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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

jon & kate announce their separation on TLC

Well it is official. Jon & Kate from TLC's Jon and Kate plus 8 announced on their hit TV show Monday they have decided to separate.

I went to the TLC boards to read what others had to say about this because I don't watch the show anymore and I watched the short video clip.

Both Jon and Kate described why the break-up was happening. It's not good for their children to see them arguing and apparently they cannot be civil toward each other. Like anyone ending their ten year marriage would be when emotions are running hot.

I don't watch the show anymore because I don't agree with what TLC has done for this family, on that note I agree their greed has infectiously helped push this family apart, as many other readers feel the same.

What steams me more than that though is everyone and their opinions on the couple and the hateful words spreading through the Internet like a deep seeded virus hell bent on making them feel worse than they most likely already feel, and the gall people have in saying the things they do on a matter that doesn't concern them.

"It's easier to throw stones when you aren't the target!"

Here is what I posted on Kate's TLC blog about the issue...

None of us here, including myself have the right to judge you or Jon or anybody else for that matter.

I truly hope without the show and public eye watching you both of you will realize the love that brought you together to help create your wonderful children and no matter what anyone says you both know how much you love your kids. It's never easy being a parent, and being a parent on television is even harder. Many people keep saying poor kids, you guys are doing wrong by announcing your separation on live TV but it's what everyone wanted and why everyone tuned in so they could be a part of it like they have from the beginning.

Your children will give you both strength, and Kate I feel you are strong because part of being married is knowing and accepting you cannot change someone else's feelings and if Jon needs space then he does and you will go about what you do which is being a mother to your children and hopeful he will find his way back to you.

As for everyone else. Imagine your entire life on television for whatever reason, no one asks for pain or heart break to come to them, no one asks for media attention and none of us would know how we would react if we were living their lives in the spotlight, sure we can surmise and judge and throw stones or give support.

Truth is it doesn't matter. It's not our life. Perhaps the best thing everyone can do is turn the channel!

Posted by: JP Shaw @ Rants n' Rascals | 06/23/2009 at 03:26 AM

I feel sick inside, every web page I turn to has mocking, hate filled words, judgements on Kate as a mother or Jon as a husband. It's truly sad really that we as people cannot give this couple more support and wish them well, pray for them or hope they make it through.

It doesn't matter why they started the show on TLC. Shit if I had 8 kids, no money, a job I hated and was offered this amazing opportunity to give advice and information to other parents of twins and sextuplets then I would have probably jumped at the chance, too.

It doesn't matter why they continued doing the show, especially when as the years rolled by we saw more arguing, bitterness and frustration between both Jon and Kate and the children as well, whether it be contracts keeping them there, money to keep their house going or whatever the reason.

It doesn't matter they announced their separation on TLC for millions of people to see or that many of you feel they are bad parents for what they have done to their children by doing so on live television.

It also doesn't matter that Jon was happy about it while Kate wasn't. Shit if I were Jon I'd be thrilled to be getting my ass away from the show, out of the lime light. And if I were Kate I'd be sad about it for my kids, sad it fell apart and scared for things. They wouldn't be human if they didn't feel those things, whether we all agree or not.


Because it's NOT your life, my life or anyone else's

I wish them the best in life. I wish the kids a happy and healthy future. But let's face it as parents we all screw up from time to time, all our kids will most likely need therapy for one issue or another due to something we did or didn't do as parents ourselves. We are not infallible or perfect. It's an imperfect world.

So cut the Gosselin's some fucking slack!

Lord knows if it were me I'd beg for the same. So would you so don't lie!


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