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Monday, April 27, 2009

monday mumbers: i hate monday counseling

It's that time again. monday mumbers, and as most of you know I really do hate Monday's. It's the day where I deal with everything from going to counseling to paying and dealing with bills. Anything that can go wrong usually does on a monday for me. So this week is dedicated to that.

6,497 times I rolled my eyes when corky said he remembered things to our counselor "A" and bit my tongue from saying "WTF you don't remember shit! It's called a brain injury dumbass!"

7,892 times I told myself there was no point because he wouldn't remember what I had told him anyhow.

9,212 times I told corky I loved him today. Telling him makes me feel better and of course I have to repeat myself just so I can help it sink in to his brain lol.

12 times he told me back. (12!!!!!) See the odds aren't in my favor.

200 times I told pickle boy that "no" we would not go and pick his brother up early from school just so he could play hockey outside with him.

5,134 times PB asked when his kids were coming then. By (kids) he means my niece and nephew who come Tue, Wed & Fridays. Man trace is bored.

3 times rogers wireless called us to say we needed to make a payment on our cell account when we already did. Dumb shits! Check the computer if you know how to work one!

1 text message corky got to say the same thing, pay his bill to which he replied and I quote... "eat my shorts!" You go bart simpson!

8 times I asked corky when the canucks play next during the day. Who has the brain injury???? I'm a dumbass with fog in my head - sue me!

15 times hockey dude asked if he could play PS2 right up until supper despit us telling him (again and friggin again) no video games during the week (it's a rule) to which he replied "I hate Mondays!"

I hear you buddy! Mommy hears you!

Happy Monday everyone...


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