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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

random tuesday thoughts: things I ponder and share


I've always wondered where on earth the bloody socks go after you put them in the dryer. Pickle-boy watched me poke my head inside the dryer tube on a man hunt for the one red missing foot warmer that he just had to wear. I mean my headache like there are no other colors in the dang rainbow; he has to have the one red sock.

"What u doing mama?" he asked to which I explained about how when things are wet we put them in the dryer to dry off.

Several moments later I heard a horrible sound. It was like a small animal being plucked to death without consent, and I jumped up and ran into the laundry room.

Pickle-boy was trying to shove Sir Thomas (our kitty of nearly 16 years) into the dryer.

"What on God's green earth yes I talk that way because swearing is morally wrong if you are a parent... WTF (ever) but let's assume that's what I said.

"What are you doing to the cat?" I asked him.

It was then with a straight poker face my young little adventure explained... while he was still searching for the one missing red sock I had given up finding; he noticed the cat was wet.

"When something is wet we put it in the dryer," he said using my very own words back at me.

Now who can argue with that?

Apparently the cat!

I went to my parents tonight to watch the Canucks play. It's always fun listening to them argue over the game. Mom got upset because dad put the Canucks down for not playing well. I had to laugh really. Dad was upset the boys didn't play defensively and mom got defensive!

The kids were here today. By kids I mean A & S my niece and nephew, and they were playing upstairs in Pickle-boy's room. All of sudden I hear them yelling at one another.

"It's my turn! Hurry up you go! Now me!"

Great, I thought. They are arguing over who gets to go down the slide again that's attached to the outside of Pickle-boy's small loft bed.

Ready to smack heads talk nicely to the kids; I go up the stairs. I get up there there they are lined up in a row, all three taking turns on who gets to not go down the slide but walk up the slide and then who gets to climb down the ladder.

Kids are funny sometimes.

I love the neighborhood we live in. Okay yes it's filled with crackheads and whores and dealers, but mom always taught me to share the world and even crackheads need a corner to sleep on.

No I love this area because of the local businesses. In the past several months we've seen a few go under which is kinda depressing and hard to see happen.

But across the street there is still our pizza guy, the small cafe we go to for coffee, Fields and Pharmasave and the market. When we walk with the kids it's nice they call us by our first name and wave hello. Gives me warm fuzzies inside.


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