Alex Paul murdered Tuesday night: Abbotsford BC

So yeah it's always nice knowing what the residents of Abbey are up to. Shoelessmommy came over for coffee this (afternoon) lol (our morning) and told me a guy she went to high school with was dead.

Alex Paul who in the past year was the only suspect in the murder of an Abbotsford woman Angela Crossman, a tenant in his building was now a murder victim himself.

Apparently there was a dispute at Paul's home, a gun went off and as it's only customary when a gun goes off (someone got killed) and yep you guessed it, the only suspect in another murder investigation gets the axe himself.

Mmmmm the plot thickens as we continue to watch this unfold. And of course the Abbey police aren't saying anything.
"It's an ongoing investigation"
is all they will say, which only makes sense. They are working hard on solving the case. I know they are because you can't go down to the police station after nine - nobody is there!

You get to talk to a nice English (or other accented) lady via wall phone who gives you a number to call if you have a crime to reports. Then when you call the number guess what??? It's her who answers the phone... mmmm CLEVER! And oh so much fun feeling so protected by our city's finest.

Robert Kenneth Hogan has been charged with 32 year old Paul's murder. Apparently the police were called saying a dispute was happening at Paul's residence and by the time they arrived Paul was dead from gunshots wounds. The gun had discharged several times. Suspects were arrested at the time.

(IHIT) The Integrated Homicide Investigation team have not linked Paul to Crossman's murder, nor confirmed him as a suspect. Hogan was arrested immediately and two witnesses were detained for questioning.

Hogan will appear in court July 24th at the Abbey courthouse.

Apparently Hogan and Paul were associates and the police do not believe gangs, drugs or other illegal activities were the cause of the shooting.

Police are asking anyone with information into Paul's death to please call IHIT Tip Line at 1-877-551-IHIT or make an anonymous please call to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

<span class=

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random tuesday thoughts: you are my best friend mom

Oh I love Tuesday's because it's time to let the randomness out of the closet and blog whatever which I love doing. So does Keely at UNMOM so if you blog random Tuesdays head over to her and make sure to post your link and read other random posts. Don't forget to send me some comment luv!

So it's been pretty fecking hot here for a bit. I don't just mean hot like wearing shorts kinda hot, but that sticky and icky, sweating your ass off, muggy with perspiration pooling in the cracks and crevices you never knew existed kinda hot.

It's been gross!

When it gets this hot I cannot sleep upstairs. Not unless I want to suffocate to death, which yeah isn't really a goal for me. Not this week anyhow. So I decided to sleep downstairs and called for CAMP OUT WEEK.

DH brought down Hockeydude's bed. Oh by the way he's not going to be called Hockeydude anymore. His new name is GB : Gamerboy because that is the name he chose for the new blog I set up for him. Go and check it out. I know sorry for the sudden and random shameless blog plug, but he wants peeps to follow him.

He's only ten.

Anyhow DH brought down the mattress and the boys and I have been sleeping (uncomfortably) I might add - downstairs. It has been cooler and wouldn't you know after the first night of bringin
the bed down the rain suddenly decided to grace us.

Yet in the living room the mattress remains as I continue my camp out.

I like it. Being with the boys for some one on one snuggle time. We cuddle and watch movies before hitting the sack. Pickleboy sleeps on the sofa up top because he's a body flinger and you will find a foot or elbow in your eye in the middle of the night. Kinda hurts.

So last night GB (Gamerboy) and I laid down to watch a movie. Scary Movie 4 and yes maybe not the most appropriate film to allow my 10 year old to watch but well shit that can go into Trashy Thursday bad parenting moments.

He knows a lot stuff GB and knows the sex stuff and knows to ask questions which he does. He's not really your typical ten year old because he's lived a hard life. Something about watching your parenting fight all the time does something to a kid.

(Long story for another time).

So there we were watching the movie, snuggling and laughing. DH was in bed snoozing quietly and PB was fast asleep as well. When the movie was over we turned out all the light and in the dark we began our conversation...

GB: Can you remove your rings. It feels better on my back?

I always give him a massage. He enjoyed this so much as a baby to help him fall asleep and I hadn't done it in a long time. So yes of course I removed my rings. Rings hurt.

GB: I feel so tense in my back mom.

ME: Well that is because of what? What do you do a lot GB?

GB: Think negatively. (He says this with a bit of a whine)

ME: Listen kiddo I know you don't want to hear it but if you surround yourself with negativity and think only about the bad things, what you aren't getting from people, what people do you don't like, instead of thinking about what you can do for others. This tension you feel is never going to go away.

GB: What do you mean?

ME: Well I used to think all the time about what I didn't have. Raising you alone made me sad, we had no money, no friends, no help. It always made me sad and scared and mostly angry. Then one day I started thinking about other people, what they don't have, what they might need and suddenly our lives turned out. Surround yourself with negativity and it follows you and sticks to you like a magnet. Do you understand?

GB: (Nods) You are a good mom you know. You and FD (forgetful dad) are good to me and Pickleboy.

ME: You're only saying that because I am rubbing your back. (I giggle).

