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Monday, June 8, 2009

monday mumbers: lost cell phone

I love my blackberry and don't leave home without it. Unfortunetly today the battery was dead and we had to go to Rona and Home Depot to buy quick dry cement to put the posts up for the fence we are building, along with fence joists which I had no clue what those were.

So we took DH's BB because he also always carries his everywhere he goes.

Somewhere between Rona, Wallymart (Walmart) Home Depot, the Mini Mart and McDee's, we lost the phone. We couldn't find it anywhere.

Me: 93,456 "Where did you put the phone. Just tell me where is it?"

DH: 2 "For the last time you had it!"

Me: 567,897 "Are you seriously blaming me for losing your phone? You are joking right? I didn't have it you did!"

DH: 21,345 "No you had it and I'm not blaming you. I'm telling you that you lost it."

Me: 1 "Isn't that the same as blaming me jack rabbit?" Kids are in the van with us so profanity is not being used other than mentally.

DH: 213,356 "We already searched Rona and Wallymart so where do we go now? I guess the phone is gone now. I told you to put it in the car."

Hockeydude: 13 "Ummm actually dad you said you had it when mom asked."

Me: *Smiling

DH: *Frowning

DH: 567,872 "How many times have I told you to butt out of adult conversations?"

Me: 1 "Don't yell at him for being right."

DH: 12,324 "I AM NOT YELLING!"

Me: *Giggles

Me: 5 "Pull over so I can call the phone and see where it is."

DH: 12,345 "And the phone is going to answer and tell you?" He smirks and I stick out my tongue as he pulls over to the one and only pay phone in town because wouldn't you know it nobody fecking needs a pay phone when they have a CELL PHONE!

Me: *Make the call and wait... 129,555 times the phone rings before a young lady answers.

Lady: 1 "Welcome to Home Depot."

Me: Driving Home 15 "I told you that you left it somewhere."

DH: 19,234 "Well it's a good thing my phone answered when you called or I never would have had to hear you say 'I told you so' whew!"

Yeah all in all it was a great day out as a family and we didn't get home 10 pm, too late to call anybody to tell them what happened dang it!

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