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Friday, April 30, 2010

helping your kids education 5 tips by cubicle chick

Cubicle Chick wrote an article "5 tips to help you stay active in your child's education" where she states the responsibility of being involved in your kids education should not fully lay upon the schools or teachers, to which I totally agree.  We often forget though how hard it is for our children, being bombarded by all the things they have to remember, rules to follow,  homework to complete, worries they have, struggles they go through and so forth.

Cubicle Chick's Tips include:

Communicating with your child's teacher
Getting Involved as a Parent with the Schools
Being a friend of the principal - Principal Pals
Understanding the curriculum your kids are being taught
Having fun with your child through learning

Each of these tips are totally excellent.  However, what should a parent do if one or more of these tips fail, such as in our case with Gamer.  Here in BC our school system has gone so down hill, along with the learning curve for our kids.

Gamer was taught how to print in grade three.  His printing is messy.  His teacher marks him down because of this, yet they did not spend enough time with him teaching him how to print better.  When I went to school we did printing each day to practice penmanship from grade four on.  But his teacher tells me they need to print so they can copy their work onto a computer which she then marks.  Yet she gets angry because his printing work is messy.

Solution for parent:  We sit down and I downloaded printing sheets for Gamer to practice on from here.  Now he can practice his penmanship and hopefully improve his grades for having neater work.

Communication can also be difficult especially if you hear one thing and then discover another.  For example: Gamer's teacher always says he's doing well, but on his report cards states his lack of focus in class.  Gamer and his fellow students have difficulty focusing because they are constantly allowed to talk instead of doing their work, unlike when I went to school and we had to sit quietly at our desks in a row.  Now the kids sit together and yet the teachers expect them not to talk.  It makes no sense to me.

The power of email:  When you have a hard time getting in to see the teacher and cannot communicate constructively with them.  Ask them for their email so you both can keep up to date on how your child is doing.  Keeping open forms of communication whether through email or letter writing can go a long way to see how your child's progress is improving.

Homework Battles and missed Assignments:

This is one many of us deal with daily.  In all honesty I cannot say I blame kids for whining about it.  They go to school all day and seriously who wants to do more than three hours of homework per night after doing that?

Several School here in BC use a computer sign in process with student id's to make it easier for parents to see what project or lessons their children have to hand in, missed homework and late assignments.  If your school doesn't have one, you can suggest the idea.

Other way to help with homework are to organize and help your kids do the same.  Use of spreadsheets through or calendars online.  For Gamer he uses his organizer in his cell phone which syncs to our home computer.  He inputs his assignments and they go directly to my email to help us stay on top of what he has due.

Having fun is important where education is concerned.  So have fun with your kids.  Take breaks and go for a walk or play a little hockey outside in between studying, this helps to clear the brain.  If your kids are working on a novel, like Lion Witch and Wardrobe... it's been years for you but read the book in your spare time so when they are working on chapters you can aid them and have talks about it together.  It's definitely more fun if as parents we are involved and know what our kids are learning.

No matter what you do - staying on top of your child's education is important.  Create study dates, rewards for completing tasks, have stickers on hand (if your kids are thirteen or younger) all kids love stickers, and constantly tell your child how well they are doing.  It's one thing to hear it from their teachers, another from their parents.

Talk to your kids.  Often kids can be distracted easily as they grow, their bodies change, feelings emerge for the opposite sex, bullying takes place, teasing and so forth.  And kids are always listening, they take on adult responsibility long before they should, our problems of finances and marital troubles and so forth.  Keeping an open line of communication and finding out how they are feeling can go a long way to their success in school.


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am i really making an impact being a stay at home mom?

When I was a single mother raising Gamer all I wanted was to share my life with someone, someone to love me, care for us and maybe even provide financially.  Then I met FD (Forgetful Dad) and well -- you don't get to choose who you fall in love with and you love with all your heart, through the good and bad.

Lately it's been bad.

I don't know what it is.  I'm more depressed than usual, even though I'm still taking my medications for bipolar depression.  I sit and every now and then it hits me when I'm blogging and enjoying myself in those quiet moments without the kids.

I should be doing more.

I should be working.

I should be helping this family get out of debt, instead of further behind where we ROB Peter to PAY Paul and both of them knock on our door at the same time asking us to squeeze blood from a stone, a feat I wish I could I do because that would be too cool and help get the monkey off our back.