GB: No it's true. You are a great mom. You always listen to me when I'm upset. You still cuddle me but don't make fun of me.

ME: Why would I make fun of you? (I say this with a shocked voice) trying to hide stifle my laughs.

GB: Ummmm because you like teasing me.

Okay this is true. I love teasing my kids and letting them know I love them but I will make fun of them if the situation calls for it. It's the part of parenting I waited for my whole life. I'm still scarred from my mother taking me to buy my first bra and putting it on over top of my shirt and shouting out to my father across the ladies department.... "Does this look like it fits right?"

So having my own kids you bet your ass I couldn't wait for my turn (parental accolades) are well worth the pain I went through to have these little rascals. It's only fair I get to torture them on occasion.

So I continued to massage GB's back until I sensed he was falling asleep. Then he said something out of the ordinary.

GB: You are my best friend.

Okay now is where the lump in my throat surfaces as I brush the hair back from his eyes. The words held so much meaning for me.

You wait and wait for it : those moments of precious acknowledgment that you are a good parent, that your children love you and respect you and still NEED you. And when they finally come ( for me at least) so does the flood gates with tears of joy!

ME: You are my best friend, too. (I replied)

It was true too. When I left my (BAD) relationship with GB's father and became a single mother. It was GB who at the tiny age of two who kept me going through those dark nights while I tried to figure out who I was and where my life was going.

He saved me. He's been the one constant in my life I could count on that goes back before I had Pickleboy and before I met FD and married him. It was always just GB and me. The two of us against the world.

Now here he was ten years old and still NEEDED me. It felt great I won't lie. He might not be my baby anymore but will always be my baby (if that makes sense). I will always be here to rub his back, brush the hair back from his eyes and cuddle him no matter how old he gets.

And not because it's my job. But because love forces you to do things forever for those in your heart.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay so today is one of my BFF's and current mommy blogger SHOELESS Mommy's birthday!

I met SM (shoeless mommy) about a year ago now I believe. We met on Abbey Freecycle.

She showed up at my house to get a bed we were giving away for free and we instantly hit it off.

Now I'm not one to make friends that easily (NOT ANYMORE) as usually I can't stand to be alone with other people for longer than I have to due to my depression, quirky nature and OCD tendencies for things that otherwise drive others crazier than I feel.

But SM was different.

She was just as crazy as I felt. She also made me laugh extremely long and hard with the way she spoke about things in life. We got each other right away. I also could see she had suffered extremely in her life. She'd lost a child, gone through some bad Shoe experiences (read her blog to know more) and you'll understand. And she had children close to my kids ages. Her son Mister is same age as Hockeydude and her daughter Lil Miss is a year older than Pickleboy.

Right away I knew we were going to become friends and so I told her she should apply for a spot in our co-op. She was looking to move from the basement suit she was living in and our co-op had lots to offer children and good people lived here.

She applied and six months later she moved in. Guess where? Yep that's right, two doors away from me. And now she's not only become my BFF but my Kramer to my Seinfeld, always coming over to tell me the whop la of her life, her shoe stories and rants about her very own rascals.

And I love it!

I love her!

This past year having her in my life has been totally great for me. She always cheers me up. She's so generous with money (lending me some if I need it) or buying me a surprise top she just had to get for me because it had my name written all over it (NOT SURE SHE'S THE FASHION DIVA WHAT THAT MEANS) but she's very kind.

So anyhow it's her birthday today and I wanted to tell her thank you. Thank you for being my friend.

Thank you for being there for me and loving me (all the weird and crazy) ways I am and for not judging me in any way.

Thank you for still talking to me even when I do piss you off (which hopefully isn't often.) and thank you for introducing both DH and I to Wil, your friends and Sparkee, some amazing people we just are lucky enough to know and for sharing your world with me.

Okay enough sap or I'm gonna cry. Yes I'm that sensitive so shut up! Have a great day SM and I hope you get everything you wish for.


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Monday, July 6, 2009

afternoon nookie "time" is it bad parenting?

For the past week or so, DH and I have been like two ships passing through the night. Corny I know (the saying) but sooooooo true and very annoying. I don't know what it is lately but it seems we
A pair of lions copulating in the Maasai Mara,...Image via Wikipedia
never seem to get a moment alone and it's frustrating.

When GB (gamerboy) was little, before Pickleboy came it seemed so much easier for us to find some time to ourselves to do things together.

We used to go for a walk and hold hands. We used to sit and have coffee for an hour or so and just talk, about the world and life and laugh together.

We used to make love after he went to sleep and hold each other while talking into the wee hours of the morning.

Now with two boys, Pickleboy who is three. We are lucky if we even see one another for longer than five minutes before something happens to split us apart. And I just don't get it.

What is it? What is the difference? I mean it's only an extra child, right? How difficult can it really be for us to find some time for one another?

Well let me tell you it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE.

So this afternoon (early) I woke up to someone scratching my "tummy". Now okay you don't know this but that is what DH and I do when we are horny ahem in the MOOD so to speak. We give each other a little tummy scratch as a hint.

So yeah I woke to him scratching me lightly. I opened up one eye and then the other and he was smiling down at me.

