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Thursday, April 16, 2009

movie review: premonition i-liked

So Jen and I sat here tonight, just shortly after supper and she was waiting for her food to arrive and we watched PREMONITION with Sandra Bullock.

Now I like Sandra, and always have. Ever since I watched and fell in love with a small sleeper film (romantic comedy) called While you were sleeping; I've loved her.

I think she is funny and recently her last movie to date with Keanu Reeves the LAKE HOUSE which reminds me a bit about this film, was one of my favorite films she's ever done.

Many people did not like this movie. They found it slow. They said the acting wasn't believable because if you know someone is going to die why wouldn't you spend the entire film trying to convince other people or let alone that person the events you knew were going to transpire?

Because that would have been boring! To me at least.

What I liked about Premonition was the fact I had to use my brain, watch the entire film, listen to every word spoken to help make any sense over what Linda Hansen (Bullock's) character was going through when she discovers that her husband has been killed in a car accident, wakes up the next day to find him alive, wakes up the next day to find him dead again and so forth.

I know it might sound confusing but it's really not. Each movie I watch I look for a story. I'm a writer so of course the story is important to me.

Do I think they could have told this story better?

Well we can always improve after we've done something, or at least we should. So yes I believe they could have made it less confusing for those unwilling to look past the straight forward acting and jumping around this film produced.

What I loved was the direction the film took. The story isn't about a depressed housewife who discovers unnatural events are taking place surrounding her husband's death. The story is about what led up to his demise and how to make it right.

"Each day we live is a miracle..." a line in the movie said by the pastor to Linda when she states she doesn't know what to fight for.

Does she fight to save her husband, knowing that he was planning on cheating on her?

Does she fight to let him go, knowing he's going to be killed on Wednesday in a car accident?

Does she fight for her sanity which she thinks she is losing?

"We all have something to believe in. Love... hope... things we can't smell or touch but yet we believe." Isn't that worth fighting for?

Premonition does a good job at examining the human spirit. It dives into our morals, our thoughts (crazy or not) on how we view not only ourselves and our actions in our friendships and marriage, motherhood with our children. But also how we view others.

The movie sort of goes backwards a bit as you get to watch Linda examine her life and marriage with her husband, NIP TUCK'S Julian McMahon. I also loved him on Charmed (yummy).

And you get to understand how things can become so torn apart between two people who don't communicate. How important time is, not to waste it? Something many of us don't think about because we are too busy living the life we think we should be instead of loving the people in it.

Anyhow it is a bit slow moving but still worth a watch if you can dive yourself right into the story. I give it three out of five stars.


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