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Friday, June 5, 2009

friday frustrations: fence delay, heat wave, no money

It's Friday already? Man the week has gone by really fast. Too fast if you ask me because I cannot believe we are into June already and soon hockey dude will be out of school and driving me nuts daily with "I'm bored, what can I do, can I have a freezie, can I get wet?" endlessly every five minutes.

What fun!

Mmmm so what can I frustrate about this Friday?

Well the fence in our yard is still not up. The co-op is making it hard since I made arrangements to do this and was told I'd have the supplies and now they say they won't pay for it, leaving me shite out of luck!

Anyhoo the boards are suppose to arrive Saturday but DH has to deliver slides for my bro and he will be gone all weekend. So I guess I'll be out there with the heat scorching down on me while I fill the holes for the posts with quick dry cement.

It's going to be a long weekend.

Speaking of heat... it was so fecking hot yesterday. We spent the day at hockey dude's track meet to which DH was suppose to come and watch with pickle boy and myself. But of course they didn't have enough volunteers and so DH being the good dad that he is offered his help. The bonehead!

He didn't put on sunscreen and now he looks like a lobster. His Scottish cracker skin is so pasty white and he burns so quickly. He burnt right to his hairline, bloody hell! I now have to cream him every night and afternoon because he's sore.

I'm not making any money writing as of late. The year started off as good but it's been slow for me with so many darn things to do. And so we are broke a lot right now, trying to get our bills paid off.

Being on a disability isn't easy but not hard either if you know how to budget, which I do. It just sucks because we don't extra money for things like ice cream, sprinkles, ice -- you know things to cool us off.

I hate being broke. I hate having to pawn things to just get milk for the kids or snacks. Yet they never complain (God Bless Them). I have great boys. Still, I hate having no money for anything extra. It really bites.

Maybe something good will happen!

You never know.

TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!


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