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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

how to start blogging and have fun

So ever since I started this blog a couple months ago, it's been a ton of work.

Don't get me wrong, it's work I really enjoy. But my son came and sat down beside me today and asked me what I was doing and how my blog was doing and if I posted Wordless Wednesday today lol.

I told him yes I did post and the blog is doing fine. He had no clue how much work actually goes into a blog and why mommy is always writing things down, tweaking her templates or adding on new sites and visiting other people's blogs when I have the time.

I don't want to discourage anyone from starting a blog. That's not my intention. It's just I guess I realized how much actually goes into networking in order to get your blog out there for others to read and take notice. With so many mommy and parenting blogs online, the competition to make your blog unique and different can be a hefty task.

Here are some of the things you can do that I found helped me along the way when I first got started.

1.) Choose a platform: For me specifically I love BLOGGER, though there are many others out there (Wordpress, Joomla, Typepad) and so forth. Some people even host their own blog through a paid hosting company. I just like blogger because of it's ability for customization something I didn't get at Wordpress, at least not without signing up for a host.

2.) Next you will need a Template: depending on which platform you decided to choose. There are so many wonderful (free) and paid templates and blogger themes online I just can't possibly list them all. But if you go online to sites like cutestblogontheblock or Themelib you are sure to find something you will love.

3.) Customize: your heart out or pay someone to do it for you. This was an easy choice for myself because I love to create banners, play with templates, colorize them, add backgrounds and so forth. But if you are not tech savvy then you might want to have someone create the template for you. Many sites online offer low cost blog creation that include all your banners and buttons; some even as low as $15.00 per package.

4.) Posting and Blog Post Decisions: Do you love cats? Do you have a hobby you'd like to share with the world? Like to fix cars and want to help others know some tips and tricks while working under the hood?

No matter what topic or topics you choose to blog about, make sure the content is truthful and real. For myself I blog about whatever. I love sharing others stuff (contests and giveaways) reviews on baby products, my thoughts on American Idol or something going on in Hollywood or the News. It's your choice! Above all you have to have fun with what you are doing because if you don't believe in your posts then neither will readers.

5.) Networking: This is where all the work comes into starting and maintaining a blog. I will admit it can be overwhelming at the start. Some days my head spins with all the stuff I do concerning this spot on the web I've created. I visit daily sites (my regulars) and support their posts with comments. The more you comment on others the better, and don't get discouraged if you don't get comments back. They will come. The more enriched content you have on your blog the more your readers will want to say something about it.

Social applications are now the hot ticket to helping blogs get ahead. Facebook, Linkin and Twitter are just a few of the places I go to regularly to update my posts and make sure readers there catch a glimpse of what I'm talking about and come back here to join me. So get out there and make some new friends. Grab some buttons to put on your sight showing support and before you know it your blog will have a few followers that will make all the hard work you put in worthwhile!

Happy Blogging...
~ JP


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