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Friday, January 29, 2010

apple reaches for the stars and grabs one with the ipad, and I want one now!

Apple has done it again. They have created something more magical than the iphone and I want one like now!

The new ipad will be launched in March 2010 and let me tell you I cannot wait to get my hands on one and put the internet right into my hands, as CEO of Apple Steve Jobs constantly tells us during the over twenty minute presentation in San Fransisco to showcase the new and innovative technology Apple is rolling out.

So what can the ipad do?

Well despite skeptics stating for the price it's "not worth it!" I beg to differ based on what I saw during the presentation. It's lightening fast, first of all!

It's a computer at your finger tips where you can browse the web, send email, share pictures, go on social networking sites, play games and more! All using the iphones touch sensitive technology which I am an avid fan of. I love my iphone!  I do everything from my iphone including blog here which I love.

During the presentation Steve introduces several app developers, since for the ipad Apple has made it possible for open source third party applications to begin development immediately! So not only will you get to enjoy the over 140,000 apps already at the app store but new apps are in the works and being developed as we speak, from big companies like EA.

They introduced their ipad app for "Need for speed" and using and playing the game on the presentation blew me away! The graphics were incredible, the acceleroma the best I've seen, much more improved than the iphone which works amazingly in my book.

iworks a suite of applications is also being installed for users and although I have never used it; I cannot wait to try pages for creating wonderful documents with templates and keynotes for creating presentations that are so real and functional it blow your socks away!

Just like with my iphone a large scale keyboard pops up when you want to type. But apple didn't stop there. They created a docking station for the ipad so while it's charging it is attached to an external keypad you can use to do all your daily web activities.

So how much is it?

Well I have to say it is much much cheaper than I thought it would be, when you compare pc price to the mac price for laptops and computers. The ipad starts at only $499US. And there are six models rolling out which include 16G, 32G and 64G models of flash storage with wifi and 3G built in and price ends at $839 for the top model of the ipad.

That isn't bad when you consider a good laptop, not a cheap one runs about the same price and the ipad makes everything so much easier putting everything literally at your finger tips!

Apple has also introduced a new product app called ibooks store.  This thrilled me.  A virtual bookstore with many of the top publishers on board including the New York Times best seller.  Buying and reading books will be so much easier to do on the ipad and less waste than paper bought books for the environment, putting the books you love to read right at your finger tips!  As a writer I think that is cool, especially for travel or at home.

I'm going to try to get my hands on one so I can do a more lucrative review of the product but if the ipad is everything I think it is. I will have no problem saving up and forking over the cash to carry the internet with me in a less than 2lb compact computer that is thinner than a cracker lmao!

If you want to see the creativity unveiled during Apple's special event.  Click HERE to watch, you won't be disappointed!



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