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Saturday, January 2, 2010

happy 1020... ooops 2010!!!

Woooo hoooo we made it! It's 2010! Christmas has come and gone. My tree is down. My living room back to normal and a tad bit more bare than I remember lol. But the holidays proved to great this year at the Shaw house hold! They were also busy.

We held Christmas dinner at our home with my family. My parents, both brothers and my five nieces and nephews plus our boys and us all sat down to dig into the 22lb delicious Turkey DH slaved over all day. And boy was it yummy!


My niece and nephews and our boys at my brothers house Christmas eve

The boys were very excited Christmas morning. Gamerboy was thrilled with his new PS2 system and Pickleboy couldn't wait to ride his new big boy bike with training wheels.

On a sad note: Gamer who is ten now discovered the truth about Santa. We went to my brothers the night before and his kids had already opened their gifts from Santa. So ummmm yeah it begged the question "how the heck does Santa bring presents the night before Christmas eve?"

He was sad when he found out and a bit depressed. It was quite awful. But I told him Santa represents everything he believes and feels at Christmas time. That's why they call him "Father Christmas" because he is the spirit and meaning of giving and enjoying those you love during the holidays. That made him feel a bit better.

Pickleboy opening his present from Gammi and Papa Paul
Shhhh it's a hot chocolate mug and plate for cookies dressed like a snowman!

Gamer opening his gift

On an up note: Gamer was sure more appreciative this year "now that he knows" Santa is really mom and dad, to all the gifts he received. In fact he was so appreciative he gave us back three gifts, knowing he didn't really want them and told us to use the money to buy groceries and stuff since we are very low income.

It was a very unselfish thing for my son to do and so I graciously accepted and told him how proud I was of him. He is certainty growing into a wonderful young man.

After Santa Came

As the New Year approached; we geared for a party. We had several friends over New Years Eve. We had a few drinks (of course) yummy wine is a must during the holidays for me. We sat and played sing star which is always fun and every one just had a really good time.

My favorite memories or things that happened this past year???

* Having Jen and Trina both move into the complex where I live.
* Watching my son play his first hockey game for the Bull Dogs as a goalie.
* Taking Pickleboy to his first day at Preschool.
* Visiting my step son during the summer and our friends Shawn and Chris. Thanks guys for letting us camp out in your yard!
* Getting some bloggy awards for my site. That's always welcomed and fun!
* Getting my i-phone
* Having both of my parents here to celebrate the holidays with the me, and both my brothers as a family this year. It was very nice
* Celebrating my fifth wedding anniversary to the most wonderful man ever! I love you Cork.
* Getting to watch one of my fav movies "Transformers" at the theater. It rocked!

What were your most favorite memories of 2009?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  Hope you all have a wonderful year filled with health, happiness and good fortune, time with your children and loved ones and luck that follows you everywhere you go.



Maria @ Conversations with Moms on January 3, 2010 at 10:24 AM said...

Happy and Healthy New Year! I don't look forward to when my boys learn about Santa.

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