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Saturday, June 20, 2009

small talk 6: things he deserves

With Father's Day just around the corner this week's Small Talk Six belongs to dad.

Each week you post (based on topic) which you can find over at 6 pictures, 6 items, 6 whatever to best explain the weeks theme.

This weeks Small Talk Six Topic: Six Things That The Husband of your Children Deserve to have.

Now as you know my husband has a brain injury and basically forgets everything (mostly) each and every day. But despite those challenges he's still an amazing father and husband and we love him for everything he gives to us.

1.) All the memories his brain will allow him to remember to make it easier for him and not so down on himself.

2.) Our love which we try to show and give to him each and every day with hugs and kisses.

3.) His RX8 car which he salivates over each time he sees it.

4.) To win or have some sort of money land on him so that he could treat himself to something. Ever since we married he has never once blinked at handing over his disability check each month as contribution to our family for food and bills. He has also never asked for anything in return.

5.) A trip to Scotland. Corky is Scottish and loves his heritage. He has always wanted to go to Scotland and take the kids and I to visit his family castle (The Shaw) clan, his ancestors burial grounds and see the roving hills and green pastures that make him dream.

6.) Big Father's Day breakfast with all his favorites (bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast) and a day filled with peace and quiet where he can sit and watch sports, play the PS3 and do no chores all day long.

Note: Number six is only what he deserves NOT ... I repeat NOT what he will be getting as this is a blog of thoughts and not acts of kindness bestowed by myself or my children upon their father on his special day. You still have to do dishes lol!


Staci on June 20, 2009 at 4:09 PM said...

What a sweet list! #6 does sound very nice!

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