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Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day

Once again it's that time.  The time where we honor dad's around the world for all their hard work and support they give to their families and to their children.  I wrote a post for my husband already concerning what a great father he is.  But now it's time to tell you why (my dad) is someone I love so much and why.

1.) When I was a kid he came to every baseball game, soccer game and so forth.  He drove cab and he would drop in and watch me while working his shifts which usually lasted twelve hours or more.  No matter what my brothers and I were doing, we'd look up and dad you were always there. 
2.) You always knew how to make me laugh.  Your sense of humor is very similar to mine, very straight forward but silly.  When things got hard you'd crack a joke which just seemed to turn things around for me.
3.) You were the kind of man I wanted to marry.  Maybe all little girls feel that way, I don't know but I did.  I wanted someone like you, down to earth and funny but good to his family and children most of the time.
4.) Dad you are someone I respect and admire.  You were always hard working and though you might have made mistakes over the years, you loved and still do love my mother after 38 years of marriage.  You always tried putting her first before yourself and were giving of yourself to others.
5.) You showed me it's okay for a guy to cry and emotion in men is not a negative aspect but a virtue to be blessed with.  The fact you show emotion and get sad and even cry when you are unhappy, angry or thrilled with something is incredible, especially when the era you were raised in taught men NOT to cry.
6.) You taught me that it doesn't matter how you were raised or where you came from, what you had or didn't, you make your life what it is and you should above all respect yourself and never let anyone get away with causing you shit if you don't deserve it!
7.) You are strong.  You suffer daily in pain and yet try to work through it and not let it cause you an excuse to not live your life.  You still garden and help mom by moving things, walking when your legs are sore, taking me places even if you can't and push through the hard times.  I love that about you.
8.) You always hugged me.  NO matter what you always hugged and kissed me.  I still at 37 years old can sit on your lap and feel like I'm five.  That's so awesome!
9.) You are still parenting me.  Some parents allow their children to grow up and move on and never really get in their business.  Sometimes you get in my business and I can't stand it but I also realize you are trying to help me better myself when you are giving advice or suggestions on how or what I should do in my life when things are wrong.  You are still parenting me and I'm lucky for that.
10.) Last but not least.  You are my dad and I love you.

Happy Father's Day Daddy.  I hope you have a great day!
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