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Saturday, May 30, 2009

friday frustrations - prop8 and the buzz about it.

It's Friday Frustrations, so much fun to vent all that stuff you have kicking around inside of you.

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You can write about one topic or write about many. You don't have to write about the topic I do or anyone else, make up your own.

This week I'm going to talk about gay marriage and what is going on down in the states, mainly California and Prop8 and all the buzz surrounding gay marriage. It's just too damn complicated I think.

So hubby and I watched Dr. Phil on Friday. Yes I said Dr. Phil (shut up!) we like him, he's special (lol). Anyhoo he had one side of the audience who was against prop8 and the other side for it. He had a panel of experts in different fields, pastors, government officials etc... on both sides of the fence as well.

We listened for an hour each side argue why gay marriage should or should not be legal. Both sides raised good points (according DR.P) but to us the entire thing was just retarded and I cannot believe in this time we live in we are still arguing about something so stupid as gay marriage.

I do not mean to say gay marriage is stupid, nor do I mean to disrespect anyone else's opinion on the matter. Each individual is entitled to their own beliefs. That is not something that frustrates me nor something I can argue about.

What gets me is us (human kind) and our inhibility to stop looking through rose colored glasses. And why whenever there are important decisions to be made do we constantly say God won't approve of something if it means change? We always bring the Lord into things when I'm pretty sure he's up there right now shaking his head saying what a bunch of assholes we are and how not nice it is to be using him, when he'd rather be left out of it and not use him as an excuse to move forward as a higher species.

Hubby says it's because he created us to have free will and what we are witnessing is human kind using that free will in the most absurd nature. It happened before and will continue to happen in regards to making any decisions outside the box, a box to which our ancenstors built.

I listened to these peeps go on and on about how gay marriage is wrong because it erodes the institute of marriage between a man and woman. I nearly wanted to gag. Hey, man leave straight marriage out of your debate, we have our own troubles! I can't get hubby to stop watching hockey long enough to pay attention to me for a five minute conversation without you using me and saying my marriage is going to crumble because two gay or lesbian couples wish to exchange i do's.

Marriage is tough if they want to join the club why not let them? It's no hay ride let me tell you!

And then they went on to talk about how it's morally wrong and will fuck up our kids because they are being raised in same sex households blah blah blah... Our kids are screwed up because we are screwed up as a whole. Besides, kids are smart eh...

Corky and I had this discussion, not sure if you and your spouse have. "What would you do if one of our boys ended up being gay? How would you feel?" Of course I wanted his opinion. His answer was typical of a loving father. "Well I'd love my boys no matter what. I'd have to learn to accept their choices."

Bingo! Enough said. Accept their choices. See that is it in a nutshell. The whole debate over this is learning to accept another human beings choice, free will to decide what is or isn't right for them. Why when it comes to equality does it always have to be a fight? Why do we think we get to choose to be lord of the manor over someone else's God given right to choose what is right for them?

Because we are pompous, arrogant, self centered, ego maniacs who think the sky won't fall down around us. Well listen up chicken little... I have no choice over what gender my boys choose to fall in love with or what their sexual preference will be. And ewww why would I want to. I don't care if it's a guy or girl, I'm a mother and want my babies to be babies forever thank you without yucky love stuff invading them at all!

Still you get my point, right? I don't get to choose. And anyone who has ever fallen in love, really in love will understand that it doesn't matter and there is no choice. That is the human condition. We fall in love with people not gender. At least we do where I come from, which might explain why Robson and Davie is crawling with happy gay people everywhere you turn. It's great!

Love is great! It's supposed to be isn't it?

I watch Ellen during the week. God I love her! But I don't see her and say "my gosh there is Ellen, she's so gay you know..." I see Ellen. Ellen and her wacky ways, her generous heart when she gives to people in her audience, the funny games she plays on her show.

I also watch Oprah. Oprah isn't gay she is in a happy hetro relationship. Do we go around saying "oh there is oprah the straight girl." No we don't! Could you image?

I don't know I'm not that into politics and really frankly don't understand why politics needs to be involved in something as universal as loving one another, accepting one another and teaching our children to do the same if they stand a chance at the world we will leave them behind with. I just don't get it.

But then again I never got why women had to fight for their rights to read and shit. Oh yeah it's because everyone was scared we were smarter which we are. Oops don't let Corky hear me say that, I'll have to go to capital hill to plead my case.

Prop8 is silly. I think if two people want to get married they should be allowed to honor whatever traditions they wish and we should be focusing more on what the hell we are doing to our environment, bringing home our soldiers from a war that is not worth fighting, dealing with the prices of our environment, our homeless people and children left in waiting without parents to care for them, gangs and violence that is crowding and taking over our streets, the lack of jobs in our crumbling economy and my God the list goes on.

Instead of worrying about whether our neighbors who might happen to be two guys madly in love with one another wishing to tie the knot and have the same rights as we do as one of the biggest issues we have to face.

It's absurb!

Whew! Okay my rant is done and I said my peace. Now if you will excuse me I have a shit load of laundry and I have to write a bill for congress on why laundry detergent costs nearly 12 dollars to wash my fucking clothes!

Now that is an issue!

Here is the Musical Prop 8 written by Mark Shayman of Hairspray and stars Jack Black, John C. Reilly and many more. It's hilarious, truthful and totally one of the reasons why I think humor is a great device to conquer the divide.


Maria@Conversations with Moms on May 30, 2009 at 1:16 PM said...

I agree with everything you wrote. It sad how we have evolved with technological advances but not with our openness.

Thank you for participating in my Friday Frustrations. I enjoyed reading your post.

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