I know it's silly but I even miss working outside the home sometimes.  I miss the adult connection and conversations.  I miss that pinch of satisfaction, seeing my name in print with dollars behind it, showing me the rewards of all the hard work I was doing.  I know it's silly.  I shouldn't feel this way.  I'm doing the best I can and then I read Danielle's post and realized I wasn't alone.

I know all moms go through this phase in questioning where they ask themselves AM I REALLY MAKING AN IMPACT BEING A STAY AT HOME MOM.  It's hard because it puts us between a rock and a hard place.

Money isn't everything.  Things can be hard.  I'm a firm believer that God takes care of us, even when we aren't looking in his direction.  He provides and I know what I need to do is have a little faith.  Danielle was right though, precious moments and having someone else raise my kids, loving them, taking care of them...

No amount of money can provide for them the love I know I give them everyday when I'm here sharing time with my family.  So maybe we don't have money but we are rich.

How do you stay happy and content when you are at home raising your family?

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

friday frustrations: HST screws Canadians but the fight is far from over!

You knew it was coming.

You knew they would do it.

I mean how else can they pay for the Olympics and send billions of dollars to Haiti for earthquake relief, meanwhile millions of BC residents suffer on the brink of homeless without the ability to pay for hydro, rent, basic needs and our seniors might as well pull up a curb and paint their spot on it because that is where they will find themselves in the next few years.

The HST law was passed Thursday but the fight against the Harmonized Sales Tax which is to be set at 12% across the bar is far from over.  A grassroots petition led by former premiere Bill Vander Zalm is still growing with support.  The question is what can they really accomplish?


I signed the petition against the HST which was pushed forward as a way to help economical growth in an already struggling economy and yet all it will do is push those of us already at poverty level barely struggling, even further down the hole they have dug for us as most items which were originally exempt by taxes are now being taxed across the board.

BC joins Ontario and the 3 Maritime provinces with the HST tax.  Yeah us!  What a crock of shit!  It makes me sick to my stomach that our government is pulling more of this crap, especially when everything costs so much as it is.

My niece is in the hospital right now.  She is very sick.  My brother had to go to work, and my sister in law as well so they can pay their rent, and instead of staying in the hospital with their daughter they are shifting off because they cannot afford to be with their sick child, and to top it off they had to pay for parking the entire time she's been there or risk getting towed!

My own father drove himself to the hospital because he didn't want to pay the ambulance fee of $50 when he was having a heart attack!

There is something very seriously wrong with what Country and it needs to be fixed.  People need to stand up and say no to the HST.  We need to fight it even if we feel we cannot win, we need to fight and let our government know we will not tolerate this kind of behavior making choices for us that concern us, leaving us no voice!

Elections BC did put a stop to our government spending our hard earned money to apparently "inform" us about the HST and for trying to put a stop to what Vander Zalm is trying to do who already has 145,000 signatures and only needs 10% of each provincial riding from registered voters.

We need to keep the petition moving forward so we can vote this down.  We need to show the government we have a voice!

You can read more on the HST here from CTV.

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mother's day brunch at the ramada

5th Annual Mother's Day Brunch

The Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre is holding its 5th Annual Mother’s Day Brunch , Sunday, May 9, 2010.   The abundant buffet is going to serve family breakfast and lunch favorites as well as some new tasty creations.  

Affordably priced, this event is $29 per adults and discounted pricing for children and seniors.  There will also be some door prizes along with a gift for mom to take home.

This event is popular and typically sells out fast so make your reservations early by calling 604-870-1050 ext 4046.  The Ramada Plaza & Conference Centre is conveniently located at 36035 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford (Whatcom Road Exit 95).

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leaving the country and everything must go!

Yard Sales are always a wonderful place to find some treasures.  So if you happen to be looking for things then pop by this woman's sale.  She is moving to England because she found the love of her life online and they are getting married and she has to sell everything before she goes.

Here are just a few of the items she has for sale:

  • Solid Oak double pedestal dining table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs.  Seats 8-10 people easy.
  • Yamaha Keyboard
  • Guitar
  • China
  • Antiques
  • Sewing Machine
  • Cast Iron Cookware
  • Bedding
  • Point Blankets
  • Crocks and more..

If you are interested in seeing more then stop by Friday April 30th - May 1st
All weekend long from 10am to 4pm
31549 Monte Vista Crescent
Abbotsford, BC

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sandra bullock another top mom!

