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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

random tuesday: potty, co-op biz, my stepson

I love the randomness of random Tuesday. Today I want to show you my beautiful stepson Cole, he's almost seven years old.

Cole lives with his mother and father about four hours from us. It's hard seeing him sometimes, lack of money, places to stay can be expensive and what not.

Still we try to see him in August, near his b-day and spring time.

He's such a joy and both the boys (JJ and Trace) really love him. They love that they have another brother. Three boys we have and I've wanted to show him off for so long now but never had a pic.

I'm proud to know him and have the privledge of being his stepmom. He looks identical to DH and Cole's mom is a real sweetie. She's another amazing mom on the books, raising him and his little brother H.

Cole is suppose to come down for summer for a small visit. The boys cannot wait, neither can we. I'll let you all know how it goes as this will be our first time having him at our home.


Potty Woes:

Today was the first day pickleboy trained on the potty and needless to say it didn't go very well. It was like having a puppy who constantly pees everywhere. I forgot how endlessly horrible this was. And to make it worse he just has no interest and is too lazy with all the kids here to even bother. I'm not sure what to do. He just turned three in March but at this rate he'll never go.


Co-op Biz:

I live in a co-op which means I bought shares when I moved in and pay monthly housing charges (like rent) to live in a three bedroom townhouse where the rent is controlled. It also means that every now and then we have co-op meetings to discuss any changes that should be made to ammend our policies or fix things that just don't work for us anymore.

I hate these meetings!

Every time I go there is nothing but bitching going on. It fecking ruffles my feathers to say the least. I sat in front of some members tonight who did nothing but bitch and moan and talk bad about everyone, snickering and commenting, being rude when they spoke. I wanted to stick my foot up their asses and tell them to politely put a gigantic sock in it or I was going to scream!

I just can't stand so much negativity and because of it I get all emotional. I almost started leaking in front of everyone. I held my ears, rocked back and forth. I couldn't wait for the meeting to be over after listening to all these windbats drag on and on about things that just aren't going to do us (all the members) any good with such pissy attitudes.

Whew! Glad I shared that.

Happy Tuesday!


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