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Monday, June 21, 2010

shay sorrells biggest loser is on mamavation tv tonight!

I absolutely loved Shay when I watched Biggest Loser two seasons ago and I was thrilled when subway helped her to continue her success by giving her $1000 per pound she lost which they awarded her at the finale this past season.

Shay is an inspiration to many other women and men out there.  She's a mom of two small children.  She spent time in foster care growing up where she met many of her demons which pushed forward her weight gain, and the pain of her mother and the things her mother did to her while she grew up.

Shay started biggest loser as the largest female contestant ever at 467lbs.  She even almost gave up on herself the first day and quit but Jillian Michaels helped her see the tough road ahead would be worth it.  At the ranch she shed 172lbs and she is the perfect example as her journey continues that through blood, sweat and tears the human spirit can strive for excellence in ones self.

Tonight Shay is going to be on Mamavation TV to answer your questions.  This is totally exciting!  To join in the fun and watch the show please go here

Thanks to Bookieboo for sending this out to me to remind me of this fantastic live show tonight and I hope everyone takes advantage of watching.
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