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Saturday, May 16, 2009

small talk six: pieces of advice that are obvious but people should hear

I love, just love them! And I love being a part of Small Talk Six. This weeks 6 is advice people should know but maybe don't want to hear but should hear. 6 phrases, 6 videos, 6 of something you want to share.

It's great fun!

1.) Don't drink and drive. (No Tolerance!) Many think you can have one beer or glass of something over a period of time, but here in BC there is a no tolerance law. It would be sad to bury your child or someone you love because someone had just one beer and made a mistake they didn't mean to.

2.) Smoking kills. I have to say I cannot say much about this because I smoke and I'm a bad role model, for my children as well because they watch me smoke. Kinda hard to tell them not too when mommy is busy sticking a nic stick in her mouth. That's why I'm trying to quit, to set a better example.

3.) Washing your hands is important! With the H1N1 it's funny how we need commercials and other ads to tell us the importance of washing our hands daily, to keep germs and other bacteria away from our hands, eyes and face. It's a given.

4.) Turn off your coffee pots and other items you may not think of before you leave the house. Many people leave their dryers going, go out and think well -- nothing will happen. Leaving on your coffee pot (which I'm also guilty of) dryer, curling iron and so forth is a great way to come home to a pile of ashes and perhaps losing everything you love, even people as it can start a fire.

5.) Don't leave out medications (even those) with child protective caps. Kids are smart and it's amazing what you think they don't know they do. Leaving medications out is a sure way to cause problems for your kids. My three year old thinks my medication is candy and always wants some.

6.) Don't take anything for granted, especially time. This one hits close to home for me. My husband has a brain injury and forgets everything during the day when he goes to sleep. So he wakes up and each day is a brand new day. He's taught me to enjoy life, live for the moment and never never take life for granted because the things we love and people we love may not always be there when we expected it. So make each day count!


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