Sandra Bullock or "Sandie" to her close friends has been through so much in her life.  The death of her mother, many many relationships that when she finally got married many thought it would be forever.  But this is Hollywood--so it's only natural that she filed for divorce from hubby Jesse James.

When Sandra was on Ellen awhile back talking about her latest movie that won her an Oscar, The Blind Side, an amazing movie by the way.  Ellen kept prodding her about the possibility of children.  Ellen knows everything so it didn't surprise me to learn that Miss Bullock was already going through the adoption procedures as many Hollywood actors and actresses do.

Meet her new bundle of joy!  Louis Bardo Bullock is a beautiful 3 1/2 month old born in New Orleans and man he's cute.  Proud mama Sandra shows him off on the cover of People where she talks about her new bundle, being a mom and filing for divorce to start life over at 45 as a single parent.

I for one am happy for Sandra.  It's nice to see these celebrity moms giving back and taking love in stride but always coming out as TOP MOMS.  Congrats Sandra on your new baby, I hope you enjoy motherhood and all it has to offer.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

vancouver vs. chicago hopefully the blackhawks see green!

A little help here!  I told you I didn't want to play against Vancouver...

It's no surprise that if you are a Vancouver hockey fan that when the news came the boys in blue were set to play the gritty, fast skating and very much a pain the ass of the Canucks--Chicago Blackhawks, you pretty much felt a reply of last years playoffs coming on that landed the Canucks on the golf course a round earlier than they wanted.

So what's the difference going to be this year?

We aren't going to lose to them again.  Not this time, giving the Canucks the advantage even though they don't have home ice.  With scoring coming from Mikael Samuelsson, Daniel and Henrick Sedin and Luongo between the pipes many people think Vancouver's depth won't take them too far.

But the Canucks had points come from other sources like Steve Bernier, Pavol Demitra, they also got help from their back end in Kevin Bieksa, Alexander Edler, Sami Salo and Christian Ehrhoff.

What do they have to do?  Stay out of the box as the Canucks biggest problem against the Kings in round one was killing penalties allowing 10 pp goals to be scored against them, but found a way to strike back and kill a few in the last three games heading into game six to win the series.

Canucks and Blackhawks are pretty well matched up in the scoring department.  Season series is tied at two. I think Vancouver has an edge in the goal-tending department, although last time Vancouver met with Chicago, Luongo got pulled allowing five goals in a 6-3 loss.

Can the Canucks beat them?

Yes they can if they play the way they played against L.A. in games 1 and 5 and 6.  Gritty, hitting, penalty killing, moving their feet.  All they need is one of their top scorers Alex Burrows to get his notch on the scoreboard and they could find themselves heading into round three.  Burrows remained silent during the first round against L.A. except for an empty netter in game six which hopefully got the monkey off his back.

Game prediction:  I would love to say Canucks in four because I'm dreaming and a huge fan, but my guess is going to be Vancouver in six.

Time will tell.  Puck drops Saturday at 4pm. and if all goes well hopefully the Blackhawks will be seeing a little green.  Just ask Dave Scatchard.

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paul gross hits the theaters GUNLESS on friday

If you are Canadian, like me, then you most definitely have heard of Paul Gross, former star of a big Canadian show called Due South and writer and director of a little funny film that made me laugh my arse off called "Men With Brooms."

Well our brave Canadian, clean cut normally has traded in his boyish look for a rancid gunslinger in his new upcoming film set to hit theaters Friday in Gunless where Gross plays the Montana Kid in a story that has yet been clarified if it's fact or fiction.  You will have to find out.

The previews are funny and I cannot wait to see this film when it hits our local drive in at Twilight.  I loved Men with Brooms, made me pee a little which is always a good thing when you are laughing so hard milk comes out your nose.  The kind of dry humor Gross splits across the screen is something I've come to love from him.  FD (Forgetful Dad) is also a huge duster fan, loves westerns and anything Clint.  So of course we are going to see it.

If you want to know more about the movie and Paul's part in it you can read an article here.  Oh yeah and watch the preview below.  It should be some good western fun by the time Friday comes along.

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we have a winner: royale reno-cation giveaway!

There is nothing more fun than conjuring up a million ways you would like to renovate your home and places  you'd visit if you just happened to win a makeover and enough money to make all your dreams come true.

And here at Rants n' Rascals we have had a blast doing just that!

I would like to thank everyone who entered the Royale Reno-cation Giveaway and Mom Central for allowing me to host my own mini giveaway here.

