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Thursday, February 26, 2009

jake update: doctor gives thumbs up!

We are very happy today. Okay Cas is okay but I'm great! We took Jake to the doctors and he said that yes indeed he did have Pectus Carinatum, thank God and not the other disorder. We are so relieved, though Jake still has to be careful.

Doctor J made Jake feel so much better about his chest sticking out more than usual. He told him that several men on his rugby team had PC and they were some of the best athletes ever.

He said it can be uncomfortable to sleep on it as he grows, and he wants to see Jake on his birthday every year to keep an eye on his spine so he doesn't develop scoliosis, a curvature in his spine. Otherwise Jake is perfect and he shouldn't feel bad about looking a bit different, be a kid and have fun and play all sports he wants.

Jake was so happy. My heart just swelled. Sports means the world to him. He was so worried he wouldn't be able to play anymore. So I am glad that won't be an issue.

Doctor J also said swimming is a great exercise for Jake to take up. It helps build up muscles (a six pack) and since Jake is skinny will help him develop his body so the PC protrusion isn't as noticeable. And he told us to make Jake feel as normal as possible.

I'm just glad it's over for right now. No surgery and life can go back to whatever normal we had before this big scare, which basically means we are back to crazy.
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Trace Talk

Saturday night I did not feel like cooking. I hate cooking to begin with, but I really didn't feel like making the boys anything to eat.

The thought of standing in front of the stove gave me hives and I already had a fever from the flu Trace and I had been battling all week.

So we decided to take the kids to Apple Betty's Buffet for supper, their favorite place to go.

It was busy as usual. Trace was in high form, hugging the waitresses when we walked in like he was a rock star or something. I hate to admit it but the kid is good for only being three years old at causing a room to stop dead and have all eyes land upon his blond curls and baby blues as he struts his stuff.

Anyhow, so we are eating when my little terror decides he's going to stand up on the booth seat and bug the people dining directly behind us, something all toddlers love doing. Cause and effect is real big with monkey (Trace). He absolutely loves the attention. And he had these people cracking up with his faces and questions he was asking, though I'm sure they couldn't understand a word he was saying because he talks too damn quick for anyone but myself and Cas to understand, and even we need a translator every now and then.

I turned to him and asked him to sit down, quietly but firmly of course so that good people behind us trying to enjoy their meal could eat in peace. Now bear in mind my monkey doesn't like to listen. In fact he does the complete but normal opposite as any almost three year would and completely ignores me until I'm red in the face screaming. And yes I do scream at my children, even for fun.

"Sit down!" I said again more firmly. That's when he paused and tilting his head sideways he cocked his jaw and looked at me, rolling his eyes.

"Mom, I'm talking to the humans," he said as though I were the dumbest parent on the planet and how dare I interrupt his exploration of our small and somewhat retarded race to which he was quite pleasantly gathering information to take back to space craft and share with his fellow alien brothers high in the sky.

Milk came out my nose. Yes I laughed. I laughed so hard. What else could I do? He's three. He has a way of making me feel five years old. It's a gift I know that is going to wind up biting me in the ass later, but right now I find it absolutely hilarious the shit he says. I can't help it. He cracks me.

Kid have their own language and way of saying things. Jake had Jakeneese, a version of made up words and meaning that used to cause Cas and I to crack up with laughter. Even now at nine he's coming up with new words, like PONED. Definition: when someone beats you at something and owns your ass. All the kids are saying it. Of course he doesn't say ass, Jake because I would make him brush his teeth with soap. I know you are saying (um-mm mom you cuss) yes I do but not in front of the kids, only you good folks here and occasionally at the odd idiot who can't drive on the right side of the road in front of us.

Trace has his own language, too. Trace Talk is what we call it and every day we look forward to the funny and (not so funny) things he says as he is learning and discovering. That's the fun of being a parent. To gather all the crap our kids do and say so we can torture them with it later when they bring home that girl they really like or introduce us to that teacher they want to impress.

I love my job!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

wordless wednesday: mom*ology

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Monday, February 23, 2009

pectis carnatium

Today is a Manic Monday.

It's the start of what usually ends up being a very long week with the kids, appointments, doctors, paying bills and trying to get some writing done.

Bad things have always happened to me on Monday, and it's the day I mostly lose my mind (okay not true) I lose my mind most days but some of you I know can relate to me. So this Monday was definitely Manic.

It all started Sunday night when JR came downstairs long after his bedtime at around 10:30 pm. He said he couldn't sleep. He said his chest was hurting him, and immediately my alarm bells rang out.

About six to eight months ago JR came home from school after doing cross country and said his chest hurt. We noticed he had a lump. Actually it wasn't a lump but rather his chest bone was sticking out. It felt strange and looked even stranger. Of course we took him to the doctor right away, who then sent us to the hospital for a cat scan. We were told that he had a normal disorder common in many kids where his breast bone was growing this way and the rest of his body needed to catch up. Nothing to worry about.

Yeah right--whenever a doctor tells me it's nothing to worry about I feel like taking them and flipping them upside down, pulling down their trousers and giving them a damn good spanking for lying (instead) of just saying they don't know WTF problem my son does have. I realize doctors are human but why do they have to lie?

Anyhow we (DH actually) trusted the doctor's advice and life went on as usual. This time though after JR complained, I wasn't about to take any more chances. The protrusion looked bigger and if his breathing had become impaired then I had reason to worry--didn't I?

