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Monday, March 30, 2009

young girl still missing from Tracy, CA

I saw this posted over at one of my favorite blogs to read The Mommy Blog and I hate seeing this. This little girl is still missing and now over 100 volunteers, along with 40 law enforcement officers have banned together with the hopes in finding the missing girl who has been missing since Friday afternoon.

I live in British Columbia, Canada so no the girl did not go missing from here and some might think then why post about it? I'm a mom. It's that simple. I remember when Michael Dunahee went missing. I try not to think of my own children when news like this is around.

No Amber alert has been issued because the police apparently need proof she was abducted. Okay not sure I agree with that one. The girl has been missing over 48 hours. Abducted, run away, lost, issue the damn alert!

If you have stopped by here and you recognize the girl or want more information please go the website here.

I am sending a prayer that the girl is found safe. I pray for her family and friends to be strong during this horrible time. My thoughts are with you.

Now I'm going to cuddle my boys and hold on tight while lay dreaming snug in their beds and pray nothing like this ever ever happens to me and that nothing ever ever happens to them. Like Corky says: Live today, live free, peace love and harmony...

I'm out...


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