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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

21 degrees of pure clothing separation

The weather here in Abbey has been crap lately. So it was no surprise when we reached a high of 21 degrees that the kids all decided summer was here.


I swear they THE KIDS are all crazy.

I have to admit, despite declaring pajama day today and lounging in my flannels. It was warm outside.

It was also fun watching all the kids run around chasing each other with the garden hoses yelling CAR!

whenever a vehicle entered the co-op, and then FIGHT ON! when it left. For us parents it was the beginning of things to come as we know the next two months are going to fly by before school is out, and then I'm going to be up to my eyeballs in rascals, and oh don't you worry there will be rants as well as they will be home all day on summer vacation.

Ahhh joy!

Hockey-dude decided it would be LITTLE KIDS against the BIG KIDS. Okay not the fairest of situations but alright, we'll go with that. The little ones might be little but pickle-boy held his own running up against his MUCH older brother and friends.

PB surprised me at first. I wasn't sure how he was going to be, what with his brother soaking him to the bone right off the bat causing him to wail like a baby without a bottle.

Three is such a fun age ain't it?

He's the type of kid whom if you happen to drop a smidgen of water on or sneeze accidentally all over him; melts down like Mt. St. Helen's erupting -- end of the world kind of trouble if you know what I mean. But he did really well today.

He didn't like being cold at first and he wanted to change his clothes each time he got wet. I also had to convince him it was not polite to run around soaked to the bone naked like a newborn scaring everyone with his peter. So diapers were MANDATORY and eventually after much persuading; he joined in the fun and had a blast attacking the front lines.

PB: "I swim-min, mama."

JP: "I see that babe."

PB: "I naked boy--pleaseeeeeee?"

JP: "I mama and I say nope can do my little man."

PB: *frowns* threatens to dump a cup of water all over me and my laptop to which I respond with idle threats of my own and all kinds of torture that will follow if he proceeds with this choice.

Eventually he understood OKAY I SQUEAKED out the grand parental victory, thank you - thank you very much. It's very rare; and he rushed off to soak the neighbor kid who wasn't supposed to get wet at all according to his mother.

(Man I would hate to be him when she finds out he accidentally ignored her) YIKES!

The boys had fun and that's all the matters.

It really is. It's nice to see them playing outside finally, especially when it was only last week we had snow! The weather changes here more than I care to remember. It's usually rain - rain - and more rain. Or snow - sleet - hail and more SLH... dumping down on us.

So seeing our friend the sun was nice.

I let him know how much he'd been missed and he cordially apologized for his absence and promised to stay on at least until Thursday. He could tell I wasn't impressed he would be departing us again over the weekend.

But I'll enjoy his company while I have the chance.

So will the children of BV Co-op. A dance of joy filled their eyes as they threw caution to the wind and just ran around being nothing more than babbling, silly, screaming like girls the boys were anyhow kids. Exactly how it should be if you ask me, which you didn't I know but I'm telling you anyhow. 21 degrees of pure clothing separation, smiles on their faces, joy in their eyes, laughter in their voices and a million memories were made today.

It was cool.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us. Perhaps we'll hold championship grass rolling competitions over yonder at the park and throw rocks up the slide that's usually wet because we just can. Either way summer is going to be a blast and I'm going to enjoy it!

hockey-dude poses for the camera with a look of cheekiness on his wet face.

pickle-boy decided he was out-numbered and so it was best to build a fortress of ready made big gulp cups filled with water. "Bring it on!" he shouts aloud.

You go little man!

Note to self:
Try to refrain from beating child with wet noodle for inappropriate hose conduct. Why is kids loves to sit on the hose or be cheeky with it? MMMM I'm not looking forward to Jake turning ten.


Jaye @ on April 7, 2009 at 7:25 AM said...

Ha ha I loved this post! I'm going to link to you, I love your sense of humour :O) See ya!

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