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Saturday, October 31, 2009

abbotsford news released this: about our family

Photograph by The Abbotsford News Story by Vikki Hopes

 As I said the Abbotsford News came to our home to interview us about the H1N1 and today the results showed up in the newspaper.  My god!  The camera adds 100 pounds so be polite if you leave a comment LMAO.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

british columbia H1N1 vaccination set up a joke!

The Abbotsford News called me this morning. Must have had something to do with the fact that I emailed them yesterday because of my level of frustration concerning getting our youngest son, Pickleboy who is three and half vaccinated due to the fact that he has Cerebral Palsy and his immune system put him in the compromised category and the lack of effort given to us by the Valley.

So there we were, sitting on the sofa, PB playing with his transformers while the photographer shot some photos of us. I also had to talk about what we'd been through in trying to get PB vaccinated and the run around we'd been given.

According to the Fraser Health Authority, BC's Flu website and other various sites by our government supposedly chalk filled with false information on just when the H1N1 vaccination clinics will be up and running and who should be getting the shot now.

Those who are 65 and under with compromised immune systems should have been given the shot this week, starting October 26th, meaning our son. However when we tried to get him done, we got nothing but the run around and told to call so many different departments it made my head spin, who all gave us the same information. Only those 65 and under with chronic health conditions are being vaccinated.

Okay so is that 65 to 64???? Or does 65 and under really mean 65 and under? I am a bit confused, as is the rest of the Fraser Valley who swept out to get their shots and were told the same thing we were. Clinics for the public are suppose to be open next week, that includes children ages 2 - 6 and upward.

PB finally did get his vaccination and I guess he wasn't impressed because he moved when the doctor stuck him and the needle scratched his arm.  The doctor had to poke him again.  He has to go back in 21 days for his second dose, if there is any left.

Suddenly all the vaccinations for all Canadian's campaign has become we uhhhh have or will maybe run out before clinics are set up next week.  So what does that mean?  Was this all just a test?  Vaccine the first several thousand see what happens?

As a parent it's scary thinking you could watch your child die in front of you because of a cough and few aches and pains.  But it is equally scary being a given a vaccine that hasn't quite been tested thoroughly.  Either way I feel screwed, but due to PB's health concerns we made what we feel was the right choice for him.

What is stupid is how long it took us to actually get treatment for him.  But it's government so I should not have expected anything less.  Much of the info circulating here in the Fraser Valley is sketchy.  Some walk in clinics have the vaccine.  Some doctors have it as well, like my parents.  They received their shots yesterday.  Our doctor however did not have the vaccine to give to our son.

It's a big mess if you ask me.  The disorganization in letting the public know who and when can have the shots and mostly where to get them.  It's pathetic, especially when the Fraser Health Region was hit the hardest with this second wave of flu, with I believe 9 deaths in total so far.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold in the next few weeks.  All I know is that they better have my son's second shot in 21 days or there will be hell to pay!  If they don't, his first shot won't matter then and that as a parent is unacceptable to me, especially when I have another child who also needs the H1N1 vaccine but so far has to be sidelined until they (our government) gets their shit together.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

random tuesday: halloween movies for kids

I love iVillage.  They have amazing articles on parenting and family, women's health and more.  I came across this article on great Halloween movies to watch with your kids.  You should check it out.  It lists movies like Pooh's Heffalump and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, Gremlins, Halloween town and more.

The article lists the appropriate age group and the scare factor so you will know what is right for you and your children, something every parents appreciates, right?

Anyhow to read the article check it out HERE.


In other news today, The Bulldogs, Gamer's hockey team played on Saturday.  He was in net.  The boys played well in the first two period, putting the puck up around the boards and dumping the play in behind the net.  They played much better than they did before.

I was so damn nervous watching Gamer play.  All those players coming at him, me with my eyes closed and praying he makes the save.  I even shed a few drops when it was over, mostly due to relief from the anxiety I felt lmao.

