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Thursday, April 30, 2009

round two of the stanley cup playoffs canucks

The first game of the second round for my boys started tonight and omg I have no voice. I have never screamed so loud, the excitement was crazy!

The boys played well, up until the second period when they fell asleep for 7 minutes. If I could have jumped my ass through the television I would have. And don't even get me started on the reffing! I hate the NHL referees. If you are going to call a game then call it dammit! Don't call part way through and don't call in overtime either if you haven't during the game because that is not fair (to either team) though it's the Nucks I only care about right now lol.

We kicked ass tonight! Beating the Blackhawks on home ice is a good start. Though I don't believe the boys are going to sweep them. They look tired. They are playing hurt.

It was nice to see Sundin and Salo back in the line-up though. Welcome back boys we missed you!

Game two is on Saturday and I can't wait! Go Canucks!

We drove up South Fraser Way in Abbotsford after the game. It was nuts! It was like downtown Robson street in Vancouver. Everyone was screaming and honking their horns. We decided to pull over and get out so the kids could see the cars driving by and all the cool stuff.

We stood near Tim Horton's and watched all the crazy Canucks drive by and it was hilarious. Toward the end of the video you will see the famous Canuck car, totally decked out and very cool.

We saw Orca's on top of people's roof racks, stanley cups tied down, jersey's waving in the air. It was electrifying! Pickle boy didn't know what to make of it all. He wanted to know why people were honking. I told him because we hope they win, that's why.

We hope they win....

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: dsi, craig's list, pig flu

I love playing with my DSi, I really do. I enjoy it so much more than my normal DS which the boys play with now. The DSi has so many more functions. I love that I can check out my blog here online through it, go to facebook and talk to all my friends, check my email and sweep through Craig's list when I feel the need to shop.


Speaking of Craig's list... it's a great place to go when you feel that burning need to shop but have no money lol. I love going there. I look at all the furniture, some of it really really nice and some YUCKIE to the point I wouldn't let a homeless man dwell on it's fabric. Still it's an addiction I have sweeping through Craig's before settling down to write something on my laptop. I even skip through other cities like SF bay area to see all the furniture and items others there are giving away. It's tons of fun! You should try it. If you've never been go here and then punch in your city name or town and you can search your heart away.

This swine flu (H1N1) flu virus is getting really scary. So far there are 19 cases in Canada, none serious, yet. A school closed down in Vernon because a little boy came back from Mexico and he contracted the virus. When things like this happen I get very afraid, end of the world kinda thoughts roam my brain (I know I'm neurotic) but I can't help it. I just hope the CDC and Canadian government figure it out soon and can get control of this thing.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

monday mumbers: i hate monday counseling

It's that time again. monday mumbers, and as most of you know I really do hate Monday's. It's the day where I deal with everything from going to counseling to paying and dealing with bills. Anything that can go wrong usually does on a monday for me. So this week is dedicated to that.

6,497 times I rolled my eyes when corky said he remembered things to our counselor "A" and bit my tongue from saying "WTF you don't remember shit! It's called a brain injury dumbass!"

7,892 times I told myself there was no point because he wouldn't remember what I had told him anyhow.

9,212 times I told corky I loved him today. Telling him makes me feel better and of course I have to repeat myself just so I can help it sink in to his brain lol.

12 times he told me back. (12!!!!!) See the odds aren't in my favor.

200 times I told pickle boy that "no" we would not go and pick his brother up early from school just so he could play hockey outside with him.

5,134 times PB asked when his kids were coming then. By (kids) he means my niece and nephew who come Tue, Wed & Fridays. Man trace is bored.

3 times rogers wireless called us to say we needed to make a payment on our cell account when we already did. Dumb shits! Check the computer if you know how to work one!

1 text message corky got to say the same thing, pay his bill to which he replied and I quote... "eat my shorts!" You go bart simpson!

8 times I asked corky when the canucks play next during the day. Who has the brain injury???? I'm a dumbass with fog in my head - sue me!

15 times hockey dude asked if he could play PS2 right up until supper despit us telling him (again and friggin again) no video games during the week (it's a rule) to which he replied "I hate Mondays!"

I hear you buddy! Mommy hears you!

Happy Monday everyone...

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Friday, April 24, 2009

backyard fun

We took the boys to my brother's house yesterday. They always have such a good time a R's house. He has a big playroom with tons of toys. There is a downstairs rec room where the boys can play video games or foozball. But it's his yard I envy because I see how much fun the boys have being outside.

We have a small yard here which we are renovating this summer. In fact I need to start digging it up to make room for the new deck and things for the reno we are going to be doing. So for now we go to uncle's house where they can dance on the tramp, play soccer in the backyard, climb the slide and just run around and be kids.

