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Friday, March 5, 2010

till debt do us part

Debt, a big bad ugly word, especially in this economic crisis with everyone out of work, no jobs available, the cost of living sky rocketing.

FD (Forgetful Dad) and I are no stranger to debt. You cannot live below the poverty level most of your life and not know the crunch of having debt. I know what it feels like to not want to answer your phone, fearful--despite call display it will be another bill collector threatening to take something of value. Usually it's my kids and when I agree they are the ones hanging up, but that is besides the point.

Finding solutions to manage your debt and bills is never easy, that's why when I came across this blog post, by Gayle a fellow blogger. She provides good tools and steps to follow that everyone needs to help get their financial lifestyle in order, some you might not have even thought about.

Getting a financial adviser, straying away from credit cards because they are evil, even if having your name on something Gold feels kinda cool, according to Shoeless Mommy it's a form of slavery and she's addicted to shoes so that is great advice!

Finding financial freedom isn't when you have college debts to pay, government and student loans, pay day loans, car loans, mortgages and more. The hill you find yourself buried under can often cloud your judgement and leave you feeling trapped with no breathing room.

Another reason to aim to get your financial affairs in order and release yourself from the stress and worry is to salvage your marriage. One of the number one reasons for divorce is due to financial hardship and stress, often leading couples to fight about money.

No matter what road you choose. Finding opportunities to help you save your money and grow into a more financially rewarding life can't be all bad.

For now--we live pay day to pay day, racking up our debt as we go. Are we stupid? Well probably, but living with a person who has a brain injury means I live day to day, which means I only get to live once.

I know I won't feel this way once our retirement comes though, when we are living in cardboard box, with no windows or doors. Crayons are a dollar at the dollar store, and I best be saving up so I can make my house look pretty at the rate we are going.

Maybe Gayle has some positive ideas I should follow. You should, too.



Frugal Vicki on March 5, 2010 at 1:04 PM said...

We are in the same boat as you adn I hate it. My husband THINK he saves, he THINKS he is a smart shopper, but really he stinks at it. I do all the bills, and get angry when he spends money.

Anonymous said...

Hi Frugal Vicki!

Thanks for the buzz!

I totally relate to where you're at with debt. Believe me, even with my tips, it's still scary out there and we're still not the best savers in the world.

Good luck! See you around Seededbuzz!


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