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Monday, July 20, 2009

victoria stafford remains discovered

Well it was 3 1/2 month ago when I first reported on young Victoria (Tori) Stafford the little girl who went missing from Woodstock, Ontario.

Tori first went missing after school when she was seen leaving with a stranger and there was a small gleam of hope she would be found.

That was until two residents of Woodstock were charged with her murder, including a 19 year old woman.

Yet Tori's body still remained lost.

Sadly a few days ago they found her buried in the woods.

It makes me sick inside! It really does. I hate it, seeing children as the victims to crimes like this carried out by people who don't deserve jail but worse!

Tori's mom put a note on her door saying she would contact the media later and for everyone to just allow the family to get a hold over finding the remains of their daughters body and grieve her final coming home.

I hope the media listens.

I did not know Tori, nor her family but I want them to know there are many Canadians who are grieving for Tori right along with them. It truly is sad this happened, though I am relieved her remains were found and now her family can finally bring her home for a proper burial.

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