All in all though it was his second game and he played great.  The team lost 4 - 2 but that's okay.  The boys did great!  I was proud of Gamer for the effort he put in and he won the hard hat for the game.  A construction hat the boys get if they play hard and contribute to the team.  They get to keep it for a week.  He was so stoked about it lol.

You can check out more photos at Rants Photoblog

* If you participate in Random Tuesday then please take a minute to check out Keely at the UNmom

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

bedtime blues are over yeahhh!

For three years we have battles the bedtime blues with pickleboy. Due to his aspergers he has a hard time with materials and blankets and so forth.

Oh don't think we didn't try. We did. In fact, PB has had several different beds over the course of two years, mind you he never even really slept in a crib. Instead he found a little tikes wagon to his comfort for the first eight months and after that his playpen.

once the playpen was done, he switched to taking his zzz on our sofa. he would even get up in the middle of the night from our bed, wake me crying And beg to be taken downstairs where he would sleep peacefully on the love seat until morning. It was strange.

But that is how he was and we accepted it. Until recently. We finally got him a new bed.

I was Leary at first, thinking we'd been here before and he was never going to sleep in it.

The first night with the new bed, a standard twin to give him lots of room went okay. He fell asleep downstairs and then forgetful dad carried him up and put him in it. He woke up several times crying and asking to go down to the sofa but I crawled in with him and he went back to sleep.

We did a couple days of this until this past Friday when I decided to begin a routine. first bath and then cuddles then lights out.

And guess what? It worked!!!!

PB is now on bed before 9 and asleep in his own bed and forgetful dad and I have easier nights and more time together as the boys sleep.

It's been really nice

We are glad this is the first step toward his independance and a new time for fd and I to reconnect as raising a special needs child can be hard, often causing lulls in your marriage.

Now we just have to get him to go to bed before 9 lol! One step at a time, one step at a time....

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new photolog and bumblee to the rescue

So Pickleboy has decided to go as Bumblebee from the Transformers for Halloween.  We got him a costume and I have to say he looks adorable in it.  He tried it on so he could see how it felt and wanted to play in it of course.  It's Bumblebee to the rescue!

I have tons of pics of my family like this one and I'm tired of having no where to put them.  So I have decided to start a photolog.  A blog that hosts photos to share with others.  If you want to go and take a peek you can see our pics at RANTS PHOTOS NOW
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Friday, October 23, 2009

friday frustrations: a week of decisions

It's been a long week of decisions for both Forgetful Dad and I concerning our family, which is why I'm adding it to this weeks post for Friday Frustrations from Conversations with Moms.

First on the front was the sale of our television.  Yes we sold our tv.  Our Sony 46" beautiful flat screen LCD has now gone to a new home and we are saddened by the fact, but in retrospect all things are REPLACEABLE and we will eventually get a new one.

Why did we sell it?

Well Gamerboy is playing hockey this season and of course being ten years old he chose the most expensive position GOALIE and hockey does not come cheap.  So not cheap in fact that we sold the tv to help pay off some bills so we could manage the season financially, since it cost about five  hundred to register him, another four hundred for the equipment (that's on a deal through a friend) and another four hundred for tournaments, one of which is out of town late in March.  Good thing we have time to save up for that one so we can pay for boarding and food while on the road.

It's worth it though.

It's always worth it, especially when it's for your kids.

On a Serious Note:

Other decisions we had to make this week, or are still making concerns the H1N1, which there are tons of conversations on Facebook concerning the matter.  Do we or don't we get our kids vaccinated?

Forgetful Dad and I spoke about this at great lengths when coming to the same conclusion that we are both leary when it comes to the H1N1 vaccine.  What are the long term side effects?  Do we want our children to be used as guinea pigs?  Is it really safe?

It's not that we don't want to protect the kids.  Shit Gamer has already had H1N1 which was scary enough, keeping his isolated for over a week and trying to stay calm, wearing masks, while I prayed that neither FD or I got it, never mind the baby (pickleboy) whose only three.

I want my kids to be safe.  But what is even scarier is that here (in the Fraser Valley) there have been more deaths.  The latest being a middle aged man in his thirties.  A young girl of 26 years old in the mission died last week from the virus and she had no health complications or concerns at the time of her death.  She went into the hospital and was dead two days later.