Contests are always fun, but more fun if you are a winner, and Shannon from Winnipeg will get a night out to eat with her Cara gift card she has won here for entering.

Shannon said in her comments: I would replace our ugly carpets with hardwood and then jump on a flight to cayman!
Ahhhh I hear you Shannon, we actually ripped out our ugly carpets and put down laminate so I, too had that dream, though I've never been to the Caymans.

Shannon runs a blog Peg City Momma where she talks about giveaways of her own, all things Winnipeg, family life and much more.  So be sure to go on over and give her a holler.

Congrats to the winner and everyone who entered I wish you luck in the big Reno-cation giveaway and hope someone from our bloggy circle wins!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

canucks find momentum in pivotal game four victory against the kings

Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo (R) makes a save on a shot by Los Angeles Kings Alexander Frolov during the first period of Game 4 of their NHL Western Conference quarter-final hockey game in Los Angeles, April 21, 2010.

Photograph by: Lucy Nicholson , REUTERS

I haven't blogged about Lord Stanley's playoffs yet because when it comes to hockey  scratch that, when it comes to the Canucks, I get very emotional especially during playoff time.

As a kid growing up in Vancouver it was something you just naturally did, watching the Canucks.  I still remember the smell of the ice at the Pacific Coliseum, me on a chair with a sign in my hand, white towel waving and rooting on the greatest guys that ever played this Canadian game.

Heroes like Dave Babich, Cliff Ronning, Tiger Williams and Kirk McLean.  Sure the heroes have changed, now it's Samuelsson, The Sedins, Luongo, Kessler, Wellwood and Burrows.  But the game is still the same, intense, exciting and incredibly heart pounding, especially when we always seem to find ourselves losing going into a third period.  But that's where the magic happens and you can't help but feel proud, win or lose.

The Canucks have been awful on penalty killing, allowing L.A. 9 goals on 9 power plays in the last three games.

Luongo hasn't been as steady as he could be, getting pulled in game two with Raycroft taking his place and the boys still lost against L.A. gritty and much faster team.

Our PP has been less than to be desired, and instead of skating and shooting at the net, the boys have been having tea parties or getting stripped by blind referees who gave us a too many men on the ice that was a bad call, and let's not even talk about Mike Murphy (former L.A. coach's) questionable disallowed goal call made from the war room - make me sick inside!

The Canucks did well in game four, I think.  Sure, not as good as they did in their first game against L.A., the boys managed to pull out a win with the key factor I believe coming when they killed off a penalty in the second period, shifting the momentum and finally managing to score a power play goal in the third.

Roberto Luongo made a key save in the game against Alex Frolov during the third period keeping us in it.

Goals came from of course leading us again Mikael Sameulsson, Sami Salo and Henrick Sedin, plus Ryan Kessler's empty netter giving the Canucks a 6-4 victory scoring four times over the Kings in a wild come from behind third period at the Staple Center.

Jonathan Quick for LA was of course again amazing between the pipes and with young L.A. gritty players like Doughty and Brown out-skating and shutting down our offense most of the time, The Canucks have to find a way to get past this L.A. team.

The next game is Friday night and the boys are headed back to Vancouver to hopefully take a lead in the series which now tied at 2-2.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

abbotsford dairy farm was a blast!

I love Yorkdale Preschool where my son PB (Pickleboy) goes. His teacher Mrs. M is the greatest and through out the year takes the kids on learning adventures (field trips) to great places where the kids get to experience new things.

This week she took the kids to the Abbotsford Dairy Farm, just down Vye Road and PB had a blast!
The kids got to see the baby cows, pet them or let them suck on your fingers which I found quite disturbing and kinda gross, but man they have beautiful eyes. Next they got to feed the cows bread and hay and then they went into the other buildings to learn how the cows get milked.

All in all we had fun. I had never been to a dairy farm before, so it was kinda cool. I also never realized how very big a cow is. They are huge! Bigger than most horses and apparently smarter we are told, though I think that's up for discussion lol.

Here are some pics from the day!  Starting with Pickle standing in front of a very big bale of hay posing for mom.  He's so cute. God love him!

Daddy and PB feeding the cows

Pickle with a loaf to give to Betsy the Cow

Feeding Betsy

Baby Cow sucking on my fingers ewww but kinda cute lol.

Learning about the milking process

I think it's great PB's preschool takes the kids out like this and parents only have come, the entire event was free and educational.  At the end we all got chocolate milk, moms and dad's got a milk shake recipe book from Dairyland Canada and the kids got a coloring book with tips on making fruit smoothies using milk and how milk is good for them.

