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Friday, September 25, 2009

friday frustrations: bc government knows how to screw you where it hurts!

I am fuming mad right now, like downright, grab a gun, shoot a person in the foot kinda angry!  And so in general traditional of my weekly memes I only thought it necessary to gripe about it here on Friday Frustrations, though this goes beyond frustrated!

Today we went to the bank only to discover a hold on my husband's account from FMEP (Family Maintenance Enforcement Program).  He is behind on his child maintenance payments by $2000 (arrears).  My husband is on a very limited disability and was when I met him.  Due to his motorcycle accident when he was 18 which left him unable to remember things day to day.  Life was difficult for him and he has always tried his best to keep up and remember to pay for his son.  A child he has very limited contact with but is still his responsibility yes.

However they didn't garnish his wages or even take his money.  They put the hold on our account and all the monies that get direct deposited in it which included my child tax credit and our son's disability.  Now we can't pay our rent or bills, our vehicle is going to be taken away due to this and nobody seems to care.

Trace (Pickleboy) was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth.  We moved away from my husband's child to move closer to Children's Hospital due to all the testing and rehabilitation he required to sustain a more normal life for him.

We live in subsidized housing and I could not believe that the Canadian government has given FMEP the right to STEAL money from children.  Money I use every month to buy diapers, medications for Trace's legs because they hurt every day of his life due to walking and stiffness.  Clothes and food for the boys to eat, and school supplies for our son.  Money used to pay bills, like hydro and telephone and rent for our unit we live in.

How could they?

Well they can and I was completely devastated by this.  I am angry right now.  That is my money, and yes in marriage things are shared.  But I do not feel it is right to take money used to protect and feed and keep my children safe to pay for his child. 

Everyone keeps saying -- well that's the government for you.  But that isn't good enough.  FMEP states they are only really allowed to take 50% of the money but have frozen the rest so I cannot even access it to do what I need to do in order to survive.

I don't know what we will do.  I don't know how we will fix this.  My husband was supposed to call them but forgot to due to his brain injury and if he doesn't tell me about it I cannot help to guide him to remember.  Every day is a struggle for us both mentally, physically and emotionally.

I didn't need this, too.

But I guess things happen for a reason.  I am now selling our things, things I purchased after saving long before I got married in order to pay his debt.  I spent the afternoon crying but realize I need to move forward in order to figure things out.  Things are replaceable.  My husband's heart is not and right now it's broken because he's blaming himself for not remembering and for being unable to work.

He's an amazing person and loves his son.  He wants to pay for him, even though he doesn't get to see him.  He knows it's his responsibility.  Still it's hard to not get angry when my son's fathers (my ex) owes me like 8 grand in arrears and I get nothing!  But here they are going after a man on a disability and all this after they over charged him on his child support payments to begin with!

I can't wait for Saturday!

If you participate in Friday Frustrations please head over to Conversations with Moms and post your link there.  Also don't forget to send me some comment luv!  I could use a good word or two today... thanks.


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