"Hey beautiful!" he said.

Alrighty then... yep he's swirling with IN-THE-MOOD madness because he never calls me beautiful unless:

A.) He's in trouble
B.) To avoid trouble or
C.) Wants sex

So I gathered it was the latter due to the big cheese eating grin upon that slanted every so sexy on his mouth. His blue eyes were literally glittering with excitement.

"What time is it?" I asked him. I couldn't hear any sounds coming from upstairs which meant the boys were outside playing.

He informed me it was eleven and I'd been asleep for only an hour after being up since quarter to seven because SPARKEE knocked on my door to use my phone to call SHOELESS MOMMY because she had to take her to school. (My blog friends eh?)

The boys woke up with me and so we had been playing and snuggling and having fun all morning until DH rolled out of bed at ten. Then I fell asleep on the mattress downstairs. It was too hot to sleep upstairs last night, so that is where we were at that moment.

On the bed.

"We can't." I said in protest. "The boys are outside."

I mean seriously they could come in at any moment.

We then spent the next few minutes while DH tried to convince me it was okay. The boys were safe with our neighbor Dee, playing outside with the kids, front door was locked, back door also locked.

And ohhh you know the convincing I'm talking about ladies, right? He does this thing where he holds my face and kisses me deeply and then whispers into my ear and kisses my neck and ohhhh okay I'm stopping now - FLASHBACKS!

So yeah we decided to AHEM you know have NOOKIE, BUMP UGLIES, GET IT ON, FOOL AROUND, COPULATE, pick a word we did it!

Okay I know you are looking maybe for more than that. But really that is what it was. Quick and nice. Yes quick because as a parent you are always pressed for time to do ANYTHING including bumping uglies with your beloved. So you don't have time to take your time to enjoy the time.

Does that make sense?

Maybe that is why I was so against it at first. I mean what type of parent has sex with their partner in the middle of the early morning/afternoon while the kids are outside playing?

Me I guess LOL...

But is it bad parenting?

Tell me what your thoughts are on the topic?

Oh and don't be shy to tell me you think it is. Trust me the guilt I feel is worse than anything you can say to me. Well...okay maybe not since I'm sensitive and will most likely cry if you say I'm a bad mother and should be shot and have my darlings escorted out of my home for acting like a tramp addict.

Speak your peace. I will listen.

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

small talk six: the best patriotic films

It's time for small talk six.

Every week a topic is posted. This weeks topic is The best patriotic films.

You don't have to post the same items I do. Post your own. Six words, six phrases, six videos, six pictures.

Whatever you choose just make sure you post them and then head over to and make sure you link there.

Don't forget to grab a button to post on your site for this weekly meme.

Now I realize that July 4th is a big American Holiday which is why this is the theme this week. But being Canadian we just celebrated Canada Day and I'm listing my six favorite CANADIAN patriotic films of all time.

Strange BrewImage via Wikipedia

Strange Brew

Starring Rick Morranis and Dave Thomas which showcases the adventures of Bob and Doug Mackenzie, two very unorthodox Canadian hosers who get a job at a brewery to only discover there is something very wrong in the work place.

Men with Brooms album coverImage via Wikipedia

Men with Brooms

Starring by the director himself Paul Gross who became famous for his portrayal as a Royal Canadian Mountie in
Due South

The story revolves around a group of unlikely heroes, friends once part of an elite curling team who come back together after their coach dies and mysteriously asks them to work together to go for the golden broom, a high reward in this great Canadian Sport.

The Canadian actor Roy <span class=Dupuis" style="border: medium none ; display: block;" width="300" height="399">Image via Wikipedia

Maurice "The Rocket" Richard

One of the best movies I've ever seen, made in 2005. It's the story of Quebec's most famous hockey player. Maurice "The Rocket" Richard who changed the face of hockey as we know it. The movie shows the struggles of a french Canadian in the league dominated by Anglophones. Roy Dupuis stars along side a great cast. He's also starred in some other great films like Emotional Asthmatic and That beautiful somewhere.

Cover of Cover of Cube


A great Canadian Horror film which not many people know is Canadian, but it is.

A fantastic story that keeps you engaged about a group of individuals who find themselves trapped inside a giant cube and with no way out. And together these 7 strangers with no memory must help one another if they are going to get out alive.

A must see in my book!

Ginger Snaps (film)Image via Wikipedia

Ginger Snaps

Outstanding movie! Canadian movie! You didn't know did you? Well it is eh... and it's a horror as well but so well done for being a hometown film.

The film uses werewolfism as a form of puberty when a young girl (Ginger) gets bitten on the night of a full moon, also the night she gets her first period. Her sister tries to find a cure for the girl as they race against the clock to beat the next full moon.

KissedImage by JP @ Rants n' Rascals via Flickr


Starring, Molly Parker one of the best actresses I know and love.

This film is a very dark film that is not for the faint of heart, only because the subject matter surrounds necrophilia (sex with dead people)

This film is very tastefully done, despite the subject matter as it dives into the story of a young girl who is working at a funeral parlor and her desires begin to grow for the dead over time.

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