That is after all what it's about, right?

A lot of these items my brother found on craig's list. Check your local freecycle or craig's list for the outdoor toys or items you might want. Many times you can find what you need at dirt cheap. Like the tramp he got was only $60 bucks. They retail over $200 brand new. Kids don't need new but something that is just safe.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wordless wednesday: only in a woman's world

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

canucks sweep the blues

I could barely contain myself watching the game tonight. Electricity was in the air as the start of game four commenced, after Ruben Studdard sang ode to the Blues. I kept thinking, it's not going to be enough. My boys are going to win! They just have to.

The first period was awesome! Much the previous three games, the boys came out swinging. They were hitting and fore-checking. Luongo was incredible making save after save as the puck traveled with end to end action.

We were up by two goals part way through the first. Then the Blues, those dastardly little buggers, scored. It was a nice goal, splitting our defense Luongo didn't have a chance. Just like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come." Robbie's motto is "If he can see it he will stop it."

And he was true to form.

But then the Blues scored again. Similar to the first goal they split the defense. Luongo didn't have a chance to stop it, and then something funny happened... .

Our boys started to suck!

I don't know what happened. I never screamed so much. I tried desperately to keep the swear words to a minimum. But it's hard coming up with new words on the fly when the intensity is this quick. "For flipping pancakes put the gosh dagnabbit puck in the net you son of a monkeys uncle!"

It just doesn't sound right during the game and everyone ended up throwing peanuts at me in my own living room, and I still got...

"Oh! Mama those are bad words!" From Pickle-boy, LOL. Only because he doesn't know them and gosh bless his sweet little heart.

They weren't passing the puck. They weren't checking. Their feet had led in them and I kept screaming... CHECK CHECK CHECK... GET IT OUT!!!!!! Not that they could hear me, though I secretly sometimes think they can, LOL.

The third period started and the boys got wind again. Then I freaked out. The ref's called nothing during the third and then suddenly we are killing off a two minute penalty, despite the array of infractions that occurred between both teams, mostly St. Louis!

Okay I added that because I don't like them. But still it wasn't fair. You either call the game or don't.

Next thing I know Kessler is going to the box for high-sticking. It was a four minute disadvantage. It was an ACCIDENT! I screamed at the television, despite knowing you should always keep your damn stick on the bloody ice...


The boys killed off both penalties and as time wound down I knew we were going to overtime. I just knew it.

Now I have to tell you I don't handle overtime well. I get fidgety, stressed, have to hide my eyes and scream louder than normal and then cry like a baby after it's all done. It's quite a show really and DH just laughs at me. But the truth is I can't handle the excitement. You have three periods to get the job done, do it dammit!

And boy did they!

Overtime was so darn exciting I couldn't watch but couldn't not watch. So many chances in front of Mason. The kids were on the floor. Pickle-boy in his Canucks shirt and Hockey-dude in his Naslund jersey. Dad was on the sofa, mom was still at her meeting, Jen was sitting next to dad and I was holding Corky's knee squeezing it every three seconds.

I lost my voice screaming at the television. And when the shot rang out from Burrows in the corner we all thought it hit the post until we realized it went in! White towels were swung in the air, screaming of joy escaped everyone, jumping up and down, hugging and kissing. It was a totally amazing moment.

It's funny how one sporting event can bring out so many emotions in you. The joy, fear, sadness, worry, grief and excitement that can take place while watching.

It's a good thing the Canucks swept the Blues. It's their first time sweeping a series ever in franchise history. It's a good thing because it means they will get time off until round two begins.

I don't know about my boys (the nucks) but I sure could use the break.

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random tuesday thoughts: kids say, writing,

I've been watching several of my friends going through hard times in their marriages lately. It's been (interesting) on how it's impacted my own marriage. Of course I'm a good friend, listening to their feelings and fears of starting over again or excitement when meeting someone new. Corky and I have been married for five years now, and although we spend every day together (day and night) because of his brain injury and taking care of pickle-boy. Watching my friends start over makes me appreciate what a loving husband I have. No matter what troubles we go through, Corky is a good guy.

Love you babe.

Kids are so funny. Pickle-boy comes back from visiting Nana's house after we went to counseling and he says ...

"Mama can you row my boat?"

I guessed mom taught him row row row the boat and so I started to sing. Immediately Pickle-boy yelled at me, shaking his head violently.

"You are not rowing it right! Be gentle down the stream!"



Finding time to write is not easy. I look back on the past year and I realize how much I've accomplished, which may not seem like much to others. I've published two stories for Chicken Soup for the soul. I've sold a variety of articles to online publications. I have another story set for publication soon in another anthology. I started this blog and love doing it. I'm on the net and have a facebook fan site now. I've posted six of my chapters online and gotten great feedback.

