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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

paul gross hits the theaters GUNLESS on friday

If you are Canadian, like me, then you most definitely have heard of Paul Gross, former star of a big Canadian show called Due South and writer and director of a little funny film that made me laugh my arse off called "Men With Brooms."

Well our brave Canadian, clean cut normally has traded in his boyish look for a rancid gunslinger in his new upcoming film set to hit theaters Friday in Gunless where Gross plays the Montana Kid in a story that has yet been clarified if it's fact or fiction.  You will have to find out.

The previews are funny and I cannot wait to see this film when it hits our local drive in at Twilight.  I loved Men with Brooms, made me pee a little which is always a good thing when you are laughing so hard milk comes out your nose.  The kind of dry humor Gross splits across the screen is something I've come to love from him.  FD (Forgetful Dad) is also a huge duster fan, loves westerns and anything Clint.  So of course we are going to see it.

If you want to know more about the movie and Paul's part in it you can read an article here.  Oh yeah and watch the preview below.  It should be some good western fun by the time Friday comes along.



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