It scares the crap out of me!

I laid in Forgetful Dad's arms and I cried.  Yes tears because I cannot even comprehend what is happening.  "I don't want to die of the flu" I whispered to him with my heart chalked so full of fear.  It's not exactly how I want to go.  How I want my boys to know I went.

Our mom died of the flu... WTF????

We worry all the time about strangers taking our kids.  We worry about someone breaking into our home and hurting us or the kids, destroying our things.  We worry and teach our children to watch out for cars and while we drive we say a prayer to be safe on the road.

Why do we have to worry about a runny nose, fever and aches and pains possibly taking our lives????

Because we've fucked ourselves.  That's why!  We are screwing this world with all the crap we are doing and we just don't seem to care enough to do anything about it.  The seasons are changing and they aren't what they are suppose to be anymore.  Winters are getting colder.  Summers are getting hotter, creating fire hazards where there shouldn't be.  We spend countless  hours worrying about what we eat, making sure it's boiled, bagged and cooked properly before consuming it so we don't get sick.

Anyhow I've bitched enough for today.  Thank God it's Saturday tomorrow.  As for the vaccine... I think we are going to wait and get more information.  Or as much information as we can get as to what and how the medicine will affect us in the long run.

All I know is that I used to be scared of what went bump in the night.  Now I'm afraid to catch a cold.  There is just something fucking wrong with that scenario, don't you think?
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wordless Wednesday

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

memories are forever

Photos can last forever, make us laugh, cry, feel joy in remembering those we love, stolen moments and past wishes.

For my family photos are way for us to connect. My husband has a brain injury and remembering those moments is not easy and through pictures we help eachother watch our children grow, those special times we had.

I am ready for battle!

A smile is forever...

I am too a good driver!

Giddy up cowgirl I'm ready to ride! Corky being funny.

The world is my playground.

Brothers in arms, best friends at heart.



Our future

I kick butt on the playground!

All the colors of my heart.

MckLinky Blog Hop

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Friday, October 16, 2009

friday frustrations: what a mess!

I hate housework as you all know because I've bitches about it enough on here.

No matter how hard I try I can never keep up. Dishes and laundry, cooking, toys all over, blankets strewn across the floor. It is never ending and I especially notice how dirty things get on Friday's.

It is the weekend and I hate weekends when the house is a mess. I never feel like cleaning either and of course the nous seemed aimed to contribute to the growing pile of yuck needling our home.

One thing is for certain I don't care if it takes all weekend. This house is going to be clean, even if it only stays that way for five minutes. I will take it and enjoy it for every second I can.

if you participate in Friday frustrations make sure you visit conversations with moms.

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breakfast humor

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

i love thursdays

Thursday's rock at my house because it is tube time and shoelessmommy and Alberta boy come over.

We watch Grey's on Thursday and private practice plus flash forward and the shows were good tonight.

Izzy got fired doe having a brain fart and causing a woman her opportunity at a healthy kid and the entire show meridith spent in bed as I think she is pregnant and they are trying to hide it lol.

Flash forward was also good as the gang gets closer and closer to discovering not just the how but why the blackout happened.

Shoelessmommy and Alberta boy our Thursday partners for tube time.

We don't watch a ton of tv but on this night it is nice, good company and great conversation makes for a wonderful adult evening.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

wordful wednesday: iPhone fun

It's wordless Wednesday again and I am loving my new iPhone so I thought I'd share some of the pics I took with the camera on the phone.

Pickleboy in daddy's seat trying to drive.

This pic I edited using the new photoshop app from the apple store, I used sketch tool.

This one is called mosiac, it is so cool and would be cool printed on photo paper and framed.

Forgetful dad taking my computer time which is no trouble now that I have the iPhone. I can blog wherever I am.

Pickleboy, Tom and Kit

I love that I can take pics and video on the go now, blog about and all from my phone.

Happy Wordless Wednesday all and don't forget to head over to headquarters and post your link.

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