The best part of it all...???? I get to stay home and do what I love doing - writing and being a mom. It doesn't get better than that.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

monday mumbers

5,213 times I yelled "NO GETTING MOMMY WET!" as all the neighborhood rascals ran around my carport.

3,000 times I told my gf Jen it's okay to date a guy out of province.

40 texts the amount of texts she has gotten in the last 2 days from "said out of province man" who I told her it's okay to date.

219,000 times I said the word shit during game 3 Vancouver Canucks vs St. Louis Blues.

500,000,000 times Pickle-boy said mommy shit is a bad word and tried sending me for a time-out.

2,340 times we waved the white towel before and after the Canucks scored.

4,980 beers I drank during the game.

6, 389 times I threw up after lol.

(Okay I only had 3 beer and didn't throw up so that is a fib. But everything else is true LOL.)

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

nintendo dsi is kinda cool

So dh went out today and bought me the new dsi from nintendo. Aside from the really cool and fun camera on it. I can also go online with a better browser than ds lite.

I can blog as well, like now. I'm not shitting u, at this moment I am blogging on it to all of u while watching flatliners.

I will have a full review tomorrow.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

movie review: premonition i-liked

So Jen and I sat here tonight, just shortly after supper and she was waiting for her food to arrive and we watched PREMONITION with Sandra Bullock.

Now I like Sandra, and always have. Ever since I watched and fell in love with a small sleeper film (romantic comedy) called While you were sleeping; I've loved her.

I think she is funny and recently her last movie to date with Keanu Reeves the LAKE HOUSE which reminds me a bit about this film, was one of my favorite films she's ever done.

Many people did not like this movie. They found it slow. They said the acting wasn't believable because if you know someone is going to die why wouldn't you spend the entire film trying to convince other people or let alone that person the events you knew were going to transpire?

Because that would have been boring! To me at least.

What I liked about Premonition was the fact I had to use my brain, watch the entire film, listen to every word spoken to help make any sense over what Linda Hansen (Bullock's) character was going through when she discovers that her husband has been killed in a car accident, wakes up the next day to find him alive, wakes up the next day to find him dead again and so forth.

I know it might sound confusing but it's really not. Each movie I watch I look for a story. I'm a writer so of course the story is important to me.

Do I think they could have told this story better?

Well we can always improve after we've done something, or at least we should. So yes I believe they could have made it less confusing for those unwilling to look past the straight forward acting and jumping around this film produced.

What I loved was the direction the film took. The story isn't about a depressed housewife who discovers unnatural events are taking place surrounding her husband's death. The story is about what led up to his demise and how to make it right.

"Each day we live is a miracle..." a line in the movie said by the pastor to Linda when she states she doesn't know what to fight for.

Does she fight to save her husband, knowing that he was planning on cheating on her?

Does she fight to let him go, knowing he's going to be killed on Wednesday in a car accident?

Does she fight for her sanity which she thinks she is losing?

"We all have something to believe in. Love... hope... things we can't smell or touch but yet we believe." Isn't that worth fighting for?

Premonition does a good job at examining the human spirit. It dives into our morals, our thoughts (crazy or not) on how we view not only ourselves and our actions in our friendships and marriage, motherhood with our children. But also how we view others.

The movie sort of goes backwards a bit as you get to watch Linda examine her life and marriage with her husband, NIP TUCK'S Julian McMahon. I also loved him on Charmed (yummy).

And you get to understand how things can become so torn apart between two people who don't communicate. How important time is, not to waste it? Something many of us don't think about because we are too busy living the life we think we should be instead of loving the people in it.

Anyhow it is a bit slow moving but still worth a watch if you can dive yourself right into the story. I give it three out of five stars.

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boy oh boy: homework woes

Well today was not the greatest. I hate it when I hear bad things about my kids. What mother doesn't? Hockey-dude came home with a note from the teacher that read as follows:

1.) J needs to take home his goal to success sheets. I do not think he is taking them home.

2.) J is having trouble concentrating and is choosing to talk and play with others. eg: he and another boy put notes on another student's desk and back of the child's head while the class was working.

3.) J's Bunnicula novel study is overdue! He has been staying in at recess until it is finished and handed in.

4.) J's planner hasn't been at school for me to give you a note in it.
Okay this sucks!

I was not happy to say the least reading these things. We've asked hockey-dude all week (like we do every day) if he has homework and he lied to me.

I also wasn't aware he wasn't taking his planner to school but had left it upstairs under his bed, which he only did because he was behind on this novel study and did not want his teacher and I swapping notes with one another as we usually do whenever there is trouble.

