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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

oh canucks! playoffs will be interesting

Well the trade deadline has come and as a Vancouver fan I can say I'm a bit perplexed but not disappointed because as a nucks fan disappointment comes with the territory that Mike Gillis made no trades for the Canucks during today's most important day of hockey, the trade deadline.

DH sat here staring at the ticket taper which seemed to have Calgary's name splashed across it, searching and waiting to see some sign of some move Vancouver had done or was going to do.

Nothing happened.

A few names popped up to my mind thinking toward the future. The Sedine twins haven't been signed yet and become unrestricted free agents this summer, though their agent J.P Perry is still working on banging something out for them.

Mattis Ohlund will also become a free agent. He has a no-trade contract but was even willing to waive that as the deadline approached as it seems he is unlikely to wear a Canucks walke jersey when this summer approaches.

Other names popped up as well including Taylor Pyatt, Shane O'Brien and even Bieske's name rolled around the loop a few times. One thing I knew they weren't going to do was give up a first round draft pick. But has acquiring Sundin which was done this past December enough to fill the voids we see on the ice?

Lou... Roberto Luongo seems to be getting back to form. But one player cannot carry a team. Just ask Gretzky. It's too much pressure, especially when the defencemen in front of the net have no problem sharing their puck with the other team. How nice of them! We struggle each game I watch. It's heartbreaking.

So why no trades?

Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary all jumped into the loop as the trade deadline ran it's course. It's not even over yet and my feeling we missed the bus somewhere is digging deep in my heart.

I guess the playoffs will tell if Gillis made the right decision or not. I'm guessing not. But hey anything is possible. I keep yelling at the boys to shoot the puck at the net. When they do they score. So like I said anything is possible.

I miss the days of Pat Quinn and Brian Burke wheeling and dealing for us as every second counted during this significant day of switching players. It's hard to see nothing happen during the trade deadline when nothing is happening on the ice during the games and our boys keep struggling.

Our playoff hopes rest on Roberto Luongo, poor guy. He's just getting himself back to form after a huge layoff with an injury that leaves most goalies wincing (groin) and hard-pressed to find themselves back to the play they were before.

It just seems unfair. And as a fan it leaves me feeling somewhat as though the GM of our team just doesn't care about our future. It's a feeling I've had for many years as I've watched our playoff hopes disappear into the night quicker than a black cat searching for a shadow to hide behind.

No matter what happens as the day ends, I will forever be a Canuck fan, no matter how their coaches or GM's or even owners deal with the team. It's in my heart to do so. I've been watching hockey since I was a little girl with my dad, rooting the Canucks on and waiving my white towel. It's a feeling of pride even when they lose. They are my boys. I will support them. I just wish the staff hired to protect them and help build them up as a team felt the same way as I do. It's a shame they don't.


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