So off to the new MSA or rather Abbotsford Hospital we went. We got in fairly quickly which should have been a sign because once we were inside, we ended up waiting five hours, ten dollars in parking later, two starving children only to have a doctor come in for two minutes and say "I looked at the x-rays of your son's chest and he's fine. I don't think his breathing trouble has anything to do with his condition in the chest..."

Condition? What condition? He has a name for it? I raised my eyebrow and asked immediately. What is wrong with him? That's when he wrote down on a piece of paper PECTUS EXCAVATUM which later after looking it up online is a latin word meaning (hollow chest).

JR doesn't have that!Pectus Excavatum (Hollow Chest)

I felt like screaming, pulling out my hair, taking a baseball bat and going back to the damn hospital to hit the bloody doctor in the ankle hard enough to break it and then look down at him and say it's not broken it's just inflamed!

Pectus Excavatum is when the chest curves inwards due to the sternum being pushed back toward the spine creating a hollow effect. JR's chest stuck out like a bird. There is no way he has this, I thought. That's when I discovered there is another pectus disorder with the opposite effect called PECTUS CARINATUM, also known as (pigeon chest) caused by a protrusion of the sternum and ribs.
This is more how JR's chest looks where the chest sticks out and ribs.

So how did this happen?

Okay I'm not really sure how it happened or why. It could be genetic I'm told, which later was confirmed by my mother stating my uncle had it. What does it mean for JR? Well it means that on Thursday I'm going into the doctor (which is tomorrow) to demand everything be checked and looked at. I'm not fucking around here (pardon my cussing) but I'm damn angry that not only did this idiot at the hospital misdiagnose JR and spend less than five minutes doing it, but that he so nonchalantly stated it was nothing to be concerned about, that his breathing problems weren't the cause of this and that we should wait to do something until he was fully grown.

FROM WIKIPEDIA: "Pectus carinatum, with the chest wall held in an outward position, may prevent complete expiration of air from the lungs and thus may restrict air exchange considerably. These patients often experience severe shortness of breath, wheezing and occasionally mild to moderate asthma. With exercise, carinatum patients often develop a very rapid respiratory rate.
Some children with pectus carinatum also have scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Some have mitral valve prolapse, a condition in which the heart mitral valve functions abnormally. Connective tissue disorders involving structural abnormalities of the major blood vessels and heart valves are also seen. Although rarely seen, some children have other connective tissue disorders, including arthritis, visual impairment and healing impairment."
Okay and I'm not supposed to be worried? Yeah what the hell ever! What mother wouldn't worry? For Jake everything is about sports. He lives to play hockey, soccer and loves to run. And I realize I will drive myself insane thinking of all the what-ifs, though for me that is just inevitable, it's how I am built. I want some answers.

I want to know what precautions we should take. I want to know about the brace, which is apparently a treatment used on kids JR's age (nine years old) to help mold the breast post and help the sternum grow in place. Surgery is not something I want him to have but if he does it should I read be done now and not later. I want answers. And if my doctor won't give them to me you bet your ass I'll be taking JR to BC Children's Hospital where I will get the help I need.

For now though while we wait. JR is taking it easy. We are going out to buy him an inhaler to help aid his breathing while exercising which seems to be the only time it acts up, and he's wearing protective gear while playing hockey, though I still worry about him getting hit.

Thank God tomorrow is Tuesday!
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

small talk 6: 6 romantic things that have happened to me.

It's Valentines Day, and of course what better way to celebrate than with small talk six: 6 romantic or unromantic things that have happened to me.

I chose 6 romantic things. If you are participating in SmTk6 then please head on over to to log in.

1.) Met my husband online. We talked for a month before finally meeting at a coffee shop.

2.) After a week of being with my husband (while we dated) he asked me to marry him. We were lying in bed when he leaned over and said "I'm going to marry you -- you know. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me." Talk about making a girl happy.

3.) Our first real date was on Valentines Day. He took me to a restaurant for Lady & The Tramp spaghetti for two. It was quiet and romantic. He had flowers for me, two painted blue roses and one green, my favorite colors. He also had my favorite wine which he dropped off at the restaurant before hand. We sat there and ate spaghetti and meatballs on one platter with two forks. Toward the end he put one of spaghetti on his fork and into his lips, raised it up and asked me to do the same and we ate the one piece of spaghetti together. He was trying to be cute like in the movie. Then finally he rolled the last meatball across the plate with his nose in front of everyone! It was amazing because he has a brain injury and he made so much effort to remember all these little things. Finally we went dancing where he announced our engagement to everyone in the country club, then we came home and snuggled on the sofa and watched--you guessed it Lady and the Tramp. It was the best night of my life!

4.) After a really long day working, I came home tired with my body aching. Corky (my hubby) had made me a nice dinner, my favorite pasta. He had asked my aunt to babysit my son for the night. But while dinner was cooking he gave me a card for no reason. It read: "The past several months have been a miracle for me. You give me hope and I'm so grateful for the love you have given me. I can't wait to make you my wife. Here is a little token of my love." And inside was a massage treatment at a local spa already booked for a hot oil massage which I'd never had before. And it wasn't even my birthday!

5.) Coming home and finding homemade pancakes with chocolate chips made by my boys, hockey dude and corky just for mom.

6.) Getting married, December 22, just before Christmas a small intimate gathering and then renewing our vows in July in front of his family. Getting married twice in one year was very romantic.

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