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Sunday, April 12, 2009

canucks win western division

I sat down on the sofa, shoulder still aching, feeling kinda crappy because of it.

But all of that was going to change the moment I heard the sound of the whistle blow and the puck dropped at noon to start what I hoped would be a game that would give our boys the western conference division championship.

The first period was good, Canucks came out hard and played well defensively.

Roberto I Love Him Luongo was great in net and appeared to be on his game. My excitement and anticipation was building. Somebody was going to score from our team; I could taste it!

I was wrong - lol.

The next two periods were like watching paint dry. Slow and easy; the Canucks sat back to protect themselves from getting scored on. Our defense played well the second and third period. So they fracken should because playoffs are coming and lately they've been a bunch of shits nuckleheads screwing the pooch instead of making those key plays that would ohhh - I don't know Keep the fracken puck out of Louie's crease.

Tonight though the boys did well in front of him.

The boys outshot Colorado something like 33 to 22 but just couldn't put the puck in the net which really ticks me off when they don't play with some balls.

This game was important. We only needed one point though to clinch first place in our division. Still I was expecting to see a bit more of an exciting game.

I'll be Calgary was chomping at the bit as the seconds wound down and they realized NANANANABOOBOO we took the championship from them. Here Flames let me hand you a lighter as someone obviously oooh we did we did doused your fire.

So on to overtime we strolled (crawled) and within the first 30 seconds Henrick Sedine passed a slower than a turtle with crazy glue on it's feet, puck behind him and what do you know? He scored.


I'm soooooooo glad this game is over. I can't take all that excitement. I don't know how I'm going to handle the playoff.

Wait I know. Watch below because it's my honey, I mean Louie whose going to rock. At least he better if we are going to make it past the first round playing a team that has seems to know every shot we don't take toward the net.

I can't wait for it to start... White towel mama is gonna dig you out of the dumpster and show everyone what a true fan I am.


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