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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rainy days

There is nothing more magical than seeing your child discover something new and with that new found discovery the joy brought to their face.

It has been raining here on and off for the past several days. Heavy rain. Spotted drops. Big fat rain. Cold rain. Warm rain. You name it we've experienced the pleasure of it as of late.

Yesterday while DH and I headed down to Home Depot to buy a few replacement parts for a bunk we are installing for a young Asian mum and her boy needing a bed. I watched as Trace climbed out of the van and instantly his face lit up.

"Rain mama!"

I nodded as I helped his little legs and feet find their way to the ground thinking nothing of his enthusiastic enjoyment to which he was so stubbornly trying to get me to enjoy with him. I grew up on the coast. Rain is rain. I've seen it a million times.

"Head up, mama. Look I all wet!" He exclaimed.

Suddenly I stopped to watch him. He was doing what I had taught him only a week ago when the rain first began and we got caught in it. He was moving his feet in the puddles. Face held up to the sky and eyes closed. He was loving the rain.

It was the most amazing thing to witness I have to tell you. Freeing almost to see the sunshine splattered clear across his rosy wet cheeks as he danced around me. Like witnessing the birth of an animal. Or seeing a new house be constructed.

He's only two but I must say that day Trace really expressed to me the reason we should all stop and smell the roses so to speak. To enjoy the beauty in things we may at some point find dull or even annoyingly intrusive--like the rain.

Once again the child becomes the parent and I'm learning with every step he takes.


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