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Friday, February 26, 2010

student drivers need better teachers : friday frustrations

Okay I realize the cartoon above depicts a form of racism.  It's not truly meant that way.  I love people of all color and race.  My nieces and nephews are Asian and I'm the whitest girl in Canada.  Trailer park really.

However, that being said.  I have a beef!

Lately whenever we are on the road all I see are East Indian or Asian instructors teaching student drivers and based on what I see.  NONE OF THEM CAN DRIVE!

When I went down to the Motor Vehicle Branch and asked them why student drivers are being told to drive 20km in a 50km zone through the city.  I was told that isn't right.  You can actually fail your exam if you go slower and not go the correct speed through the speed zone required.

So why is it whenever we get stuck behind a student driver - and oh we get stuck behind them A LOT because FD seems to have radar for anyone who can't drive.  Why are they going so slow?

It's annoying!

It's frustrating!

We already know how to drive and yet are being punished to sit in a classroom behind a student who apparently is still just learning.

I think our government needs to rethink it's student driving program and instead of putting these ppl on the road.  They should use the mission speedway when it's not in use for driving practice and not put these (slower than molasses assholes) on the road to cause accidents until they can go the speed limit and drive effectively.

Oh and by the way to all teachers (not just the East Indian and Asian ones) the new cell phone law is in effect.  So get the fuck off your phones!  You are suppose to be teaching these helpless individuals how to drive, not talking to your wife or girlfriend while they are suppose to be paying attention to kids, cars and small squirrels crossing the street.  (WE HAVE SQUIRRELS!)

You can cause a fucking accident!  In fact I so appreciated watching several of you rear end a helpless old lady trying to peek over her wheel and hit some kid crossing the street because you were on your phone last week.  Yeah that was fun!

Maybe the students should be teaching the teachers and the teachers should turn in their report cards and take lessons themselves.  Either way -- STAY THE HELL OFF OUR ROADS UNTIL YOU CAN LEARN TO DRIVE!  AND DRIVE PROPERLY!

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Student driver signs on February 28, 2010 at 1:50 AM said...

I agree...maybe not on the racism part...but yes new student drivers these days can be scary. Many teachers just want to get paid, and some don't exactly want their students to learn as fast as possible. A student driver sign can help a lot, since at least other drivers are aware of the student driver - and stay away from them.

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