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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: smooth away, pickleboy, some parents

I love Keely over at UN Mom and I love blog clubs such as this one Random Tuesday. It's fun to be random and say what is your mind. I often do that and it annoys people, but here I won't have anyone yelling at me for jumping thoughts so quickly. At least I hope not - lol.

I went to the taboo show out here in Abbotsford - taboo is code for sex nookie. Like I know what that is anymore. DH and I barely have time to say hello, smooch a quick dry kiss before he's off and running and I'm planted with fingers on the keyboard, dinner comes and then kids go to bed and so do we - exhausted of course is the routine for everybody.

Anyhow I'm off topic. See I do that. I apologize. I went to the taboo show and I picked up this great product called smooth away. Now a lot of people don't like this product because they say it burns and hurts while you are sanding off unwanted hair from areas of your body you'd like hairless. I won't mention which areas (this is family program) YEAH RIGHT!

I love this product. I think it's groovy. It takes off my hair with a snap and it doesn't hurt. You rub in circles (clockwise and counter clockwise). You have to put on cream after to keep any burning from happening because you are basically grinding the hair folicle down to nothing. But hey- it beats shaving! I even did my stash (oops okay too much random sharing) forget that last part I mentioned okay.
Easter is not fun when your three year gets introduced to chocolate! I couldn't stop pickle-boy from asking for those small round tiny chocolate eggs the Easter Bunny (Nana) bought for him. He cried and cried when I said no and I felt like the cocoa Nazi. It wasn't fun. Next year I think the boys are getting homemade cookies, t-shirts, toys and board games.

I know Easter is supposed to be about sweets and goodies. But seriously I am lying in bed afraid pickle-boy will hunt me down and kill me because I hid the eggs where he can't reach them. You should have seen him. Evil eyed child. Just evil! NO MORE CHOCOLATE!

I am a firm believer that everyone should try to live in harmony. In our co-op here in Abbey we are a close community but not at the same time. All the kids play together and sometimes there are troubles. Of course that is to be expected when you have ohhhh eight or nine boys outside ranging in age from five to fifteen playing hockey or some other game.

Today my nephew who was visiting came in the house and said one of the boys outside pulled on his shirt and ripped it while they were playing football on the grass field. Okay accidents happen, but I knew my brother was going to be upset. Ripping a shirt is a little rough and so DH went over to talk to the boys parents about it.

Now I strongly believe if you have a problem with a child or if my child has a problem with another child outside he's playing with. The best resolution is talking to the children involved and then the parents to keep them informed.

What I can't stand is parents who ignore a situation, get angry you are complaining about their child and slam a door in your face because you tell them what is going wrong. That is what happened to DH when he told SAID parents about their shirt ripping boy.

I guess I shouldn't email them to tell them if they need money for food for their kids I will send them some eh? I mean anything to stop their child from taking a bite out of mine.

See the pic to your right, hockey-dude's skin broke because this boy bit him.

Some people's children I tell you!


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