"I hate grade four!"

That was the erruption I heard after school when DH brought hockey-dude home. This phrase was of course followed by tears to which I ignored. I don't like it when my kids cry but I also realize what a weapon it can be if used correctly and if I allow those daggers to invade my heart. I had to be strong.

Mom: Why are you not concentrating at school?

HD: The other kids are talking to me. It's not my fault.

Mom: We don't make excuses for our actions do we? When we do where do we end up?"

HD: In the dumps. But this kid keeps talking to me.

Mom: So you ignore him don't you? You have to get your work done. It's important because your grades go with you as you go to middle school. Your school work is only going to get harder.

HD: I hate it though. It's boring. I don't want to do it. I was scared to tell you I was behind because I thought you were going to beat me.

Mom: *Pauses to roll her eyes at the dramatization HD is showing." Well yes we would have. In fact both dad and I thought we'd throw you in the dungeon, feed you scraps from the troff outside and keep you away from sunlight for the rest of your life."

HD: *Pauses to roll his eyes* "Not funny mawwwwm."

I explained to hockey-dude the importance of schooling and of NOT and I mean NOT lying to us about not having his projects done.

He had a great second term and I told him he was only letting himself down if his grades drop. Not DH or myself because we already did school.

He is only letting himself down and nobody else.

With every word that escaped my lips I heard my mothers voice and it grated on my nerves like a bad burn from the sun.

I heard my father come out as I explained to hockey-dude that he was grounded for two days to which he was going to have to sit down and complete this project.

He would have one hour to do it, no more. Anything not finished was going to carry over to the next day, and so if he wanted to enjoy his weekend he better buckle down and get the work complete.

I clutched my friggin heart watching him wipe his tears on the back of sleeve, sniffling and seeing in his eyes he knew I was right, but also seeing the anger behind them knowing he just didn't want to do this and I was making him.

I hated it!

He hates school and doing his work.

I hate making him and sounding like my parents when I do.

It sucks!

But I also know it's my job.

And as I come terms with this downfall in Hockey-dude's schooling I just have to keep telling myself it will be okay. I didn't like school. I was lazy and didn't do my work. I lied to my parents. And I turned out okay (all of you who know me be quiet!).

Mom you were right. What goes around comes around. And I'm sorry for all the horrible things I ever did as a kid growing up. Guess it's my turn now, to wait and worry, help and guide, love and teach.

Man I'm too f**cking old for this shit!

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adam hood: a million miles away

I heard this song sang by a friend of mine on facebook (Misty) you know who you are... lol. I loved the words and searched for the songwriter. Adam Hood is very talented and I love the lyrics and pureness to the song. This is added to my i'm listening 2 collection.


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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

britian's got talent susan boyle shocks everyone!

So my mom sent me this email this morning. We are avid watchers of American Idol, luv Simon Cowel despite everyone not liking (too cute) he is to me even when he's being an ass.

I began watching Britian's got Talent on Daily Motion and Youtube a few years back because the talent over there is absolutely fun and incredible to watch. So what was mom sending me.

Susan Boyle, a 47 year old unemployed woman who has never been married, let alone kissed as she admits sheepishly, wants to be a professional singer. I can't even tell you more, you just have to watch it.

You can read more here

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wordless wednesday: brotherly love

I just love that the boys despite their age difference still love each other so openly.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: smooth away, pickleboy, some parents

I love Keely over at UN Mom and I love blog clubs such as this one Random Tuesday. It's fun to be random and say what is your mind. I often do that and it annoys people, but here I won't have anyone yelling at me for jumping thoughts so quickly. At least I hope not - lol.

I went to the taboo show out here in Abbotsford - taboo is code for sex nookie. Like I know what that is anymore. DH and I barely have time to say hello, smooch a quick dry kiss before he's off and running and I'm planted with fingers on the keyboard, dinner comes and then kids go to bed and so do we - exhausted of course is the routine for everybody.

Anyhow I'm off topic. See I do that. I apologize. I went to the taboo show and I picked up this great product called smooth away. Now a lot of people don't like this product because they say it burns and hurts while you are sanding off unwanted hair from areas of your body you'd like hairless. I won't mention which areas (this is family program) YEAH RIGHT!

I love this product. I think it's groovy. It takes off my hair with a snap and it doesn't hurt. You rub in circles (clockwise and counter clockwise). You have to put on cream after to keep any burning from happening because you are basically grinding the hair folicle down to nothing. But hey- it beats shaving! I even did my stash (oops okay too much random sharing) forget that last part I mentioned okay.
Easter is not fun when your three year gets introduced to chocolate! I couldn't stop pickle-boy from asking for those small round tiny chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny (Nana) bought for him. He cried and cried when I said no and I felt like the cocoa Nazi. It wasn't fun. Next year I think the boys are getting homemade cookies, t-shirts, toys and board games.

