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Sunday, June 7, 2009

small talk six: things about my kids I'm proud of

I love scrapbooking and one of the programs I use to create beautiful pages of memories is Picnik
which allows me to edit my photos directly from my browser. I can grab photos from flickr and Photobucket as well as share them on Twitter and Facebook and more.

So for this Saturday's Small Talk Six I'm sharing six photos I did using Picnik. I hope you like them.

These are my boys below. What I'm proud of most is their ability to love one another. These four photos say it all. They are almost seven years apart and yet they still love each other so much, play together and my oldest who is ten JJ is such an amazingly good brother. He's always there for Trace (pickleboy) my youngest who has mild Cerebral Palsy. He never treats his brother different, despite knowing his challenges and teaches his younger brother the good and sometimes bad things we do in life (like not cleaning his room) lol.


Below are two pics I took of Allie and Trace. They are best buddies, holding hands, always hugging. Allie is the daughter to my BFF JF (you know who you are sexy babe!) and without them in our lives it would just be boring as hell.

We've decided that our children will get married one day and make us age old friends and grandparents. But for now we are just enjoying how much they love one another as they (like us) have to see each other at least once a day.

What I'm most proud of with Trace is his ability to make people smile. The things he says make everyone laugh especially when they need it most. I love how he's taught me strength and patience and taught me a thing or two about loving unconditionally. Dealing with his CP hasn't always been easy but it's been an incredible journey. They said he wouldn't walk until after his second birthday but he proved them wrong. He's defied the odds against him and now leads a very normal life and when there is something he cannot do because his legs don't work right, he pushes through and proves everyone wrong once again. I love his determination in life!


Head on over to conversations with moms and check out this meme. It's a great site with lots to see and do, make new friends and more and then head to to greet mr. linky he's so cool!

Have a happy Saturday and enjoy your Sunday!


The Mud Bug on June 7, 2009 at 2:29 PM said...

Beautiful children! Thanks for sharing!

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