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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

biggest loser: tracey throws her teammates under the bus

Okay my mouth dropped open this week watching BL (Biggest Loser) during the weigh in, though it shouldn't have, but I just couldn't believe as I watched Tracey who won the challenge and the power to decide whose weight would count, when she threw all her teammates under the bus.

She's a backstabber, she's awful and I was totally jumping up and down when Jillian opened her mouth and blasted her, saying Coach Mo should frankly "look out for himself" now and not count on her because Tracey is going to do what Tracey wants to do.

It all started when Tracey stepped forward after Alison presented the competitors a choice.  A 2lb weight advantage at the weigh in vs. working with Bob or Jillian.   Tracey chose the 2lb advantage without consulting with coach Mo (her partner) much to everyone's surprise.

This woman everyone carried the first week after she collapsed on the beach because she couldn't walk across the finish line.  She was sent to the hospital and it was HER partner coach Mo, a real lovable guy in my mind, who kept Tracey there another week.

This week though Tracey's real colors rose up.  During the second challenge the contestants were given a choice to have power over the group.  Eat the most cupcakes and you get to decide whose weight counts while they are perched on the scale.

Of course Tracey won.  The little pig ate four cupcakes!!!  Man I was pissed.  She also lost 11 pounds, nice message to send to everyone.  Be a bitch, eat sweets and lose weight - that's the ticket!

So there they all are after, partners talking to Tracey and telling her what they want.  Who needs to be there and who should be chosen and she bald face lies to them all and says she will do what their wishes all because she wants to see them all thrive.  I mean losing weight and getting healthy is the main goal here, right?


It's still a game and Tracey proved just that by putting Shay and Daniel in jeopardy when she chose Daniel's weight over Shay's and they fell below the yellow line, along with Antoine and youth pastor Sean.  It was sick!

The emotions displayed after though were enough to make you cry as Antoine and Sean both decided that Shay needs to stay on at the ranch and that both he and Sean had a good support system at home, asking the group to vote them out.

And the group did just that.

Tracey's display of game play is what I don't like about the show.  Call me stupid but I enjoy seeing the contestants help one another and pat each other on the back during challenges.  I enjoy seeing them become friends, game playing or not.  It's a different type of emotion displayed, unlike the usual reality tv shows which showcases everyone out to stab the other. 

Tracey needs to go home!

After the show we also discovered that Antoine hooked up with fellow contestant Alexendra, sent off first week.  The two are in love and it was a great ending to the show to see the support they now give one another away from the show.

I can't wait for next week to see how the group reacts to Tracey who has now blackballed herself  on the ranch.  It should be fun to watch and makes for good drama -- LMAO.


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