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Monday, June 15, 2009

potty key bandit loose in abbotsford

Okay so I have to share this because it was TFF and made me laugh my ass off.

This is Jen, one of my BFF's and I adore her to pieces. She is one the best peeps I know and often visits me, considering she lives two doors away and is my true form of hysterics when I need them most.

She found herself on the unemployment line (like everyone else) and decided to venture back to school at 30 something to upgrade her skills in the Social Work field, a field she so totally belongs in...

Helping people is her true calling and in order to get funding for school she has had to jump through hoops and venture out to the many schools offering the program she wants, in order to gain insight and collect information to present to the worker in charge of aiding her trek back to school.

So today I went over to see how she was feeling since she'd been a tad under the weather, having just completed her son's 10th (double digit) birthday, and emotional day for any mom, along with several days spent at the lake celebrating friends b-days that all seem clustered in the month of June.

Anyhow, she asked me to come over to go over the course materials with her to give her my input on what school I thought was best. We chatted for a bit and then I had to leave to get ready for the banquet tonight (another post).

As I'm walking out the door she blurts out: "Yeah I have to return the washroom key."

"Huh?" I said as I reached the door. "Did you say you had to return the washroom key?"

Jen begins to laugh hysterically. "That's right I didn't tell you but I'm a potty bandit."

My word, this was all news to me though I feel good she is sharing this new found news with me. I had to ask ...

"You have a washroom key that doesn't belong to you?" I grin.

Jen nods. "Well Allie had to pee so I asked to borrow the key from the administrator at one of the school we were at and I put in my pocket, with full intentions to return it but ended up walking out with it."

Okay at this point I couldn't stop laughing. "You are potty thief! Look out, don't let Jen near your washroom; she'll lock you out! You stole a rest room key!"

It was really funny and I told her that I was going to blog about it.

Consider it blogged Jenny Benny!

I didn't tell her about the WANTED poster though I copied and now plan to paper our entire town so everyone knows not to lend her a washroom key LOL.

Disclaimer: Jen has promised to return the potty key in the morning since it's from the school she wants to actually go to and she feels bad they had to go 12 hours without the ladies room key and that all students were probably forced to use the men's room. EWWWWWWWW!

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Garland on June 18, 2009 at 1:56 PM said...

Good afternoon. after much laughing and deligation our bathroom key has been returned.We had wondered where it had went to as jen ran off in such a hurry we thought the key did a disapearing act.We frisked every student with one goal in mind The Ladies bathroom key and to our suprise we never had a spare so yes the women had to use the kind yet not so pretty Mens room.As upon Jen's leaving school today she quickly said "Oh yea I have your bathroom key". As I stared in amazement "You had our bathroom key"I said as I burst out laughing. She briefly explained what had happened and not forgetting to mention this blog her darling friend blogged about her on. I couldnt hold myself back any longer and just had to reply. The Bathroom Bandit has a Concious and will return the key upon remembering !!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahah Cant wait to see you again Jen.

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