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Thursday, October 1, 2009

little kids can help with chores and have fun

So there I was cleaning - of course!  I am always cleaning.  In fact it seems I even do it in my sleep because I apparently cannot stand things messy - according to FD (forgetful dad) and one of the worst rooms in our home that absolutely needs to be clean is the kitchen.

Our kitchen is small.  Very small.  Two people max can fit inside while cooking before you begin to feel like packed sardines fishing your way out.  So there I was doing dishes when PB (pickleboy) came up and asked.

"Momma, can I do dishes?"

Well now I have to say - my heart swelled.  What woman doesn't want to hear her little man ask to help with housework.  So of course I jumped at the chance to allow him to help me out.  We grabbed a chair and away we went.

PB is only three years old.  And sure I could have said 'no' because I just wanted to get things done and there is a risk something might get broken.  But who gives a shit care.  I don't.  It can be fun and build confidence allowing your youngster the chance to help you out, even if it does take longer.

Plus you get great pictures to scrapbook with tons of smiles and a warm feeling all around.





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