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Sunday, June 14, 2009

potty training: update on pickleboy

So I stated last week that we were trying to potty train Pickleboy and as a reward he gets cocoas which are whoppers lol.

So far things have taken a turn for the better. Trace now tells us when he has to go!

I was so excited because he actually *pooped* in his potty and this week he used the big potty which was a really big step for him.

He still has accidents at times *of course* which is to be expected, and one things we have learned is to take his potty with us whenever we go out, just the seat.

We were in Stupid Store the other day when he announced he had to go and we ran to the washroom and he felt so much better having his own potty seat to sit on, not to mention the hygienic factor with public washrooms. I know his own seat is clean so it makes me feel better.

Next step for us to night train which will be much harder with his Cerebral Palsy. Trace has a very busy bladder and pees at least four times at night and about twelve times during the day. So it makes a bit harder for us. But we've got him FINALLY drinking water after supper and nothing else.

I remember this being easier ten years ago when I trained Jake lol. He was trained in a week and night trained in a week. Then no accidents after that.

Pickleboy is a different kid though, as siblings are I've learned. And patience is NEEDED while training a child. Trace is particular about things due to his Asperger's. He has to take the entire pull up off and his pants or he won't go on the potty. He has to hold a piece of toilet paper in his hand, but we finally got him out of that and he's learned it's okay. But he has to have a cup of water to drink while peeing, it makes him feel better lol.

You know how kids can be.

Anyhoo, all in all it's going good. I'm happy he's doing so well and now finally has figured out when he has to go and can actually feel it. He's on his way and I'm so proud of him.


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