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Monday, May 11, 2009

It's not Monday really, it's not even Tuesday right now. I'm blogging this on Wednesday - how sad. I'm so behinddddd!

It's been such a crazy week for me. I've been feeling all garbally (I know not really a word) but whatever, I like to make shit up!

Any-hoo this week I'm dedicating my mumbers to my son (Trace) a.k.a. pickle-boy who is trying not to allow us to help him learn how to go (not) in the potty. It's been frustrating, upsetting, traumatizing and even a little worrisome (for me) that is LOL.

Him? He will wear diapers until he's sixty and frankly he's just feeling ducky about that decision!

345 times I told pickle-boy "no" he couldn't have any cocoa's until he went pee on the potty.

6,000 times he asked for them.

12 times I lifted up the seat to put his potty on the big potty for him to try to go.

18,235 times he refused.

9 times hubby laughed his ass off each time PB came down to tell us he needed a diaper change, then he proceeded to lay on the floor, lift his legs happily and wait for us to nanny him and change his behind. (Good grief this is going to be harder than I thought).

456,934,200 times I nearly wanted (nearly) to pull out my hair when PB told people he peed in the potty like a big boy. The little fibber! Straight faced and all he did this without so much as any remorse for lying.

56 times I realized just how much trouble we are in with him.

13 times I told myself "he will go when he's ready"

18 times he told me "I not go pee. I don't want to. I won't. You can't make me" (yata yata) and so forth

5 times I called my mom to ask her if she remembers how to do this? To which she laughed at me. Secretly I think she's been the one telling him to pee on the floor like a dog and say nothing to us about marking his territory in our home. IT'S NOT FUNNY MOM!

1200 times I meant to blog these mumbers on actual Monday but forgot so now you have them. Hope you enjoyed...

Untill next week.


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