I know Easter is supposed to be about sweets and goodies. But seriously I am lying in bed afraid pickle-boy will hunt me down and kill me because I hid the eggs where he can't reach them. You should have seen him. Evil eyed child. Just evil! NO MORE CHOCOLATE!

I am a firm believer that everyone should try to live in harmony. In our co-op here in Abbey we are a close community but not at the same time. All the kids play together and sometimes there are troubles. Of course that is to be expected when you have ohhhh eight or nine boys outside ranging in age from five to fifteen playing hockey or some other game.

Today my nephew who was visiting came in the house and said one of the boys outside pulled on his shirt and ripped it while they were playing football on the grass field. Okay accidents happen, but I knew my brother was going to be upset. Ripping a shirt is a little rough and so DH went over to talk to the boys parents about it.

Now I strongly believe if you have a problem with a child or if my child has a problem with another child outside he's playing with. The best resolution is talking to the children involved and then the parents to keep them informed.

What I can't stand is parents who ignore a situation, get angry you are complaining about their child and slam a door in your face because you tell them what is going wrong. That is what happened to DH when he told SAID parents about their shirt ripping boy.

I guess I shouldn't email them to tell them if they need money for food for their kids I will send them some eh? I mean anything to stop their child from taking a bite out of mine.

See the pic to your right, hockey-dude's skin broke because this boy bit him.

Some people's children I tell you!

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go graham go followers can win this...

I'm new to giveaways, but I came across one at a site I often venture upon at Go Graham Go! A spring giveaway for a chance to win a Pikkola baby carrier from parenting by nature.

Parenting by nature is a site that is dedicated to testing products. Their reputation is amazing and so is this contest. The rules are simple and easy to follow and the contest is open to both US and Canada residents.

The contest runs until April 21st, 2009. So head over to Go Graham Go! follow the rules and enter yourself for a chance to win this!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

monday mumbers: easter monday

It's Monday Mumbers time and today was hard to think of things. I really did nothing but try to sleep since I'm going on five days with very very, did I mention VERY little shut-eye at all. I look like the walk of living dead, except I did not walking today.

2100= articles of clothing taking up space in my small laundry room that need to be washed because nudity is illegal here in Canada.

502= the number of times I told hockey-dude that no he couldn't play the PS2 today, breaking the no video games during the week rule.

10,000= number of times I told hockey-dude that Easter Monday was not a holiday used in order to break the no PS2 during the week rule. It's a school night dagnabbit!

310= number of times I told pickle-boy that no he could not have anymore eggs (those small chocolate eggs the Easter bunny brought him) to which he responded in a voice resembling the devil "I WANT SOME!) and I ran away screaming for fear of being killed by my chocolate eating three year old gone sugar crazy!

3= number of times I grabbed DH today telling him I loved him just cause I felt it today. I really do you know, love him that is.

8= number on the side of the Hotwheel car the Easter bunny brought hockey-dude to which he constantly showed everyone telling them it was his birthday coming up in May. Yes Jake we won't forget we promise.

2= number of times I had to pull out the sofa bed searching for the damn remote control. You know the tv only sits three feet away but I had to spend fifteen minutes pulling the damn bed apart searching for a remote to make my life easier. Yep I'm a winner!

2300= number of blogs I visited today that I've never been on before. I love visiting new blogs and leaving comments. I just wish people would leave comments for me and visit me. Ahhh I'm so lonely.

5 = number of entre cards I dropped today.

137 = number of messages left on my FB notification list for me to check. Man I have to go there more often I think. I got a lot of cows and chickens and trees today.

23 = number of cows, chickens and trees I got from friends for Farm Town on facebook today and since I have no fences my animals are running wild.

2 = number of times I've posted monday mumbers. This will increase next week to 3 and the week after to 4 and the week after to 5 and so on...

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search for tori stafford continues...

I don't watch the news very often. Mostly due to stories like these that cause my skin to crawl and jump off my body, worries to creep into my dreams at night as I lay restless thinking about how on earth I can keep my boys safe in such a surrounding mess of violence and hate.

A little girl in Woodstock, Ontario Canada went missing from her elementary school. Victoria or (Tori) Stafford, grade three student of Oliver Stephens School was spotted on a surveillance camera willingly walking away with her abductor.

Though the police aren't calling it a case of abduction right now, and only a missing child file. It's clear someone has Tori. The question is who?

The woman has never been seen by either parents Tara McDonald and Rodney Stafford, whom have been divorced since December of last year. Both parents are distraught as I can only imagine they would be. Their daughter has been missing for six days.

