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Monday, June 1, 2009

monday mumbers: too hot!

52,345 times I said "feck it's hot today!"

98,765 times I jumped into the shower, turned on the cold water and just stood like a frozen Popsicle in bliss away from the heat.

3 times I filled my water glass which is more than 16 ounces in one hour.

5,678 screams I produced at the big kids walking by the cement in the bags I had with water guns and no care about it getting wet. Dang kids!

32,456 I yelled "birds! birds! Look out!" because the dang crows kept dive bombing us yesterday to protect their young.

43,567 times I said "It's fecking too fecking hot today!" yes that's tacked on to the 52,345 times I already said it.

11 times I changed the baby pickle boy today because he got wet, got dirty, got wet, got dirty, got wet, got... you get the picture.

42 times I told Corky (dh) how much I loved him for all the hard work he's been doing lately.

Oh by the way did I mention it's fecking hot today?

~ Happy Munday


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