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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's been an emotional week and it's only tuesday: with randomness of course


It's Tuesday! Yippiee!

It's not Monday, which is damn good because I hate Monday's.  It's not hump day, also good because my period came and there will be no humping around here, at least for a week. Yuck!   It's not Thursday, always a dull day in my book of weeks. And the other day I love is Friday, but that can wait.

Tuesday's are for randomness, and there is no better way to start then to say I think it's wrong the Abbotsford Community Food Bank is collecting donations for Haiti.

Okay before you label me a bitch and slap me upside the head.  I just think that yes we (the world) do need to ban together to raise support for the island nation of Haiti because of all those suffering the aftermath of the large scale earthquake that shook them earlier this month.

However, our Canadian government is doing that.  I don't think it's right to take away from smaller community support systems and take food away from our own people (also suffering) due to hard times and the economy with so many people out of work, homelessness and our elderly suffering for meals because they are too sick to get out and our government apparently doesn't have enough money to help aid them due to the fucking fact we are paying for the Olympics.  But we can afford to send billions to Haiti?

Something just ain't fucking right about that, sorry I must say!

And speaking of the Olympics. Forgetful Dad got a call couple of months ago saying he'd been chosen to carry the torch out here in Abbey and he'd get the info in the mail (email that is) of course which is just so reliable. NOT!

Well he didn't get anything, and I don't think he's going to be doing it. He is so disappointed.  So the kids and I have decided to create our own torch and we are going to gather our friends and family and stand out on the sidewalk outside our home and make him run it around the block a couple of times so he can stop whining about it.

Okay maybe not the same thing as carrying the real torch.  But it will have to do and the bugger better appreciate it, too, because I am willing to freeze my ass off cheering him on while he carries the damn thing.  Now that is love.

Love... Feb is coming which also means Valentines Day. Being married, this is a holiday of evil. We cannot afford to go out, let alone celebrate the event in any kind of naughty fashion (the way I'd like) because having a toddler prevents this. Thanks bud, for getting in the way of mommies nookie time with daddy, you are forgiven.

So this year, just because I'm freakishly cranky lately.   I'm going to invite all my single girlfriends over to watch chick flicks and drink wine and eat fattening foods while I send FD out with the boys to go entertain themselves.

It's the least I can do for my sisters.  FD hates girlie movies and I love them,  so he can whine about it later and I promise I will make it up to him when the kids leave for college. Gives him something to look forward to, which is important in any healthy marriage.

I did a post earlier this week on being one of the seven menopausal dwarfs because I swear to God I am entering that dirty old stage of hot flashes and mood shifting that all us women look forward as we get older.

Well (as mentioned above) I got my period today which always sucks. I hate it and yet I'm so fucked in the head because I always get disappointed when it comes. It's like I wait and wonder (could I be?) (maybe I might be?) but then BAM!   It comes and my dreams fall apart.

Why is it fucked?

FD has been snipped for the past three years so the chances of my becoming pregnant are about as good as me winning the lottery. But it's a crap shoot I keep hoping I will get without going bust. I know mental, eh?

That is the kind of week it's been for me though. Only Monday has come and gone and I'm an emotional basket case. You can read about it here, and here if you have nothing better to do.

For any of you who feel you can take on the randomness of Tuesdays, head on over to the UNmom and post your linky and leave her a comment and read other peoples posts. It's fun and she will make you laugh.

Other than that. Have a great Tuesday all and remember to button up before you go outside because it's freakishly cold, despite the sun shining.



Keely on January 26, 2010 at 6:15 PM said...

Ha! Hubby and I have a long-standing tradition of completely ignoring Valentine's Day. It's worked out well for us so far.

Mrsbear on January 27, 2010 at 4:33 AM said...

I like your alternative to Valentine's Day. We rarely celebrate it anymore, after the 15 years and 4 kids, it seems a heart shaped cake and a reasonable bedtime is as good as it gets. Luckily neither one of us takes it personally.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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