The woman on tape walking with Tori was obviously someone the little girl knew. She's described as young, straight dark hair, dark slacks and white puffy style jacket. She's 19 - 25 years old, 5 feet 2" and approximately 125lbs.

It's sad to think that something has happened to this lovely little girl. And although I'm way out here in Abbotsford, my heart goes out to both her parents that she will be found safe and that the person who took her hasn't done her any harm.

Below is the police video released to public which was also released on DVD to help aid police in identifying her abductor. Please watch. Any information you might have please contact the Woodstock police department or any Canadian police authority.

I hope you are safe Tori. I hope you will come home soon!

For more information on this story go to

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

i have a big ouch

My arm is healing now. To update, I woke up last week and couldn't move it. It was bloody awful. I mean I couldn't even wipe my own A^& if you know what I mean.

We take for grated the things we have, like a second arm or hand we don't use. I never realized how little I use my left hand and how useless it actually is.

The pain medication I'm on is working at least, so far. I can now reach above my head, not that it matters since everything is above my head and I need a chair to stand on to get anything anyhow. But I can move it.

I think the hardest part suffering with the tear to my rota-tor cuff in my shoulder was not being able to hold pickle-boy. He didn't understand why I couldn't pick him up or hold him. That was really hard.

I just hope the doctor sends me for ex-rays tomorrow when I see him. Lately he's done nothing to help me when I go and see him and it's been very frustrating.

Oh well--we will see how it all goes.

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canucks win western division

I sat down on the sofa, shoulder still aching, feeling kinda crappy because of it.

But all of that was going to change the moment I heard the sound of the whistle blow and the puck dropped at noon to start what I hoped would be a game that would give our boys the western conference division championship.

The first period was good, Canucks came out hard and played well defensively.

Roberto I Love Him Luongo was great in net and appeared to be on his game. My excitement and anticipation was building. Somebody was going to score from our team; I could taste it!

I was wrong - lol.

The next two periods were like watching paint dry. Slow and easy; the Canucks sat back to protect themselves from getting scored on. Our defense played well the second and third period. So they fracken should because playoffs are coming and lately they've been a bunch of shits nuckleheads screwing the pooch instead of making those key plays that would ohhh - I don't know Keep the fracken puck out of Louie's crease.

Tonight though the boys did well in front of him.

The boys outshot Colorado something like 33 to 22 but just couldn't put the puck in the net which really ticks me off when they don't play with some balls.

This game was important. We only needed one point though to clinch first place in our division. Still I was expecting to see a bit more of an exciting game.

I'll be Calgary was chomping at the bit as the seconds wound down and they realized NANANANABOOBOO we took the championship from them. Here Flames let me hand you a lighter as someone obviously oooh we did we did doused your fire.

So on to overtime we strolled (crawled) and within the first 30 seconds Henrick Sedine passed a slower than a turtle with crazy glue on it's feet, puck behind him and what do you know? He scored.


I'm soooooooo glad this game is over. I can't take all that excitement. I don't know how I'm going to handle the playoff.

Wait I know. Watch below because it's my honey, I mean Louie whose going to rock. At least he better if we are going to make it past the first round playing a team that has seems to know every shot we don't take toward the net.

I can't wait for it to start... White towel mama is gonna dig you out of the dumpster and show everyone what a true fan I am.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

wordless wednesday: pickle-boy

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: things I ponder and share


I've always wondered where on earth the bloody socks go after you put them in the dryer. Pickle-boy watched me poke my head inside the dryer tube on a man hunt for the one red missing foot warmer that he just had to wear. I mean my headache like there are no other colors in the dang rainbow; he has to have the one red sock.

"What u doing mama?" he asked to which I explained about how when things are wet we put them in the dryer to dry off.

Several moments later I heard a horrible sound. It was like a small animal being plucked to death without consent, and I jumped up and ran into the laundry room.

Pickle-boy was trying to shove Sir Thomas (our kitty of nearly 16 years) into the dryer.

"What on God's green earth yes I talk that way because swearing is morally wrong if you are a parent... WTF (ever) but let's assume that's what I said.

"What are you doing to the cat?" I asked him.

It was then with a straight poker face my young little adventure explained... while he was still searching for the one missing red sock I had given up finding; he noticed the cat was wet.

"When something is wet we put it in the dryer," he said using my very own words back at me.

Now who can argue with that?

Apparently the cat!

I went to my parents tonight to watch the Canucks play. It's always fun listening to them argue over the game. Mom got upset because dad put the Canucks down for not playing well. I had to laugh really. Dad was upset the boys didn't play defensively and mom got defensive!

