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Sunday, September 27, 2009

i got a bloggey award! yeah me!

I was amazed to not only see a comment in my mail box from a reader of  Rants n' Rascals especially since lately I've gotten no comment love from anyone.

Vicki over at Frugal mom sent me an award!

I have never gotten an award before, well okay I got one for best journalist in high school and I was totally stoked about that.  But this award means a lot because she likes me and it's sooooooo nice to be recognized by a fellow blogger.

Here is the award Vicki sent me

Part of accepting this I've been asked to pass this blog award on to 14 blogs I feel deserve it.  And so here is my list of my favorite blogs that I feel deserve some bloggie and comment luv.  Thanks again Vicki, you are a doll.

If you have been chosen please collect your award here, drop me a comment and pass it onto the bloggers you feel deserve it.  Have a great day!  And thanks for stopping by.

Don't forget to check out the Frugal Mom HERE and see all the goodies Vicki has to offer.  She's da BOMB!

Harriet - because she's the coolest chick

Shoeless Mommy - because she's my best friend and her blog rocks!

Sited and Blogged - because their contests are just too good and you can't help but luv it there.

Daddy Digest - because he makes me laugh and his podcasts are just too cool!

MommaYoung - because reading her makes my day a better day.

The Forgetful Dad - because he's my husband and I'm proud he's blogging.

Keely @ Un Mom - because her randomness is crazy and fun.

Meg Fowler - because her friday love lists are a part of me and everything else about her makes being Canadian cool.

Life, Marriage & Kids - because well the name just says it all. - because it's one of my favorite places to visit.  Friends and fun all the way around.

Small Town Mommy - because I love reading her small town stories and her site leaves you warm and fuzzy.

Bantering Blonde - because she makes me laugh when I need it most and has an incredible site.

Bookieboo - because if you want to get fit, are fit and want to belong to a community of wonderful women then this is for you. 

Momspective - because without her the blog world wouldn't be fun!  Julie u are amazing!

Remember to post  your top 14 you feel deserve the award.  Create a post with who gave you this award (those on the list) it would be me... and so forth.  Then put up your list showing you think deserves it.

Thanks again to Vicki from Frugal Mom for my award and I want all my blog friends out there to note choosing 14 was hard for me because I love you all.


Chef Eureka on September 28, 2009 at 7:31 AM said...

Very cool! It's always nice to get an award and I'll go check out Vicki :)

Happy Monday

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