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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

random tuesday: backyard renovation hell!

Okay so we decided to renovate our backyard. By renovate I mean we tore down the fence connecting us to our neighboring town home and our back fence which both were about to fall down anyhow because the wood was so rotten.

Now I'm not much on reno's. If I have money I much prefer to have someone come and do the job for me. I kill plants, like dead! I forget to water the grass, thank God we don't have any. The fence on the other hand has to be put up and I wanted my yard as maitenence free as possible.

So anyhoo we tore down the fences which was really easy considering they were rotten. Then we discovered my garden box was attached to my back fence so we had to tear that out plus all the dirt. But that's not even the fun part.

The sidewalk adjacent to my fence was put in crooked, so we had to break it up a bit in order to put in six posts. That is what we are doing today, mixing cement to put the posts in. This is day four of fence building and yard reno's.

Why four days you ask?

Because of this...


This little guy fell out of the tree which hangs on the outside of my fence against the sidewalk. So there we were staring at this fellow who couldn't swaqk and I soon realized couldn't fly. Mom and Pop were hovering in the tree above, watching closely.

We grabbed some boards and started digging the holes when suddenly... attack of the fecking birds. These crows came swooping down, dive bombing us. They attacked my neighbor and tried to peck the red strands off her head. It was totally fecking crazy to watch this. We all ran in the house, not sure what to fecking do.

So I got a hold of the wild bird sanctuary out here in Abbey and she told me because it's eyes are blue, it's feathers a dusty black and not glossy black; she was sure it was an infant and learning to fly. Apparently mom and pop kick their baby out of the tree so it falls merciellessly to the ground and then wait, hoping a carnivous and sneaky feline doesn't claw it to death while it tries to find flight.

Mmmmm I thought : how interesting. Kicking your kids out of the house and waiting for them to fly, hoping trouble doesn't find them and they can learn to greet the world on their own. Sound familiar?

Anyhow we managed to get the holes dug to put up the new posts. Here is Corky working hard. He's so adorable when he's all sweaty and grumpy from the sun lol.


The bird remained with us all night and we woke up this morning to mom and pop dive bombing us again because baby decided it felt more secure hiding behind the boys bikes next to my sundeck door. How nice!

Then this afternoon guess what? Babe flew. That's right. He spread his wings and up into the tree he went. Finally I got my yard back to myself and we could continue pouring cement into the post holes, and now we have to wait for them to set so we can put up the fence boards tomorrow.

I can't wait for this to be done.

This is our yard after we took down the fence. In the background you see our neighbors yard. He has to clean it up and mow those weeds lol. Get on it A and get er done!




Lucy on June 2, 2009 at 8:37 PM said...

That was a funny story. We spent 6 hours in our backyard this weekend. Every year we say that we need to keep up on this yard work better but it never happens.


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