The kids were here today. By kids I mean A & S my niece and nephew, and they were playing upstairs in Pickle-boy's room. All of sudden I hear them yelling at one another.

"It's my turn! Hurry up you go! Now me!"

Great, I thought. They are arguing over who gets to go down the slide again that's attached to the outside of Pickle-boy's small loft bed.

Ready to smack heads talk nicely to the kids; I go up the stairs. I get up there there they are lined up in a row, all three taking turns on who gets to not go down the slide but walk up the slide and then who gets to climb down the ladder.

Kids are funny sometimes.

I love the neighborhood we live in. Okay yes it's filled with crackheads and whores and dealers, but mom always taught me to share the world and even crackheads need a corner to sleep on.

No I love this area because of the local businesses. In the past several months we've seen a few go under which is kinda depressing and hard to see happen.

But across the street there is still our pizza guy, the small cafe we go to for coffee, Fields and Pharmasave and the market. When we walk with the kids it's nice they call us by our first name and wave hello. Gives me warm fuzzies inside.

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21 degrees of pure clothing separation

The weather here in Abbey has been crap lately. So it was no surprise when we reached a high of 21 degrees that the kids all decided summer was here.


I swear they THE KIDS are all crazy.

I have to admit, despite declaring pajama day today and lounging in my flannels. It was warm outside.

It was also fun watching all the kids run around chasing each other with the garden hoses yelling CAR!

whenever a vehicle entered the co-op, and then FIGHT ON! when it left. For us parents it was the beginning of things to come as we know the next two months are going to fly by before school is out, and then I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in rascals, and oh don't you worry there will be rants as well as they will be home all day on summer vacation.

Ahhh joy!

Hockey-dude decided it would be LITTLE KIDS against the BIG KIDS. Okay not the fairest of situations but alright, we'll go with that. The little ones might be little but pickle-boy held his own running up against his MUCH older brother and friends.

PB surprised me at first. I wasn't sure how he was going to be, what with his brother soaking him to the bone right off the bat causing him to wail like a baby without a bottle.

Three is such a fun age ain't it?

He's the type of kid whom if you happen to drop a smidgen of water on or sneeze accidentally all over him; melts down like Mt. St. Helen's erupting -- end of the world kind of trouble if you know what I mean. But he did really well today.

He didn't like being cold at first and he wanted to change his clothes each time he got wet. I also had to convince him it was not polite to run around soaked to the bone naked like a newborn scaring everyone with his peter. So diapers were MANDATORY and eventually after much persuading; he joined in the fun and had a blast attacking the front lines.

PB: "I swim-min, mama."

JP: "I see that babe."

PB: "I naked boy--pleaseeeeeee?"

JP: "I mama and I say nope can do my little man."

PB: *frowns* threatens to dump a cup of water all over me and my laptop to which I respond with idle threats of my own and all kinds of torture that will follow if he proceeds with this choice.

Eventually he understood OKAY I SQUEAKED out the grand parental victory, thank you - thank you very much. It's very rare; and he rushed off to soak the neighbor kid who wasn't supposed to get wet at all according to his mother.

(Man I would hate to be him when she finds out he accidentally ignored her) YIKES!

The boys had fun and that's all the matters.

It really is. It's nice to see them playing outside finally, especially when it was only last week we had snow! The weather changes here more than I care to remember. It's usually rain - rain - and more rain. Or snow - sleet - hail and more SLH... dumping down on us.

So seeing our friend the sun was nice.

I let him know how much he'd been missed and he cordially apologized for his absence and promised to stay on at least until Thursday. He could tell I wasn't impressed he would be departing us again over the weekend.

But I'll enjoy his company while I have the chance.

So will the children of BV Co-op. A dance of joy filled their eyes as they threw caution to the wind and just ran around being nothing more than babbling, silly, screaming like girls the boys were anyhow kids. Exactly how it should be if you ask me, which you didn't I know but I'm telling you anyhow. 21 degrees of pure clothing separation, smiles on their faces, joy in their eyes, laughter in their voices and a million memories were made today.

It was cool.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us. Perhaps we'll hold championship grass rolling competitions over yonder at the park and throw rocks up the slide that's usually wet because we just can. Either way summer is going to be a blast and I'm going to enjoy it!

hockey-dude poses for the camera with a look of cheekiness on his wet face.

pickle-boy decided he was out-numbered and so it was best to build a fortress of ready made big gulp cups filled with water. "Bring it on!" he shouts aloud.

You go little man!

Note to self:
Try to refrain from beating child with wet noodle for inappropriate hose conduct. Why is kids loves to sit on the hose or be cheeky with it? MMMM I'm not looking forward to Jake turning ten.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

monday mumbers: DL, famiy and kids

This is my first Monday Mumbers, so here goes...

