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Monday, April 20, 2009

monday mumbers

5,213 times I yelled "NO GETTING MOMMY WET!" as all the neighborhood rascals ran around my carport.

3,000 times I told my gf Jen it's okay to date a guy out of province.

40 texts the amount of texts she has gotten in the last 2 days from "said out of province man" who I told her it's okay to date.

219,000 times I said the word shit during game 3 Vancouver Canucks vs St. Louis Blues.

500,000,000 times Pickle-boy said mommy shit is a bad word and tried sending me for a time-out.

2,340 times we waved the white towel before and after the Canucks scored.

4,980 beers I drank during the game.

6, 389 times I threw up after lol.

(Okay I only had 3 beer and didn't throw up so that is a fib. But everything else is true LOL.)


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