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Friday, March 6, 2009

books for kids: congrats jake on your report card!

Okay so I had a proud manic mom moment today, not only because Spring Break started today and I'm so utterly glad Jake is home for two whole weeks (I know strange) but the kids got their report cards today and Jake's was awesome!

Jake improved his marks and he did better this term than last which makes both Corey and I very happy. His report card was so good I'm showing it here. He's only in grade four but we are very proud of him.

Check out how well Jake did.

We went to Costco to buy Jake a gift for doing so well second term. He still has to work on a few things, like accomplishing his tasks on time. He is also struggling in reading and writing, comprehension and so forth and I know that Costco is great for books to help on those areas.

We picked Jake up a grade four reading and math book to do assignments over spring break. We also bought him a math work book that is dry erase with a little timer stop clock to help time himself when doing multiplication and division (something he just started learning) this past term and is having a hard time with. He absolutely loved it.

As a reward I purchased two books for him to read. Jake is very much a sports freak; loves playing outside (hockey, baseball, basketball, tag, hide n' seek, soccer) you name it he wants to do it. He also skateboards, plays grounders and loves riding a bike. Reading is like at the bottom of his list.

I've discovered lately though it helps if kids have books they want to read. Being a writer and avid lover of books and remembering being in grade four. Choosing books for Jake was easy.

The first book Corey and I chose is called DIARY OF A WIMPY KID by Jeff Kinney. I opened this book and the first page grabbed me. "Omg, this is Jake!" I said to Corey. We spent ten minutes reading, each with our own copy in hand, and we've never laughed so damn hard.

Greg Heffley is a somewhat sarcastically funny, very articulate, say it like it is, no-nonsense kid whose just about to go to middle school. He reminds me of Jake in so many ways it's not even funny. Greg faces bullies, worries about what his friends think, worries about school but doesn't totally show his insecurities because he masks them with his flair for comedy and fantasy thoughts, which in the book are illustrated with stick type character drawings that made me laugh my ass off.

The New York Times bestseller was the perfect choice for Jake. By the time we left Costco Jake had already read eighteen pages and asked if he could go to bed and read more before lights out. I am so glad he's enjoying it right now.

The second book we got for Jake is a little different. It's called THE 39 CLUES by Rick Riordan and it's an adventure book. A brother and sister team (Amy & Dan) discover that their family is the most power family the world has ever know. They are offered millions of dollars to turn and walk away from the secrets of their family or reject the offer and go off in search of the 39 clues that could unlock the secrets to their families powers.

I knew Jake would love this book. He hasn't started reading it, but for any boy who collects cards (Pokemon, Chaotic, Yui-gi-oh) ect... this book rocks! Inside each book is a set of cards. You get to log online and create a name and go in search of clues as you read the book. The entire idea is a real thrill and it reminds me of those choose your own adventure books because you get to be in control.

Overall Jake was excited today. I really think his reading will improve having books he's interested in and wanting to read every day. These books are great and what is nice is they are part of a series, so Jake can read the first book and then decide if he wants to continue the story, and the price at Costco here in Abbotsford was too hard to pass up. Each book only cost $8.00 each. That's a steal.

Congrats on your report Jake. We love you very much and couldn't be prouder of you. I look forward to spending spring break with you and watching you have fun while exploring this new reading adventure you are on...

- mom n dad


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