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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

i wish i had furry feet: random tuesday thoughts


It's Random Tuesday and so of course that means I will posting a bunch of nonsense lmao, stuff that goes on around here and what's new in the Shaw household.

I wish I had furry feet. 

There I said it. 

Hair on the tops and sides, that way I could walk barefoot through the house on the cold hardwood floor without wearing socks.  I hate wearing socks!  My feet would stay warm and then FD (forgetful dad) would stop bugging the crap out of me about dressing my feet up.


We got home Sunday night from K-town, back from Gamer's last hockey tournament for the season.  He rocked.  Here is a pic of him in net.  I am a proud mama.

Making a big save!

Gamer is eleven, so pizza, swimming, hanging out with the guys.  It was the best weekend ever for him.  He was a bit hesitant to be up there since his biological sperm donor or "He who should not be named" as Gamer calls him, lives there and Gamer was a tad nervous about perhaps running into the (bleepity bleep bleep bleep bleep) guy after not seeing him for nearly year.

It was all good though.

Road trip wise, so much fun for Pickle.  He was stoked.  "Are we there yet?" was the common question asked during the four hour drive.  He was also a bit off set about peeing in the snow at the side of the Coq.  "Mama, I can't pee outside!"  Like it was the most digusting thing we'd asked him to do.  This coming from a child who at one point ate his own poo!

We got to our destination and heard... "Now we can go home!" 

Trying to explain the fundamentals of how a vacation works to a four year old is like trying to explain to my husband why he's in the dog house when he's done really nothing wrong, I'm just in a mood. 

So much fun!

So FD went down to the local coffee shop to pick up some food today.  Now being he has a brain injury, sometimes crap happens and apparently they (the blood sucking east indian owners) claimed he ordered the meal twice, despite the fact I called the order in and we've been going there as regulars for over four years.

They took FD's money but kept our food order, screamed at him (I wasn't there or my foot would have been claiming sunshine up their a$$) and made Pickle cry because they called the cops!

I went down in my pj's, due mainly to the fact that I'm still sick.  The cops thought the situation was absolutely retarded.  The lady accused us of trying to scam them. 

Yeah I'm not the one stealing a brain injuried man's money, making a four year old cry and calling the cops over a bunch of onion rings and a BLT!

So lunch was fun.

If you particpate in Random Tuesday Thoughts, head on over to visit the UNmom as she rocks!


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