Thanks for such a wonderful day Mrs. M.  We all had so much fun!
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calling all canadians: if you could talk to maple leaf foods what would you ask or tell them?

I was recently invited to a round table dinner event taking place on May 19th in Vancouver for several influential mom bloggers here in Canada to have an opportunity to talk with Maple Leaf Foods about their latest safety standards following the tragic deaths of 22 individuals caused by Listeriosis linked to Maple Leaf Food products back in August 2008.

Of course I am going.

I'm not going just because I was one of the chosen bloggers to attend, but because as a mother and consumer of Maple Leaf food products for like forever, I mean Maple Leaf bologna was all we ate at home growing up as a kid.  It's what I took for lunch almost everyday, that and their ham which I loveeeeeeee.

I'm going because what happened in August of 2008 was horrible not just because people died but when you lose confidence in a product you buy for your family, feed to your children daily and others you love.  There should never be a thought that you could possibly cause them harm by making them ill or possibly kill them because that product you are giving them is contaminated, and I would like to ensure that they (Maple Leaf) are indeed keeping their PROMISE to consumers.

I am looking forward to this event and to sharing it with all of you what I learn about Maple Leaf's new safety standards they have implemented as a follow up to the August 2008 outbreak.  And since I cannot take all of you with me, I want to know...

If you are a Maple Leaf product buyer what would you like to ask them concerning their safety standards?  Do you have any questions or comments you'd like me to relay?  What would you like to see the company do to ensure another horrible tragedy like this doesn't happen again and so you can feel safe as a consumer buying their products.

So give it up guys.

Send me your comments and I will be your voice for you.

You can view some of the new standard procedures and safety precautions Maple has taken by watching this video or visiting their blog HERE.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

random tuesday thoughts: it's been a wild and wacky week of funny stuff

It's Random Time, Keely over at the UNmom makes me do this each week and God Love her for it!  This week has been stressful at the Shaw house.  My dad got ill suddenly, went to the hospital because he might have a blood clot in his leg.  My mom and me are both stressed because our co-op might be re-zoning and we might lose our homes and won't find out till next.  But it's been a fun week, too!    


So we are sitting on the sofa when it dawn on me our hampster was being awfully quiet.  She's never quiet.  I went over to check on her and immediately noticed the lid to reptile cage, because it only makes sense to put a rodent in a reptile cage, well the lid was off.  No hamster inside!

We instantly started looking.  Under chairs, couch cushions, under the fridge, small corners and behind the television.  My mind racing because the door had been open all afternoon, it was sunny.  What if she got out?  What if she's hurt -- or worse.  What if the cats got her?

FD is looking.  Gamer is looking and I am, too.  The telephone rings and it's my mom.  I handed the phone to my four year old who had just started crying because he was worried about his fur ball.  Willingly he grabs the phone and says...

"Nana!  Nana! My cats ate my cookie!"

I could not stop laughing.  It was so very funny, he kept shouting it over and over.  My cats ate my cookie!  Our hamster's name is Oreo.

We did find her eventually after looking for over a half hour.  My son gets back on the phone and tells my mom.  "Yep we found her.  She was doing laundry!"

She was found behind the washing machine.

Note: We did end up getting Oreo a new habitat because she was constantly trying to get out of the square reptile cage we had her in.  She loves her new home.

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my job chart: great way to inspire your kids to do their chores.

I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!

It's very difficult to get my boys to do anything around the house without whining, arguing or deeply persuading them that doing their chores like: putting away the dishes, cleaning their rooms, picking up toys, putting away movies, folding laundry, will one day benefit them as they grow into manhood.  I mean no mom wants to hear her daughter in law come over and complain what a lazy shit her son is because he never helps around the house!

Yeah not me.

So when I was introduced to this great  online chore chart from Mom Select called MY JOB CHART and was asked to spread the word to my readers, of course I jumped at the chance to share. This is a fantastic site, especially in the computer era we are living and a great way to inspire your kids to do their chores and take responsibility around the house for their stuff and themselves.  Best of all it's FREE!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

button up and add your site now!

I love McLinky, only because he creates such wonderful stuff for us bloggers to use.  And here is another great tool, which I call BUTTON UP!

It's quite simple, just go to the tab at the top and click the BUTTON UP link or the one here will take you there and add your site!  That's it.  See -- simple eh?

