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Monday, May 31, 2010

random tuesday: my parents are nuckingfuts!

It's Random Tuesday thanks to Keely over at the UNmom.  Give her a visit she's funnier than a duck swimming upside down.

MY PARENTS are retired and bored!

Mom calls me and tells me she and dad are sitting in their house, they live in the same complex FD (Forgetful Dad) and I do, when suddenly this man jumped the fence in their backyard!

"He jumped the fence and ran across the deck and then out toward the front of the house!"  Mom exclaimed. The excitement in her voice made me giggle.  "So dad and I hopped in the van..."

"Whoa Tonto, back the truck up!  Exsqueeze me?  You did what?"

Yep, I heard right.  Mom proceeded to tell me here and dad jumped into their mini van and followed the deranged yard stomping man up the hill toward the school until they ran into a cop.  They kindly told the office about what they had witnessed and the cop said they knew who the man was and he'd just beaten a student at the school and they will catch him.

Thank you for your sleuthing skills not get your almost senior asses home!

The entire time she's sharing this story I'm thinking... jeez so this is what FD and I have to look forward to when we retire.  Chasing criminals on our motorized scooters like two spies on mopeds.  Grrrrrrrreat!

I have feeling as more time goes on I'm going to have trouble with my parents, keeping them in line and out of trouble.  Lord help me!

MY KID IS either SMARTER THAN I REALIZED or has an excellent memory.

Despite his disabilities which are still under investigation, aside from his mild (very mild) Cerebral Palsy, PB (Pickleboy) shocked the crap out of me a couple of days ago.  We were sitting at mom and dad's visiting, something we do at least twice a week, when he starts to recite the alphabet.

Okay not genius I know.  I mean he is four after all and has been attending preschool (fine arts for special needs kids) for the past year.  But it was what he was doing while saying his ABC's...  He was drawing them in the air with his fingers.  A... B... C... and drawing them correctly!  Totally blew my mind.

Then we went out the next day to grab a Timmy-Ho's for FD and I bought cookies for PB and Gamer.  They love Tim's cookies.  We get home and in the bag were 6 peanut butter cookies for the boys to share.  My g/f shoelessmommy came over with her rug rats and I of course offered them the yumminess I had in the bag.  One for my friend and one for her kids to share.

PB comes tearing off the chair he was sitting in calmly and suddenly gets upsets.  "Hey I want a cookie before they are gone!"  He announces firmly.

"There are lots!"  I tell him.

He shakes his head wildly, staring at me incredulous like I'm off my rocker and he says...

"No mom there are only four left.  Can I have one?"

Ummmmmmm what?  I looked at FD and he looked at me and we both looked at Shoelessmommy and shook our heads.  Not quite sure how he knew how many were in the bag.  So later that night I asked him because it bothered me.  I mean it could just be a fluke right?

"PB how did you know there were only four cookies in the bag earlier when I shared them with your friends?"

Laying in bed, he rolled his eyes and sighed heavily.  "There were six.  You gave two.  That leaves four,"  he said in a tone like I was as a dumb as a post if I didn't know that.

"Yeah but how do you know that?"  I pressed even further.

Again rolling the eyes.  "Mom everyone knows dis stuff!  Can I sleep now?"

This is a kid who didn't talk or walk until just before his second birthday.  A kid who can't put on his own shoes, throws tantrums when things don't make sense to him.  But he can subtract?

Wow - the next few years are going to be fun!


stephanie on May 31, 2010 at 11:47 PM said...

thats awesome i have to tell hubby

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