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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

canucks sweep the blues

I could barely contain myself watching the game tonight. Electricity was in the air as the start of game four commenced, after Ruben Studdard sang ode to the Blues. I kept thinking, it's not going to be enough. My boys are going to win! They just have to.

The first period was awesome! Much the previous three games, the boys came out swinging. They were hitting and fore-checking. Luongo was incredible making save after save as the puck traveled with end to end action.

We were up by two goals part way through the first. Then the Blues, those dastardly little buggers, scored. It was a nice goal, splitting our defense Luongo didn't have a chance. Just like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come." Robbie's motto is "If he can see it he will stop it."

And he was true to form.

But then the Blues scored again. Similar to the first goal they split the defense. Luongo didn't have a chance to stop it, and then something funny happened... .

Our boys started to suck!

I don't know what happened. I never screamed so much. I tried desperately to keep the swear words to a minimum. But it's hard coming up with new words on the fly when the intensity is this quick. "For flipping pancakes put the gosh dagnabbit puck in the net you son of a monkeys uncle!"

It just doesn't sound right during the game and everyone ended up throwing peanuts at me in my own living room, and I still got...

"Oh! Mama those are bad words!" From Pickle-boy, LOL. Only because he doesn't know them and gosh bless his sweet little heart.

They weren't passing the puck. They weren't checking. Their feet had led in them and I kept screaming... CHECK CHECK CHECK... GET IT OUT!!!!!! Not that they could hear me, though I secretly sometimes think they can, LOL.

The third period started and the boys got wind again. Then I freaked out. The ref's called nothing during the third and then suddenly we are killing off a two minute penalty, despite the array of infractions that occurred between both teams, mostly St. Louis!

Okay I added that because I don't like them. But still it wasn't fair. You either call the game or don't.

Next thing I know Kessler is going to the box for high-sticking. It was a four minute disadvantage. It was an ACCIDENT! I screamed at the television, despite knowing you should always keep your damn stick on the bloody ice...


The boys killed off both penalties and as time wound down I knew we were going to overtime. I just knew it.

Now I have to tell you I don't handle overtime well. I get fidgety, stressed, have to hide my eyes and scream louder than normal and then cry like a baby after it's all done. It's quite a show really and DH just laughs at me. But the truth is I can't handle the excitement. You have three periods to get the job done, do it dammit!

And boy did they!

Overtime was so darn exciting I couldn't watch but couldn't not watch. So many chances in front of Mason. The kids were on the floor. Pickle-boy in his Canucks shirt and Hockey-dude in his Naslund jersey. Dad was on the sofa, mom was still at her meeting, Jen was sitting next to dad and I was holding Corky's knee squeezing it every three seconds.

I lost my voice screaming at the television. And when the shot rang out from Burrows in the corner we all thought it hit the post until we realized it went in! White towels were swung in the air, screaming of joy escaped everyone, jumping up and down, hugging and kissing. It was a totally amazing moment.

It's funny how one sporting event can bring out so many emotions in you. The joy, fear, sadness, worry, grief and excitement that can take place while watching.

It's a good thing the Canucks swept the Blues. It's their first time sweeping a series ever in franchise history. It's a good thing because it means they will get time off until round two begins.

I don't know about my boys (the nucks) but I sure could use the break.


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