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Friday, April 24, 2009

backyard fun

We took the boys to my brother's house yesterday. They always have such a good time a R's house. He has a big playroom with tons of toys. There is a downstairs rec room where the boys can play video games or foozball. But it's his yard I envy because I see how much fun the boys have being outside.

We have a small yard here which we are renovating this summer. In fact I need to start digging it up to make room for the new deck and things for the reno we are going to be doing. So for now we go to uncle's house where they can dance on the tramp, play soccer in the backyard, climb the slide and just run around and be kids.

That is after all what it's about, right?

A lot of these items my brother found on craig's list. Check your local freecycle or craig's list for the outdoor toys or items you might want. Many times you can find what you need at dirt cheap. Like the tramp he got was only $60 bucks. They retail over $200 brand new. Kids don't need new but something that is just safe.


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