Adding your site here at Rants n' Rascals means you will have a link and an image that my readers can click on to directly go to your site and check out all the stuff you blog or write about, products you might have, things you want to share.

Best of all - it's totally FREE!

So what are you waiting for?  BUTTON UP YOUR BLOG TODAY!

Disclaimer/Rules: Please do not link to any pornographic, rude, hateful or nasty blogs.  They will be removed. I'd prefer sites with a nature that are entertaining, having to do with parenting, recipes, cooking, fitness, blogs, mom's who work at home, scrapbooking... you get the picture.


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DQ Blizzard turns 25 and celebrates!

Hot sunny days, walks through the park with the kids, nothing is a better topper than DQ ice cream.  I don't know about the states, but here in Canada I'm addicted to three things my hips and thighs love me for:

  • Seven Eleven English Toffee Coffee
  • Tim Ho's Ice Cap Supreme with Hazelnut &
  • Dairy Queen's Peanut Butter Blizzard Treat (Yum!)

I cannot believe DQ Blizzard is 25 years old.  They started a Blizzard Birthday Bash Tour and are offering all their fans  a .25 cent Bogo treat, small blizzard of choice.  No coupon necessary, just go down to your local DQ and enjoy the festivities.

You can follow the tour on FACEBOOK and become a FAN, tag your friends as DQ treats, it's funny.  Have a ball and get some yummy soft serve from the best place in town!

Oh I should mention this is NOT a paid post, I just like ice cream and wanted to share!

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truly amazing kid: declan galbraith

My mother in law (Gam Gam) to the boys, sent this to my inbox this morning.  This 13 year old boy wrote these lyrics to a song called "Tell me Why?" and then recorded it himself.  I started crying (because I'm a sap) yes I am but also because it's sad to see our children are going to be left with this life we have created for them and they see the destruction, hate and fear that lives surrounding us.

It's an incredible song... you have to listen to the words and then show it to your kids.  They should be aware so maybe they can make difference in our world.

Declan Galbraith was born in England but is of Irish decent and he has continued his music career.  For more videos continue reading.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

lines have been drawn in the sand and nobody is waving a white flag

My family is so screwed up!  No I seriously fecking mean it, which is why the potty talk, but it's true.  Here is how the scenerio went down before we (Forgetful Dad) and I even got out of bed this morning.

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playing with a new template

Hey guys, please bear with me as I attempt to fix this lifestyle template from BG.  I wanted to change my template from the last one because I need more room on my sidebar and beneath my posts.  I also needed more links up top.

I appreciate you being kind while I get this done.  It shouldn't take me too long to find my home here and make it more appealing for all of you to look at.

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

what has blogging taught you?

With my three year Blogaversary coming up soon, I've been sitting and pondering the past three years blogging, how I started and where I am at, and most specially what I have learned.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

mr. mom

I came across this video in my youtube collection, which I took years ago back before Pickleboy turned two. I made it because my husband has a brain injury and I wanted him to know despite the ups and downs, all we go through in dealing with his special need. He is special to us and he's an amazing father, so I'm sharing it with you today!

I love you FD (forgetful dad) you are the greatest husband and father a woman could ever ask for.

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parenting mistakes

I listened to this and omg I was like, mmmmmmm I do these things. Guess I'm not perfect, I'm crushed!

Good parenting tips!

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Monday, April 12, 2010

god bless da men who done brought me water

Omg I am sooooooooooo happy and clean!

Okay if you are confused as to why I am literally jumping for joy.  Read yesterdays post but basically we went all day and night without water and it was a pain in the bun-wagon.

It was awful, every time I turned around to do something like: make KD for the kids, brush my teeth, drink for crying out loud.  Oh no!  We have no water.

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did you lose all your best friends after you became a mom?

It's funny, my girls and I were just talking about this on the weekend.  One of my good friends Laura, it was her birthday and an opportunity to go out came up.  FD babysat the boys while I ventured on, not without much prodding from my other gal pals Sheila and "Tee" to go to Cheers a local pub where everyone else was going to celebrate Laura turning another glorious year.

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fisherprice moments to share facebook application

I love Fisher Price.  What parent doesn't?  Well they have a new Facebook application and I thought I'd check it out, especially since Mom Select suggested I do so and well--I love them too.

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alexa's angels mother's day giveaway!

Ohhhhh I was so excited on Friday because I got a package in the mail marked from Alexa's Angels.  I nearly jumped out of my skin and like a kid on Christmas I ripped and teared.

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