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Friday, May 15, 2009

friday frustrations: people

One thing I can't stand is when people lie. I mean it's hard enough to force ourselves to be honest with ourselves about shit in our lives. Why do people have to lie to make it even worse?

I've been working at home, taking calls from customers for my brothers business. I have to set up appointments, take their name, number, time they wish to book their units, get their addresses and so forth. And I always CB the night before their order goes out, just to make sure everything runs smoothly.

So this weekend was extremely busy. We had several castles and bouncers set up for delivery. It was also the worst weekend yet!

My driver got to each location and some people didn't have cash, even though I specifically told them CASH ONLY! and they lied to my driver (my dad actually) saying I never told them about this or that when I did! I told them several times.

I felt like jumping through the phone and strangling them, though that is a tad violent I know. I'm not on my meds right now, waiting for funding from the government which really sucks. So I have a tendency to think a little hot headed now and then, and this Friday was no exception.

It just really frustrates me when I'm dealing with an adult and they bald face lie about something I know I did or told them, just to screw us around. I know I'm whining and you are probably saying -- jeez Jodi get over it, people lie all the time.

I know they do.

I guess I'm just trying to figure out how on earth I get my boys to trust to anyone, to believe in what people say, to trust their words are genuine and not maliciously spread for the purpose of their own gain. How do I do that?

I like to believe in the good in people. Call me naive if you want, but I call it optimism because I refuse to believe we've come to such a point in our lives we wake up each day trying to figure out how to screw our neighbors for personal satisfaction or gain.

Maybe next weekend when I book bouncers I will simply just tell people they have it booked then call them up the night before and say I never said that and that they don't. See how they like having something to count on ripped out from under you.

I wish I could but that isn't good business. Not to mention it's just not nice and I know there are people out there who are nice and good and decent.

I just wish more of our customers were like them.

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