73 = number of times my blackberry alarm went off before I finally threw it in the microwave. (Okay I didn't really).

3,249= times I actually did think about throwing it in the microwave.

3= how many times I thought about going pee before actually dragging my ass out of bed to do it.

12= number of times I explained to DH and pickle-boy I was declaring it a pajama day. Yes that means I'm not getting dressed! Good thing hockey-dude understands and all he said was nice jammies mom. I love him.

800= articles of clothing I found strewn across my bedroom floor.

30,976= nasty, rude and vile ways I thought of dismembering talking to DH for not putting the bloody clothes away properly and where they belong. Men...

30,977 = times DH forgot I had told him that.

11 = times I opened the front door letting Sir Thomas out.

11 = times I went to the damn back door to let him back in. WTF is that?

4 = number of times the same number called me and hung up.

400 = number of swear words that came into my mind preparing myself if they called that fifth time to send me over the edge.

1= number of times I've done this Monday Mumbers and it's fun.

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

oh joy! now I can drizzle standing up!

Have you ever wanted to pee in the bush but didn't want to squat or pull down your pants for fear of someone seeing you?

I know it's a personal question but answer me dammit honestly--you have, haven't you?

I came across this site while stumbling my way through SU (Stumbled Upon) and I laughed my ass off.

I was also kicking myself for not thinking it.

It's called the P-mate and it's a device made specifically for women who find themselves in bathrooms that are dirty.

I don't know about you but I refuse to use public washrooms gross it's bad enough I have to use my own with three boys and pee on every corner of the wall surrounding the toilet because none of them are NBA players if you catch my drift.

Hockey-dude has about as much aim as drunk dart thrower at a Frisbee contest.

When I saw this thing I nearly fell off my sofa.

Why on earth didn't they have these when I was a kid?

I remember camping with my parents and having to pee in the bush, using leaves as toilet paper which scratched the shit irritated my ass in the most annoying fashion.

My dad would pull over and how pissed off jealous I felt watching as my brothers grinned because they could whip out their peter and piddle where ever they wanted, and I had to find some dark, small and secluded spot to drizzle.

And yes I said drizzle because that is what happens when a girl goes pee, half of it ends up running down your leg. It's hard to aim while squatting.

With the P-mate women can now enjoy the same advantages that men can by peeing standing up.

So boys tell me... now whose got the bigger d@*k????

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no joy lost over american idol

Okay so I'm posting this late. I'm always late it's something you will learn about me as you go. It's not that I don't know what time it is or that I don't care, because I really do.

It's that it's been a very busy week emotionally around here at the Shaw house, between blogging and the kids, trying to sleep, getting pickle-boy to sleep in his own damn bed. Finding time to blog is really difficult.

So I will start by saying (there was NO JOY) lost by me on Wednesday night when Ryan announced Megan would be going home. In fact, I could barely contain myself when her name was announced.

I will admit though it was awful when Simon was really (really) mean about not saving Megan. Okay moment over, now I'm glad the bitch is gone.

Again it's something I lost no joy over. Which is a good thing considering how little I've liked Megan throughout the competition.

Megan sang "turn the lights down low" by Bob Marley. Let me tell you... oh Christ please let me tell it was like listening to a cat caught in a drain hole clinging for its life! Okay actually worse than that but my descriptive brain is frizzled and that's all I could come up with, live with it.

I don't know what is it to tell you honestly. I just don't like her voice. I don't know her as a person enough to say she isn't decent, kind, a good mother and caring. So I will steer clear of all those things. But seeing as how this is a singing competition and based on that. Megan should have gone home sooner.

Sorry Meg. Your voice just isn't great.

As for the rest of the them. I thought (personally) since my opinion is the only one being expressed here, that Adam, Kris and Danny had the best performances of the night.

Adam sang "play that funky music" in such a unique way; it caused tingles to race down my spine. And Danny hit the notes with "what hurts the most" by Rascal Flatts whom are one of my favorite country artists.

He was awesome.

But it was Kris who kicked ass I think and stole the show this Tuesday. Playing the piano, sitting comfortably in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, singing his heart out. I absolutely loved him! Kris sang "ain't no sunshine" taking the old classic to new levels with his soul filled voice that sent goosebumps running all over me. If he cut that single I would buy it, that's how much I loved it.

This week will be interesting. It's the second time Allison has been in the dreaded chair and ended up safe, but I'm sure her days are slowing going to be numbered. And that guy, don't remember his name but he keeps trying to be like Kris, Adam and Danny instead of himself and the judges don't like him. Yeah him, he will see his days numbered soon as well.

Till next week.
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